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Destroyed the line impersonating S.hopee employees making 2,000 calls per day

Phương Thảo21:38:44 12/05/2024
Recently, Cao Bang Provincial Police successfully destroyed a large-scale f.raud ring, led by Nguyen Thi Tuyet Dang (born 1990, residing in De Tham ward, Cao Bang city). This group of scammers has shocked public opinion with their sophisticated tricks...

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Falling glass incident: The cafe spoke up, the victim said a painful sentence to his biological father

Chitshere15:11:19 11/05/2024
20 days after the incident at The Coffee House, female doctor Hoang Minh Ly (29 years old, from Nghe An) can speak even though it is still difficult. The victim's family revealed a lot of surprising information.

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Found dry b.oy at the foot of the bridge again after the g.irl dried on the sofa in Hanoi

JLO15:54:43 10/05/2024
Nearly 2 weeks since the case of a g.irl drying on the sofa, recently, the police of Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city found an incomplete male who had dried under 1 foot of the bridge, causing a stir.

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The Penglai Retreat Affair: Diem My's parents r.eveal their journey to find their daughter in tears

Đình Như16:15:08 09/05/2024
In the case involving the Bong Lai Tinh House, a question that is gaining public attention is how is Vo Thi Diem My now? Recently, in 1 interview, the g.irl's parents revealed their 4-year journey to find their c.hild in tears.

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Kim Kardashian for showing off her slim waist and suffering, says no breath at 2024 Met Gala

Chitshere14:07:24 09/05/2024
Kim Kardashian always creates attention to the public every time she appears at the red carpet. This attention comes from his unique fashion sense and the trick of pinching his b.ody when wearing unbelievable clothes.

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MisThy was indignant at Dam Truc's actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat

Diệu Anh21:57:55 08/05/2024
Recently, MisThy reacted to Fat Cat on her YouTube channel, she expressed her feelings and outrage at Dam Truc's actions, causing the female streamer to cry tears because she loved Fat Cat.

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Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for 4 spake eggs "exchanged" for two years in prison and more than 1 billion VND

Hoàng Phúc17:29:22 04/05/2024
Recently, Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province has just tried 2 suppliers and brokers for buying and selling warbler eggs (sea turtles) for violating regulations on protection of endangered, precious and rare wildlife.

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Dry G.irl on Sofa: The Cushion Mystery of the Sofa and the Identity of the Person Who Stayed With the Victim

Minh Lợi14:33:25 03/05/2024
The case of her drying on the sofa in Tay Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi has caused public opinion all this time. Currently, this mysterious departure raises many questions that have not been answered until now.

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Dry g.irl on sofa: Forensic expert explains strange phenomenon, suspected drug use?

Bảo Nam14:48:03 30/04/2024
Forensic experts have made a number of comments to explain the phenomenon of why the g.irl was discovered dry on the sofa in a luxury apartment in Hanoi only 2 years after her d.eath.

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Dry g.irl on the sofa: SIM card removed from phone, car lost, neighbors r.eveal strange details

Keng16:52:03 29/04/2024
Regarding the incident of discovering a dry g.irl on a sofa in an apartment, in Tay Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, the leader of the People's Committee of Tay Mo ward recently revealed many surprising details. .

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Work accident at Yen Bai cement factory: 7 people died, 1 employee was arrested

Diệu Anh14:07:18 24/04/2024
Yen Bai provincial authorities are urgently implementing measures to support the families of victims in a particularly serious occupational accident at Yen Bai Cement and Mineral Joint Stock Company.

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His grandfather's teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem My's whereabouts caused curiosity

JLO17:16:15 20/04/2024
On April 19, 2024, the Security Investigation Agency, Long An Provincial Police issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case and prosecute the defendant against Mr. Le Tung Van (born 1932, residing in Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa commune). Khanh Tay, Duc Hoa district, Long An province) about the act of I.ncest.

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The biggest Bitcoin launderer in British history fled, his teammates became his victims

Đình Như15:32:51 18/04/2024
A woman named Gian Van (China) was discovered to participate in the largest bitcoin m.oney laundering ring in British history. However, the mysterious boss behind it is another person.

