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The 1,000-ton ghost ship is still floating at sea, suddenly appearing and disappearing for 4 decades

Minh Lợi13:14:22 25/02/2024
After being completed by a shipbuilding company in Sweden in 1914, the ship named Baychimo powered by a steam engine became a means of transporting goods and passengers...

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Decoding the mystery of the most powerful and luxurious 8-person palanquin in ancient times

Hoa Tuyết18:51:47 24/02/2024
During important ceremonies in ancient times, using a palanquin with 8 people to carry it was considered the most solemn and luxurious ritual. But few people know that behind this unique means hides a big secret.

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The service of "reviving" the deceased is popular in China, causing heated controversy

Minh Ngọc09:26:47 23/02/2024
The cost is not high, and that way it can help the deceased revive again. Despite some controversy, this service is still very popular in China.

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Sun Wukong in Journey to the West turns out to be real, but is he scheming to harm Tang Monk?

An Nhi16:41:38 22/02/2024
Journey to the West is one of the four great Chinese masterpieces, composed by Ngo Thua An. If the image of Tang Tang was literaryized from the real historical figure, the magician Xuanzang, then the prototype of the character Sun Wukong is still mysterious and controversial.

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How dangerous is the bipolar disorder that Nam Em once suffered from, which made her depressed?

Đình Như16:40:00 21/02/2024
Nam Em once shared that he suffered from extremely dangerous bipolar disorder. Symptoms of people with this condition are alternating depression and mania. So what is this disease? Is there any way to prevent it?

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Empress Dowager Cixi uses something on the altar to nourish her beauty, which is not strange

Hướng Dương18:21:24 20/02/2024
Before her d.eath, Tu Hi still maintained her smooth skin, shiny face, and teeth that had not fallen out thanks to extremely luxurious beauty secrets. Her favorite dish has countless uses but is not difficult to prepare.

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The rules were strange for the Qing Dynasty New Year, the king was only allowed to sleep with this person!

Phong Trần10:18:10 19/02/2024
The Qing Dynasty was famous for having the most elaborate ritual rules in feudal history. Particularly, the market has countless confusing regulations, until Tet, there are even more strange regulations.

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Evading the impregnated market when "the month comes", what tricks does the concubine use?

Minh Lợi14:08:01 16/02/2024
Ancient Chinese people used to regard seeing b.lood as a harbinger of bad luck. Therefore, if he was unfortunate enough to be blessed on the right day of the month, the Heavenly Prince would know that he would not only lose his grace but might also anger him.

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The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident

Phượng Vũ09:46:34 11/02/2024
Every morning before 5 p.m., all visitors at China's Palace are forced to leave. Many people wonder why this attraction closed so early.

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The disease that made Oanh Nen almost retire: Unknown cause, seen in young people

Snow09:32:44 10/02/2024
Not long ago, Nguyen Thi Oanh revealed her dangerous illness, which seemed to swallow her career. The female athlete couldn't help but get emotional when recounting the stage of her illness.

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The "chilling" prophecy of 2024 of the Indian prodigy who saw Covid-19

Vân Anh08:59:56 10/02/2024
The Indian prodigy who prophesied the devastating disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to use astrology to make 6 prophecies about the destiny of the world in the year 2024.

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The profession has an income of hundreds of millions, does not worry about being absent, but no one dares to do it

Phi Yến11:11:31 09/02/2024
More than 10 years ago, Japan had a profession with a salary of 120 million a month called cleaning up lonely deaths. But rarely does anyone dare to try this!

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Creepy faces hidden on the floor, keep erasing yes and unsolved mysteries

Châu Anh11:33:07 08/02/2024
Many other faces of all shades are constantly visible, sometimes just a few hours apart, and even women and children. They cannot be erased like last time, even know how to move on the floor.

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Eels have the ability to self-transgender, butterflies can switch from female to male

Minh Ngọc09:52:11 04/02/2024
In nature, there are many animals that have the ability to flexibly self-transsexualize. Here are some of the species we commonly see and how they transform themselves from female to male, or vice versa.

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Unique flower blooms in time for Tet, special shape, no need to s.trip leaves like apricot

Bình Minh17:51:01 03/02/2024
Although this flower is expensive, millions per branch, it still creates a fever every Tet to Spring. Many people scramble to buy m.oney for distillation also because of its special properties.

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What is the suspended sentence that Ngoc Trinh is about to face?

Khánh Huyền17:54:12 02/02/2024
Ho Chi Minh City opened the trial of defendant Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (born 1989) on charges of disrupting public order. In connection with the case, Tran Xuan Dong (born 1987) was tried on charges of disrupting public order and Using false documents of organizational agencies.

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Angel syndrome: beautiful children, despite pain, are always smiling

Phong Trần15:18:46 02/02/2024
Most children with Angelman tend to laugh a lot, happy all day, some mothers think their children laugh often, so they do not pay attention to whether they have any syndrome or not because when born, children with this syndrome do not show any signs of abnormality.

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The dish is "contested" by the elite but contains horrific brutality

Thiên Di16:39:49 01/02/2024
If I have to name 1 of the most famous oyster dishes, it is indispensable for fish fin. The fish fin here is roughly understood as the fins of sharks. They are considered a rare item that often appears on many luxurious, upper-class dining tables.

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Empress Dowager Cixi was pregnant at the age of 46. The royal physician accidentally congratulated her and immediately "faded"?

Đình Như16:22:26 31/01/2024
Empress Dowager Cixi was a famous powerful woman of the Qing Dynasty. Many word-of-mouth reports say that she secretly raised favored men in the harem, even to get pregnant. However, no physician dared to r.eveal this news.

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Before getting married, the emperor and queen had to eat a dish that no one wants to eat today

Hoa Tuyết09:43:18 30/01/2024
In fact, the wedding of the emperor and his wife, in addition to being lavish, is essentially the same as the wedding process of ordinary people, in which a dish is indispensable.

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The strange epidemic of "dancing like c.razy until you can't breathe" has forced science to give up

Minh Ngọc10:26:16 29/01/2024
In the summer of 1518, a strange plague in the present-day French city of Strasbourg caused hundreds of people to dance uncontrollably for weeks on end until they died of exhaustion.

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Duong Quy Phi suffered from "wingitis", snored and gritted his teeth, still making the emperor infatuated

Phương Thảo14:31:50 28/01/2024
Duong Quy Phi, who carried the standard beauty of women in the Tang Dynasty. She was known as the four great beauties at that time. Even though she suffered from severe pharyngitis and could only hear snoring and grinding teeth when she slept, she still made the emperor infatuated.

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The mystery of the woman lying next to Qianlong's royal concubine's grave revealed a shocking secret

Thiên Di17:04:24 27/01/2024
After finding the noble concubine's tomb, people were extremely surprised to discover that there was another woman's r.emains next to it. It was this woman's identity that opened up a scandal that King Qianlong had wanted to hide for a long time.

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The mystery of the wedding procession at midnight, the bride's feet do not touch the ground, some people have to go through the back door

Hoàng Phúc14:45:25 26/01/2024
Recently, a video appeared on social networks recording the bride procession at a traditional Chinese wedding. The clip immediately attracted the attention of many netizens.

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