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Le Bong "transforms" spectacularly, from a scandalous TikToker to the female lead of a "golden hour" movie.

Phong Trần11:35:35 29/02/2024
The h.ot g.irl who used to have many scandals has now changed dramatically, not only is she a TV station editor, but now she has even become the main actress in a primetime movie.

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Team Quang Linh admitted new members and was offered a piece of land but refused

Hoàng Phúc10:33:01 29/02/2024
Loved by many people and given valuable gifts, Quang Linh Vlog repeatedly refused. Recently, he was given a piece of land. However, he did not want to receive this gift for free, and even paid a price for the land higher than the market price.

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Hot Tiktoker has a life like 'tearing stories' out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby

Mẫn Nhi16:53:08 28/02/2024
The online community in general and TikTok users know Pun Pun because of her daily life videos as well as her hobby of collecting Lolita fashion. Pun Pun in real life is truly a real lady, with real prices.

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Ninh Anh Bui - "Lovely sound": h.ot on TikTok thanks to a love story more beautiful than the movie

Mẫn Nhi16:20:16 28/02/2024
Ninh Anh Bui and Nguyen Tung Duong are a couple that has recently become h.ot as an ideology on social networks, especially the TikTok platform. The two have been together for 10 years, and the couple's simple, no-fuss love story makes people extremely love it.

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Nemo page is "disgusted" by the prison sentence, r.evealing a "accusation" of lying about pregnancy

Uyển Đình15:49:24 28/02/2024
The news that Trang Nemo had her application for postponement rejected by the court and had to serve 9 months in prison has received a lot of attention. During this time, her actions on social networks were also quickly noticed by netizens.

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Viet Phuong Thoa's face was deformed because the filler injection was switched to silicon, and had to have urgent surgery

Thảo Mai15:45:12 28/02/2024
On her personal tiktok page, Viet Phuong Thoa recently revealed an image of her face deformed due to the wrong filler injection. She said she was going through a difficult time because she was switched to silicone injections 6 years ago.

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The famous "hot photo girl" appears after being hidden, her current appearance is surprising

Snow15:20:48 28/02/2024
Hot g.irl whose ID photo caused a stir on social networks for a while - Pham Hoang Chau Anh has just reappeared after a long time in hiding. The figure of the mother of one makes everyone admire her because she is so attractive.

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Mrs. Nhan had a friendly meal with Doctor Thinh, resolving misunderstandings and suspicions and trying to create drama

Bảo Nam14:58:44 28/02/2024
Recently, on her personal page, Ms. Nhan Vlog posted a clip recording the moment she and her husband sat down to an intimate meal with doctor Cao Huu Thinh. She apologized and revealed who helped her get pregnant.

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The mukbang fairy "hinted" at the h.ot g.irl plagiarism, attracting more than 11 thousand followers

Phi Đức14:48:19 28/02/2024
Recently, the online community was abuzz about the mukbang fairy having her style copied by a new TikToker as her content. Quynh Truong also made a move to mention the g.irl studying under him.

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Hoang Nguyen Vu 'punched and rubbed' Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai

Trí Nhi14:44:24 28/02/2024
Regarding the explanation of the name of the character Trung Duong, played by actor Tuan Tran in the movie Mai, journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu recently had a post that attracted a lot of attention, both defending and full of Tran Thanh's sarcasm.

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Quyen Linh's daughter "joined" the brand-loving club: Not afraid to "spend m.oney like rain"

Đông Nguyên13:51:59 28/02/2024
A series of moments showing off branded goods of Cinderella - Quyen Linh's eldest daughter - is receiving a lot of attention. Everyone was surprised at the "huge" amount of m.oney that Cinderella did not hesitate to spend.

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Photos of Quang Linh's Vlog showing up for military service appeared, the owner spoke up: See you in 2 years

Hoàng Phúc10:10:46 28/02/2024
Recently, a Fanpage posted a series of photos of young men enlisting in the military during the Military Commencement Ceremony. In particular, the image of a guy with a similar face to Quang Linh Vlogs wearing a military shirt received a lot of attention and was widely shared on social networks.

