Behind the scenes of the movie

Bach Loc and his young lover continue to receive good news, fans are "putting on their sandals" waiting for the happy announcement

Phượng Vũ17:31:51 28/02/2024
After more than 3 months of filming, Bach Loc and Ngao Thuy Bang's new movie continues to receive good news, making fans restless. Surely this couple's love affair received many blessings from the audience.

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Dao, Pho and Piano were 'turned away' by a series of film distributors, a surprising fact

Thanh Phúc17:09:38 27/02/2024
The movie is causing a storm nationwide, with the theme of Vietnamese history made under the order of the state - Dao, Pho and Piano has just left fans disappointed, when the work was just dropped by a series of major distributors. In Vietnam, turn the car.

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Tran Thanh explains the name of the character in the movie "Mai": Who would have thought that he would be criticized for being "literary"

Mỹ Hoàng10:39:06 27/02/2024
Suddenly inspired to give an explanation about the name of the character Duong in the movie "Mai", Tran Thanh not only did not receive praise but was also criticized for "cliché" language, causing netizens to "reel because it was too vague". ".

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The movie "Mai" is Tran Thanh's progress: Box office blockbuster is still criticized a lot

Minh Phúc17:20:01 26/02/2024
Although Mai's movies continuously set many box office records, helping Tran Thanh shine as a director. However, the film is still underestimated by a part of the audience, the script has not been properly constructed and still has quite a few flaws.

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Bach Loc transformed into a beautiful bride, overwhelming Cuc Tinh Y, and her two younger juniors also gave in

Snow10:24:26 26/02/2024
Bach Loc and Cuc Tinh Y are famous as Cbiz's fierce rivals. Not only are they placed on the table to compare their achievements and dressing sense, but their looks in the film are no exception.

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The former NCT member returned with a documentary, netizens still actively boycotted it

Phi Đức15:31:11 25/02/2024
On the evening of February 24, Lucas (former member of NCT/WayV) officially returned after the scandal with a documentary called Freeze. In recent days, Kpop fans have been buzzing about a series of moves by SM to prepare a solo debut for male idols involved in scandals.

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The Kpop goddess who once played a villain was criticized: "Just looking at her makes me jealous"

Phong Trần14:35:23 24/02/2024
Once a top female idol in Kpop, both beautiful and talented, her name still retains its heat after nearly 20 years of artistic activities. However, the SM goddess - BoA encountered trouble when she appeared in Miss You Marry My Husband.

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Revealing 10 secrets of "Peach, Pho and Piano", people compete to keep the "1-0-2" ticket

Kim Lâm13:54:32 23/02/2024
In recent days, Peaches, Pho and Piano has become a h.ot movie as it continuously sells out tickets. This is a good sign for a film using the State budget. It's so h.ot, but do you know these secrets surrounding the movie?

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Peaches, Pho and Piano: The female lead was rumored to be spreading bad news, blushing when telling a sensitive scene

Thảo Mai15:30:03 22/02/2024
The spread and popularity of the movie Dao, Pho and Piano in recent days has surprised both producers and audiences. Since then, the film's cast has also aroused a lot of curiosity.

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The movie Mai encountered problems, the age limit for students was still allowed to watch, the Ministry of Culture quickly intervened

Hoàng Hôn17:06:50 21/02/2024
At the present time, the Vietnamese box office market is extremely vibrant as people from all walks of life flock to watch the movie Mai by director Tran Thanh. It is known that with just over two weeks of release, the male MC's brainchild has achieved more than a hundred billion in revenue.

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Dao, Pho and Piano took over, "kicked" Mai out of the theater, Tuan Hung shared, attracting attention

Phi Yến10:31:48 21/02/2024
Dao, Pho and Piano are causing a stir on social networks, so much so that many audiences have to wait in line to book tickets. Some cinemas have transferred 50% of Mai screenings to this work.

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Deep - Tuan Tran's character: the real loser in Tran Thanh's film

Phi Đức13:28:43 20/02/2024
Although the character Deep receives a happy ending, it is impossible to deny this character's failure. Thanks to the ending of the film being so quick, the audience was surprised and realized that Deep seemed to leave no meaning to the film.

