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Hoang Lan Anh encountered "distress" with her boyfriend in Phu Quoc, posted on the forum asking for help from netizens

Đức Trí17:16:24 22/05/2024
Tiktoker Hoang Lan Anh made people excited when she recently went on a vacation to Phu Quoc with her boyfriend, but the fun didn't last long when when they returned, the couple encountered a disaster and had to post on social networks. find a way.

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Tieu dated a single mother, was accused of cheating by the other person's family, and Jin was involved?

JLO15:59:45 22/05/2024
Jin - Xiu was once known as a couple in the LGBT community that received a lot of love from everyone. The couple even participated in a dating show and proposed to each other on stage.

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Duc Tien's daughter, who was not seen for the last three times, stood in front of the altar and asked a heartbreaking question

Nguyễn Kim14:30:17 22/05/2024
In America, Duc Tien's wife built an altar for her husband. She placed candles and flowers around very solemnly. The image of an innocent g.irl standing and burning incense for actor Duc Tien makes everyone who sees it feel sad.

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Diep left China after a noisy breakup with Soanh, netizens called for the Fat Cat case to be prosecuted

Đức Trí06:46:43 22/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep No Broom continues to make moves that make people stir after the noise of ending his 5-year love affair with Soanh. Accordingly, Diep publicly announced her trip to China, looking radiant, netizens even joked that she was going to handle the Fat Cat case.

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Tho Nguyen got angry at Fat Meo, defended Dam Truc, and talked about the amount of m.oney provided!

Thảo Mai17:38:55 21/05/2024
After the authorities in Chongqing (China) posted a detailed report about Fat Cat's incident, many people admitted that this was a lesson for them when wandering around online.

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Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen showed off her pose in a dangerous place, netizens immediately warned in panic

Thiên Di17:11:10 21/05/2024
After the wedding in late March and early April this year, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen quickly reported the success of hunting b.aby Dragon. Currently, the couple is eagerly looking forward to the day they welcome their b.aby into the world.

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Quynh Alee's real beauty was "caught", her romantic photos with her football player boyfriend caused a fever

Thiên Di09:13:53 21/05/2024
Recently, Quynh Alee publicly announced her boyfriend SGP.Fish before the Spring 2024 TDV Finals, causing surprise and attracting great attention from fans, especially fans of both. The two then released a series of romantic photos that caused a stir.

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Hang Du Muc was scared by Loi Con and met Quang Linh, a member who was involved in protection

Đức Trí09:06:08 21/05/2024
Hang Du Muc and the Quang Linh Vlog team just had a shocking meeting, netizens were excited when after a long time of interacting and livestreaming sales together, they now had the opportunity to meet. Picking each other up at the airport, one member even had a security incident.

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Quynh Bei was criticized for graduating from an easy major and a mediocre school, explaining her Good degree

Đức Trí17:06:54 20/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei just had answers for netizens when she showed off her image of graduating from University who was criticized for studying an easy major and a mediocre school. Not only that, her certificate with good grades was also brought under scrutiny.

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Gymnastics hotgirl Pham Nhu Phuong "competed" with h.ot tiktokers, her orange beauty is often unbelievable

Thiên Di15:45:41 20/05/2024
The tiktok hotgirls are always the focus of netizens' attention because of their beautiful visuals, perfect figures, and videos showing off their killer dance moves. However, when she was exposed by orange, fans were surprised by her true beauty.

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Tiktok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi has 1.9 million followers locked, the owner speaks up

JLO15:31:42 20/05/2024
Recently, the TikTok Eat Clean Hong - Thu Nhi account with more than 1.9 million followers was suddenly locked permanently. Immediately after that, the owner spoke up clearly stating the reason for everyone to learn from the experience.

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Xoai Non and Xemesis were suspected of breaking up, the man publicly "snubbed" his wife on social networks

Trí Nhi13:28:29 20/05/2024
Fans of the couple Xoai Non and streamer Xemesis are extremely panicked by a series of obvious suspicions that the couple is having trouble. Right after Xoai Non's strange attitude, Xemesis was caught unfollowing his wife.

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Chu Thanh Huyen posted a photo of her pregnancy preparing to welcome "baby Dragon", Quang Hai said exactly 3 words

An Nhi11:31:33 20/05/2024
Since announcing the pregnancy of their first c.hild, the life of couple Quang Hai Chu Thanh Huyen has always received attention from everyone. Recently, the couple released a set of maternity photos with many cute and sweet moments.

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Tho Nguyen defends Xuan Ca's beauty, making shocking comments about her junior's private life

Đình Như11:55:44 19/05/2024
Owning a TikTok channel with nearly 2.5 million followers shows Xuan Ca's appeal on social networks. However, she also caused a lot of controversy because her appearances in real life were considered too different from those online.

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Pam Yeu Oi screamed and cried, father Long had to let her "wash her hands with tears"

Uyển Đình21:30:59 18/05/2024
As expected of being the hottest c.hild idol at the moment, every moment of Pam Yeu Oi always receives special attention from people. In particular, every time he is at home with his father Long, he has extremely cute moments.

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Xuan Ca: "Ideology" leads to beauty tragedy, being overwhelmed by a series of female tiktokers

JLO16:54:10 18/05/2024
Remember that earlier this year, Top Top residents were constantly buzzing about the account of beautiful g.irl Xuan Ca, born in 2001, from Binh Thuan. She emerged as a new TikTok phenomenon with her attractive dance performances.

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When Loi Con was asked where he came from, he responded "crude" in Vietnamese, shocking him

Thiên Di14:36:21 18/05/2024
Loi Con's journey in Vietnam is always followed by many audiences. Recently, the b.oy's conversation with his peers has attracted a lot of attention. Not only does the answer sound great, but it also speaks cool Vietnamese.

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As soon as Diep moved out of Soanh's house, someone picked her up. Who would have thought that they would be "pranked"?

Bảo Nam13:15:01 18/05/2024
After packing up and leaving Soanh's house, female tiktoker Diep started life somewhere else. However, she has not revealed much about her new living space because the renovation has not yet been completed.

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Tiktoker Vien Vibi is suspected of being pregnant, fans point out a series of suspicious details?

Hoàng Phúc17:16:21 17/05/2024
Vibi Vien is certainly no longer a strange name to many young people. In addition to a series of fun clips on top, she also makes people admire her when she has an extremely beautiful love story.

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Quynh Bei graduated from the top university in Vietnam, shook her hips but was not lazy to study

Trí Nhi17:04:48 17/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei made fans stir when she suddenly shared her University graduation photo. Originally a private internet idol whose beauty was not made public, Quynh Bei in real life has quite respectable qualifications, graduating from a top school.

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Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said "sorry"

Nguyễn Kim17:00:26 17/05/2024
WAG Chu Thanh Huyen is now living a very happy life after her fairy-tale wedding with her husband Quang Hai. She regularly updates daily photos on social networks.

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Bao Thy's son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers

Thiên Di16:24:13 17/05/2024
Bao Thy and his wife's married life has attracted more and more attention since giving birth. Recently, everyone was in awe of the c.hild's outstanding intelligence and constantly complimented the singer's parenting style.

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Tho Nguyen declares love but will not marry her boyfriend, for this reason!

Hoàng Phúc15:07:09 17/05/2024
Not long ago, Tho Nguyen announced his retirement and quit working on YouTube. In addition, she also said that she had planned to live alone, without getting married or having children.

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CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday

Mẫn Nhi13:28:33 17/05/2024
Beautiful female CEO HannahOlala recently did something extremely meaningful on the occasion of her 40th birthday, which was donating 1 million USD to UNICEF.

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