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Jack's new muse responded harshly when she was criticized in other photos in real life

Vân Anh10:07:00 28/02/2024
Jack's new muse recently received a lot of criticism because her beauty in real life and on the MV is not as beautiful as the images she posted. Faced with the audience's disappointment, Minah Pham did not hesitate to respond.

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Hong Loan caused controversy when she bluntly threw away all the audience's gifts to the late artist Vu Linh

Hương Duy08:41:34 28/02/2024
Hong Loan's blunt action of urging the removal of gifts and flowers from the audience to the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh is causing a lot of controversy from public opinion. Many comments expressed sadness when seeing their flower baskets lying on the road.

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Chu Thanh Huyen was pampered by Quang Hai, Hai My "left" the sisterhood because of Van Hau

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:43:31 27/02/2024
Chu Thanh Huyen and Doan Hai My are both beautiful shadows of Vietnamese players. Since officially coming together, the daily lives of both WAGs have received special attention from people.

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Diep Lam Anh's ex-husband revealed that he was dating Que Van, traveling more than 1000km just to do this

T.P13:42:03 27/02/2024
Businessman Duc Pham - Diep Lam Anh's ex-husband just made people stir when he flew from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, traveling more than 1,000km just to meet and do something special for Que Van. Netizens began to suspect that the two were dating.

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The female editor-in-chief of the magazine criticized Dao, Pho and Piano: 'Once finished, put it in storage'

Phúc Sen10:43:26 27/02/2024
Ms. Tran Nguyen Thien Huong caused a stir in public opinion when she dared to directly criticize the movie that was causing a storm in theaters, on the historical theme ordered by the state, Peach, Pho and Piano. Not only that, she also mentioned Tran Thanh's name in the post.

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TikToker Quynh Truong bought a car at the age of 22, admitted using "tricks"

Minh Ngọc10:06:41 27/02/2024
At the age of 22, the pretty g.irl Quynh Truong, famous on TikTok, soon bought a car for her father thanks to her million-view mukbang videos. Once suspected of eating a lot but still being thin and beautiful, Quynh Truong is not afraid to admit her tricks.

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Nguyen Sin called Nam Em's husband, the argument was extremely intense, the ending was unexpected

Thảo Mai06:58:17 27/02/2024
Recently, not only Nam Em but her fiancé, businessman Duc Cuong, also received great attention from netizens. He constantly bumps into famous faces online from Huan Hoa Hong to Nguyen Sin.

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Huan Hoa Hong "teaches" Nam Em's husband, giving each other advice that everyone agrees with

JLO16:02:51 26/02/2024
In recent hours, Nam Em - Huu Cuong continued to make noise throughout social networking forums when they openly argued on livestream and exposed each other. They even said goodbye online.

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Jack's new muse reveals her true beauty, far different from her online image, far inferior to Thien An

Vân Anh14:43:35 26/02/2024
Once causing a storm with her beautiful beauty, being compared to Thien An, the audience now turned their heads when they saw the true beauty of MV Jack's female lead. Many people even frankly commented that it was difficult to compare with the male singer's old love.

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The woman who gave birth to Nam Anh - Nam Em, why can't both of them call her mother?

Hướng Dương11:37:57 26/02/2024
Going against the majority, over the years, Nam Em and her sister did not call the woman who gave birth to them mother but Mrs. Tam. It may not sound pleasant, but the reason behind it is hidden in a heartbreaking corner.

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How has Tran Luc's son changed after 10 years of causing a stir in Dad, Where Are We Going?

Phương Thảo10:22:17 26/02/2024
It's been 10 years since Tran Luc's second son - b.aby Bom - caused a stir when he appeared on Dad, Where Are We Going? Up to now, the b.oy has grown up to be extremely handsome and charming without losing his sense of humor and wit from childhood.

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Ngoc Nguyen revealed her salary for 5 minutes in the movie Mai, respecting Tran Thanh for one thing

Keng13:09:42 25/02/2024
Appearing for less than 5 minutes in the movie Mai, female streamer Ngoc Nguyen left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Recently, she revealed for the first time the salary that Tran Thanh paid her for performing 5 minutes in the movie.

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