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Mai film meets the "tribulation" Nam Em, named Zhencheng, identifying herself as the female lead

Uyển Đình15:19:26 19/02/2024
In the midst of Tran Thanh's film Mai causing a fever in the Tet film market, recently, Nam Em also suddenly shared related to this film, and at the same time mentioned Tran Thanh attracting attention.

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Meet the pregnant sister again: Director Nhat Trung 1 I "weighed" 4 roles, returned to the "old profession"

Minh Lợi21:12:05 17/02/2024
Male director born in 1979 - Nhat Trung is also a director, producer, screenwriter and musician in the Tet movie - Meet the pregnant sister is screening in theaters nationwide.

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She went and married my husband the Vietnamese version, "eating off" the Korean version because it was too similar to the original

Khánh Huyền13:07:30 17/02/2024
She Goes But Marries My Husband is a film that has received a lot of special attention from Vietnamese audiences. Social networks appeared many posts discussing the theory that if the film is licensed by Vietnam, who will the roles be suitable for.

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Vietnamese Tet film race: Tran Thanh's Mai confronts Sister Bau - Nhat Trung

Keng13:50:31 08/02/2024
Lunar New Year is always the occasion when the Vietnamese box office becomes more exciting than ever. This year, there are 4 Vietnamese films together in theaters. In addition, audiences can also choose from some international films to entertain during Tet.

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Missing Night 30: The film based on the once-shocking chicken delivery schoolgirl case

Uyển Đình11:01:48 07/02/2024
In 2019, the case of a chicken delivery g.irl kidnapped in Dien Bien on the night of 30 Tet shocked the whole country. After 5 years, director Ham Tran decided to adapt it into a series of films Lost on the 30th Night, bringing different perspectives to the audience.

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How real is it to appear in You Go and Marry My Husband?

Vân Anh15:18:25 04/02/2024
She Goes But Marries My Husband is extremely popular with Vietnamese audiences. Each character appearing in the film makes viewers feel impressed. Recently, netizens suddenly buzzed with images of actor Dieu Nhi appearing in the movie?

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Mai movie: it turns out that there are so many unfortunate women in the world

Minh Ngọc13:53:46 03/02/2024
It can be said that Mai is a g.irl at the bottom of society, the age of 37 is too old, but her beautiful appearance makes the neighbors jealous and jealous. She also has a traumatic past that makes herself self-deprecating but also does a sensitive job of massage therapy...

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Zhencheng choked up tears at the premiere of Mai, Li Quyen immediately made a move

Châu Anh14:37:33 02/02/2024
Recently, Tran Thanh's Tet movie called Mai attracted a lot of attention when constantly entangled in unnecessary noise. During the recent premiere, the artist had emotional moments, speechless.

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Duong Tu crashed again, "Want to Forever Love" was stopped broadcasting in Vietnam for 1 reason

Hướng Dương10:16:38 01/02/2024
People couldn't help but be bewildered when Yangtze-Pham Chengcheng's film Want to Forever Love suddenly suspended its broadcast due to censorship issues. Many people think it has something to do with the cow's tongue line.

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Duong Tu is about to get married to his "boyfriend" Trieu Lo Tu, officially betraying Ly Hien?

Hoa Tuyết08:56:55 31/01/2024
Duong Tu's fans were shocked when they heard that their idol was about to fall in love with Liu Thi Thi's ex. Many people think that the man's beauty is a bit... dull, not worthy of the little flower g.irl.

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The pair of Korean stars "fight" each other little by little, until eventually they end up together

Phi Đức10:57:11 30/01/2024
Park Shin Hye's new film in collaboration with Park Hyung Sik got off to a good start, receiving many compliments from the audience. It is predicted that this will be the most anticipated super healing product in early 2024.

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Khanh Van - Cody Nam Vo announced their wedding after the "tearful" ending of the movie Lien and Dat

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:39:36 29/01/2024
The web-drama Lien and Dat has received a lot of attention since its debut, especially after the yin and yang ending. However, recently, the main couple suddenly announced their real-life wedding, making everyone as happy as a party.

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