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Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and k.illed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots

Bảo Nam19:04:01 17/04/2024
Information from the authorities said that a male worker from Hai Duong (Vietnam) was arrested for extortion and died in Taiwan because of debt. According to the investigation, the suspects are 4 Vietnamese and 1 Taiwanese.

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The man who claimed to have the ability to "pray for rain" for Ho Chi Minh City apologized

Đình Như17:16:05 16/04/2024
On April 16, a representative of My Duc District Police (Hanoi) said that the unit had invited Mr. Le Minh Hoang to work related to the content of his introduction to Ho Chi Minh City to pray for rain and help people. The South escaped drought.

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Cuong Do La's parent company still has 28 billion in cash and must pay 2,882 billion to Truong My Lan

Keng09:53:07 14/04/2024
On April 11, the Trial Panel (Jury) of the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group Joint Stock Company announced the verdict, with a decision on penalties and civil liability of the defendants and interested parties. related obligations.

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Van Thinh Phat case: It is difficult for Truong My Lan to escape the d.eath sentence, what will happen to Thanh Bui's wife?

Bảo Nam17:18:01 10/04/2024
After more than a month of trial and deliberation, on April 11, the jury will pronounce sentence on defendant Truong My Lan and 85 other defendants in the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group and Joint Stock Commercial Bank. Saigon (SCB) and related organizations.

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The case of two daughters missing on a walking street: Neighbors r.eveal the true personality of their biological mother

Hoàng Phúc17:17:02 09/04/2024
Ben Nghe Ward Police, District 1 received information from Ms. Nguyen Thi C. (27 years old, living in Tan Hung Ward, District 7) about the loss of her two biological children in the Nguyen Hue Walking Street area since the evening of the same day. 3/4.

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Man asks to mine 3 tons of gold "Japanese buried" in Phan Thiet River

Hoàng Phúc21:47:53 06/04/2024
Recently, social media was abuzz when a man named H.P.T in Bac Lieu sent an application to the People's Committee of Binh Thuan province and functional departments asking to exploit a treasure of 3 tons of gold in the Ca Ty River.

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Nguyen Phuong Hang smiled, hugged employees, was demanded by Dinh Lan for 3 billion in compensation

Đình Như15:43:47 04/04/2024
On April 4, the High People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City appealed the case of abusing the right to freedom and democracy to infringe upon the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals implemented by Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang and 4 co-conspirators.

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Hong Kong billionaire proposes to "save" Truong My Lan, wife Thanh Bui gets reduced sentence

Đình Như17:20:52 03/04/2024
Recently, during the trial of Van Thinh Phat and SCB cases, Mr. Phan Trung Hoai, the lawyer of the defendant Truong My Lan, unexpectedly sent to the Trial Council a document dated March 27 of Dr. Justin Chiu, CEO of CK Asset Holdings Limited.

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Man makes m.ale s.tudent brain dead: Private messages revealed, neighbors r.eveal true personality

Minh Lợi16:08:10 29/03/2024
Recently, a representative of Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital said that the m.ale s.tudent NHD. (Long Bien, Hanoi) is receiving maintenance treatment at the Intensive Care Department. Currently, it is impossible to predict or predict anything.

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One defendant in the Truong My Lan case had terminal cancer and asked for exemption from punishment

Thảo Mai16:31:11 28/03/2024
On March 28, continuing the trial of the case of Truong My Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group), the lawyer of defendant Luu Quoc Thang (former Head of SCB Bank's Control Board) conducted a defense. .

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A young man was tricked out of m.oney by his fiancée and trafficked in banned substances to get married to a new person

Minh Lợi17:07:48 25/03/2024
The trial of Lau Ba Li (30 years old, from Nam Can commune, Ky Son, Nghe An) on March 25 took place quickly because the defendant's crime was quite simple. Lau Ba Li was prosecuted by the People's Procuracy of Nghe An and brought to court for trial on the charge of illegally buying and selling banned substances.

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