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Trieu Le Dinh's strange attitude when her ex-husband was close to her children, suspected of cheating after the divorce

Bút Chì07:09:50 17/06/2024
Even though Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong are divorced, they still have an inseparable bond, their 5-year-old son. Witnessing this moment, netizens want the two to get back together because the relationship between the two actors is still quite harmonious.

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Liu Yifei attracted hundreds of millions of views when wearing a swimsuit, Trinh Sang was called out

Bút Mực15:52:51 16/06/2024
Besides the content about difficult love, the point that makes the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen is Liu Yifei's fairy-like beauty and seductive b.ody. Previously, Trinh Sang also played this role but was criticized for being too thin and lacking vitality.

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Little flower g.irl Chau Da has celebrity disease, her face is "cocky" with the station staff

Lan Chi17:04:01 15/06/2024
Currently on the Weibo social network, the keyword Chau Da - difficult face has climbed to the Top 1 entertainment news trend. Actress Chau Da caused controversy when she had an unfriendly attitude towards TV station staff, people immediately shouted Ngo Can Ngon's name because they were identical.

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Liu Yifei: from losing to Duong Mich's "trash" to a position that is difficult to overthrow

Bảo Yến14:44:58 15/06/2024
Once a box office poison that made many people afraid, Liu Yifei had a brilliant explosion when she returned with the TV series The Rose Story, which became a fever that made all men go c.razy.

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Trieu Lo Tu's "husband's" family background: Young master of Cbiz, used to date his ex-wife Huynh Hieu Minh

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:23:25 14/06/2024
The information that Trieu Lo Tu cooperated with his senior Tran Vy Dinh in the Let Me Shine adaptation project attracted the attention of a large audience, becoming a h.ot topic on online forums with high discussion.

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Co Thien Lac was sued for not paying 27 billion VND in debt, the creditor directly accused him of intentionally cheating

Pinky13:28:21 14/06/2024
Actor Co Thien Lac shocked people when he was suddenly sued in court for unpaid debt of 27 billion VND. Although he previously owned a huge amount of assets, times have changed, making fans surprised.

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Duong Mich was criticized for liking to o.ff and "saying better than doing" even though he starred in consecutive flop movies

Bút Mực12:28:45 14/06/2024
Duong Mich has always been known as a female star with a high EQ, smart answers, a talented person, and a wide network of contacts. However, the audience thinks that Duong Mich is only good at lying, saying is better than doing.

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Phan Tri Han was "erased" by Chi Pu in the MV, r.evealing a new cast full of famous names

Kim Lâm21:30:55 13/06/2024
Phan Tri Han is the male lead who has received a lot of attention recently after appearing in Chi Pu's new MV. However, recently people were surprised when the handsome Chinese man suddenly disappeared, replaced by a series of famous names.

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Rumor has it that Tan Lam broke up with Wei Dai Huan, the groom's family criticized him very badly?

Hoàng Phúc11:53:15 13/06/2024
Recently, the keyword Tan Lam - Wei Dai Huan broke up suddenly climbed to the top 2 h.ot searches on social network Weibo. The question of the famous Chinese showbiz couple going their separate ways stems from the revelation of the country's paparazzi.

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Liu Yifei caused controversy for kissing her co-star 27 times and dressing sleazy in a new movie

Bút Chì17:23:31 12/06/2024
Liu Yifei is receiving many mixed opinions because of too many intimate scenes in her movies. According to Sohu's statistics, in 4 episodes the two actors kissed each other 27 times.

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Does Truong Ba Chi hate Trieu Vy for helping Nicholas Tse reconcile with Vuong Phi?

Thảo Mai17:17:23 12/06/2024
Nicholas Tse's reunion with Wong Fei shocked the entire Asian entertainment industry for a long time. Even though there are many people who oppose it, there is still one friend who wholeheartedly supports it, and that is Trieu Vy.

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Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings

Thiên Di19:06:46 11/06/2024
In addition to her increasingly successful career, actress Trieu's love life is also receiving special attention. Recently, the actress attracted attention when she not only revealed her secret lover but was also confessed to by a male god.

