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The village is forbidden to give birth in the village, and when they die, they must be taken to another place for burial

Minh Lợi18:36:34 16/06/2024
The village of Mafi Dove, in southern Ghana, is home to about 5,000 people. The special thing is that almost no one was born in this village and when they died, they were buried somewhere else.

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How dangerous is the disease that caused actor Hong Hai to die at the age of 31?

Bảo Nam18:19:00 15/06/2024
Relatives of actor Hong Hai said that he had previously been hospitalized due to symptoms of b.ody aches and jaundice. The doctor diagnosed him with end-stage cirrhosis, coagulation disorder, multi-organ failure, duodenitis, b.lood p.oisoning...

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R.evealing Mrs. Vanga's will that shocked the world, she told her children and grandchildren to remember one thing

Thiên Di16:16:55 14/06/2024
Not only did Vanga correctly predict many world events, but she also knew the exact date of her d.eath. In the prepared will, the blind prophet shocked the world with its content.

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EURO 2024 prediction: Many animals compete against scientists, asparagus is predicted

Pinky15:06:54 13/06/2024
The heat of the EURO 2024 football tournament is gradually becoming more intense than ever, as the opening day approaches. Fans of this king sport are even more excited, when a series of prophets are born, predicting the championship.

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The mystery of Vong Phu island: The tearful love story of a petrified wife waiting for her husband

Bút Mực17:31:43 12/06/2024
Standing tall on the top of Nhui mountain, Vong Phu island, Thanh Hoa is associated with the story of a woman waiting for her husband to turn to stone. Later, people contributed to building a temple, called Ong Temple. The statue of a woman is called Ba cave.

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The old woman lived for more than a century thanks to the secret of "doing 30 push-ups" a day

Kim Oanh18:13:50 11/06/2024
After more than a century, Mr. Ket in Binh Phuoc still possesses a b.ody as flexible as an 18-year-old g.irl thanks to diligently exercising 3 hours a day, doing regular push-ups, and reciting the names of hundreds of descendants, looking at The portrait surprised everyone

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Why do Western people often pour pancakes to celebrate the Lunar New Year, what does it mean?

Thiên Di16:21:15 10/06/2024
Pancake is one of the indispensable foods on the occasion of the Lunar New Year on May 5 of the people of the Southwest. This is a dish that means family reunion and convergence.

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Deciphering the thrilling mystery of the legend of the fierce tigers guarding Hai Van Pass

Bút Màu14:43:36 09/06/2024
Many people rumored that on Hai Van Pass there is an extremely sacred temple, what can be prayed for. Not only that, this place also keeps a thrilling legend about the once mighty tiger herd Hai Van Quan.

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The tree with the Xuan Ca ideology: seeing music is dancing, widely distributed in Vietnam

Bút Màu14:46:43 07/06/2024
Dancing trees, also known as dance trees, are found in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, the trees are distributed from the North into the Central Highlands provinces to Ba Ria - Vung Tau and An Giang. The unique feature of this tree is that whenever it hears music, its leaves will dance parachuting...

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Why put a cloth on the face of the deceased, not let the black cat jump over?

Hoàng Phúc15:53:51 06/06/2024
Birth, old age, sickness and d.eath are inevitable in the world. A person's life from birth to closing his eyes is the fulfillment of a person's life, whether short or long.

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Omakase: What is special about Japanese cuisine that Tran Thanh and the rich are fascinated by?

Châu Anh16:29:45 05/06/2024
Recently, Omakase is the most mentioned phrase revolving around Tran Thanh's noise. Besides the scandals on social networks, many people also wonder what Omakase is that is so promoted by Tran Thanh and the rich.

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Creepy prophecy of the blind old woman Vanga, what is the fate of the Earth in 2028?

T.P14:27:25 04/06/2024
The blind prophet Vanga is an old woman famous worldwide for her hidden prophecies in the future, although she has passed away, she has predicted the fate of the Earth hundreds of years in advance. The strange coincidence makes many people prickly .

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Mysteriously the temple contains the eunuch's cemetery, where Thich Nhat Hanh died

Bút Bi10:39:01 03/06/2024
Tu Hieu Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist destination in Hue, recently became more and more known when Thich Nhat Hanh came to retreat. Few people know that the ancient temple is also called the Eunuch's Pagoda, marking their bitter and tearful fate.

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Strange "sea monsters" appeared in Binh Duong, experts warn of dangerous poison

Bút Màu20:44:51 02/06/2024
According to locals, the fish swam in the lake, acted like greeting people, then dived away. According to people with knowledge of the fish, through images, the fish was identified as a rocket crocodile.

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Nam Fang Empress every time she was pregnant, King Bao Dai had 1 more lover?

Minh Lợi19:52:24 01/06/2024
At the book launch of Following Queen Nam Phuong and King Bao Dai, authors Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Dao and Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy gave their own perspective on two important figures of the Nguyen Dynasty.

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The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents

Thiên Di16:18:31 31/05/2024
In Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, a story has been circulating for several years about a b.oy claiming to be a c.hild who passed away more than 10 years ago. Many of the stories the b.oy could tell about his parents in the past surprised everyone.

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The cartoon correctly predicted a series of events in the future, suspecting a force behind it

Gia Nhi16:02:27 30/05/2024
The globally famous animated film shocked audiences around the world when viewers discovered a series of events in the present, which had been installed in the past by the film's production team and were completely accurate. The audience suspected that there was a force behind it.

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The 20-year-old g.irl was found to have a heart defect on the right side, the patient was confused, the doctor explained

Bút Mực06:58:29 29/05/2024
Recently, according to news from Hospital E, there was a case of a female patient (20 years old) with appendicitis peritonitis with inverted viscera. Accordingly, this is a rare case because the patient's internal organs are completely reversed.

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The three-headed dog Cerberus guarding the gates of Hades is still not as scary as this monster

Keng17:19:20 28/05/2024
The three-headed dog monster Cerberus in Greek mythology is described as the pet of Hades, the god of the underworld. The reason Cerberus has 3 heads is because each head represents the past, present and future.

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The Forbidden City has no toilet even though tens of thousands of people live there, "wiping out" the trees?

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:07:15 27/05/2024
The Forbidden City is one of the largest places in the world that still exists and attracts the most tourists in Beijing. Currently, this place still preserves many legends, secrets and interesting facts that few people know.

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Interesting things about left-handed people: Smarter than normal people?

Minh Lợi18:10:23 26/05/2024
In the minds of many people, left-handed people are always considered intelligent and have high IQs. Bill Gates, Obama,... are all left-handed, which makes people even more confident.

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The blind prophet Vanga said a g.irl was his descendant, r.evealing something few people know

Gia Nhi15:25:44 25/05/2024
Mrs. Vanga is famous as the best blind prophet in the world, when compared to the present, a series of events and predictions from her past are completely correct. Even though she passed away, her prophecies came hundreds of years later.

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Terrifying 3 biggest fires in history in Hanoi, what were the causes?

Trí Nhi15:26:45 24/05/2024
Haunted in the history of fires and explosions in Vietnam, three fires left the entire society truly shocked in Hanoi. Let's take a look at the reasons why netizens are awakened by careless lifestyle choices that cause fires.

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Follow the Dau Da practice like Thich Minh Tue: Eat 1 meal a day, sleep under a tree at night

Bút Bi16:52:07 23/05/2024
People who practice Dau Da practice accept difficulties in matters of food, clothing, and shelter. Recently, Thich Minh Tue attracted attention when practicing this method. He shared that he wanted to practice the teachings of Buddha to help perfect himself.

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