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Liu Yifei reveals shady relationship with adoptive father, which is related to a movie

Bút Chì06:42:10 11/06/2024
The fact that Liu Yifei was supported by her father to stand on her heels in the entertainment world made her billionaire fairy name no longer pure. It is known that the adoptive father is a great influence on both Liu Yifei's career and personal life.

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Kicking the wind: LUNAS had a problem before the show, Cbiz fans admired for this!

Thảo Mai14:59:20 10/06/2024
Going to China to perform the debut song at Pedal the Wind 2024, LUNAS made fans worried because of an unexpected incident. However, thanks to their professionalism and intelligence, the girls overcame and made Trung fans sob.

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Trieu Lo Tu suspected of "robbing" Bach Loc's boyfriend, netizens suddenly expressed their intention to cooperate?

Nguyễn Kim14:46:12 10/06/2024
La Van Hi and Trieu Lo Tu are two cult stars of the Chinese entertainment industry. Recently, the two attracted attention when they leaked information that they would collaborate together on a new project. Currently, fans are eagerly waiting for authentic information from the two actors.

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Trieu Le Dinh refused to act with Lam Canh Tan, about to meet Dich Le Nhat Ba

Bút Bi14:50:43 09/06/2024
Trieu Le Dinh had no intention of playing part 2 of So Kieu Story, Lam Canh Tan also refused to participate because of that. According to many sources, the actress is about to participate in a new project with the participation of Dich Le Nhat Ba.

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To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming

Hoàng Phúc12:53:10 08/06/2024
Few people know that, not only has artistic talent, To Huu Bang also has a non-medium education. Ngu A Ca's academic achievements once made fans extremely proud.

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3 Cbiz stars are the "talisman" of the students of the Middle East during the university exam season, the whole school is famous

Kim Lâm10:02:02 08/06/2024
Every year when it comes to the Chinese university exam (Cao Cao), 3 famous Chinese stars are called out. Not only has artistic talent, but these 3 male stars also have tremendous academic achievements, being a famous student that everyone admires.

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Ngo Can Ngon "kicked the head" of senior Duong Mich, far from "blind headlines", fans ridiculed

Trí Nhi14:32:45 07/06/2024
In the midst of the competition between Chinese dramas being pushed to the peak, the two films of Ngo Can Ngan and senior Duong Mich also did not escape the audience's balance. The focus of criticism was simultaneously directed at Duong Mich.

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Trieu Le Dinh is suspected of dating for 3 months, her boyfriend is younger and less famous?

Uyển Đình16:16:42 06/06/2024
After the divorce period of Phung Thieu Phong, focusing on her acting career, recently, Trieu Le Dinh attracted attention when she was entangled in dating rumors. Soon after, the identity of the actress's rumored boyfriend was searched by the public.

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Trieu Lo Tu received "good news" with Tran Triet Vien after 1 year, r.evealing a surprising truth

Bút Máy15:44:17 06/06/2024
The movie Clumsy Can't Hide starring Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien received great good news from the international market. After the movie, the careers of the two have changed in different directions.

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Trieu Le Dinh again revealed evidence of living with Lam Canh Tan, there are always photos taken with him

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:05:15 05/06/2024
After Dao Phuong Hanh ended, Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan were enthusiastically pushed by the audience. Many times, the two have also been scrutinized for evidence of moving into the same house, attracting attention from fans.

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The producer spoke out about the noise that Vuong Nhat Bac was robbed of the Thi De a.ward by Vuong Duong

Bút Mực15:21:12 05/06/2024
The producer admitted that both Vuong Duong and Vuong Nhat Bac were nominated for Best Actor at the Bach Ngoc Lan A.ward. Vuong Nhat Bac also expressed that he would continue to do his best, focusing on all roles and films.

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Enemy Le Heat Ba released the MV on his birthday, Netizens criticized skinny, jumping hard like a robot

Bút Chì16:03:38 04/06/2024
Chinese actress Li Heatbo became the talk of Chinese social media when she released a music video to celebrate her 32nd birthday. In addition to the praise, many people think that the female idol is alarmingly thin.

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