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Lam Canh Tan shows off happy photos with his "baby", affirming that he cannot leave

Thiên Di21:32:35 30/05/2024
Up to now, Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan have successfully cooperated twice in So Kieu Truyen and Du Phuong Hanh. Their harmonious collaborations helped the couple receive enthusiastic support from the audience.

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Duc Tien's aunt protected her granddaughter-in-law, clarified the truth, and mentioned two family events

Nguyễn Kim19:51:49 30/05/2024
Passing away suddenly at the age of 44, Duc Tien surprised, shocked, and mourned many people. Many people do not believe that his passing is true. After the funeral and burial ceremony, a large number of writers, artists, relatives, and audiences came to visit Duc Tien.

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BABYMONSTER "held hands" with ILLIT to create a record for Kpop, far surpassing a series of big names

Gia Nhi17:21:40 30/05/2024
Two rookie g.irl groups, BabyMonster and ILLIT, just made Kpop fans excited when they announced their new achievements, from the two songs Sheesh and Magnetic, creating records, far surpassing a series of other big names, proving that own position.

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Pham Thoai was isolated by Long Chun and Tun Pham, Vien Vibi stayed away, showing obvious discomfort

Châu Anh17:14:23 30/05/2024
Since the wedding crash on April Fool's Day, Pham Thoai not only received a storm of criticism from the online community, but the male Tiktoker was also ignored and isolated by his famous close friends.

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Famous Hollywood makeup artist was brutally m.urdered by her ex-boyfriend, now what?

Thảo Mai16:59:23 30/05/2024
The Los Angeles Times reported that detectives and medical staff received a call reporting a victim being m.urdered at his home in the Shadow Hills area, Los Angeles at 4:30 a.m. on May 23.

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Tycoon Thuy Nga: Fakely married Thanh Bach, went out to eat 2.5 million in lucky m.oney for restaurant staff

Keng16:50:10 30/05/2024
For a long time, Thuy Nga has been known as the powerful boss of showbiz overseas. As the person behind a series of famous music shows like Paris by Night, Thuy Nga was quickly mentioned as a successful businessman with a huge fortune.

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A rare "triangle" love story: Two siblings marry the same wife and have never been jealous

Thiên Di16:23:03 30/05/2024
Visit Hong Kim commune (A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue) and ask about Mr. Ho Van Tuol (born 1943), who everyone knows. From the elderly to children, everyone can tell about his family's situation because it is very rare and special.

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Eddy Kim was proposed to be prosecuted for the Burning Sun - Seungri scandal, and finally escaped

Đình Như16:21:10 30/05/2024
The return of this case through a BBC documentary has once again reignited controversy and a wave of criticism among the public, negatively affecting the lives and careers of many Korean stars.

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The leader of Japan's heaviest music group gets married and reveals her future husband

Bút Chì15:54:28 30/05/2024
The leader of the plus-sized band Big Angel announced that she would get married early because she was pregnant with her first c.hild. It is known that her group brings together girls with plus-sized and chubby bodies, with the goal of becoming a positive cultural inspiration for plus-sized women...

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The beauty queen struggled ferociously on the red carpet, pointed her face, and pushed the organizers down for daring to touch her dress

T.P14:57:58 30/05/2024
Although the 2024 Cannes Film Festival has ended for a few days, the aftermath and side stories are still topics of great interest and discussion among netizens. Among them was the incident where Miss Dominican Republic had a f.ight with organizers for touching her dress.

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Angelababy - Nhiet Ba and Cbiz stars removed their makeup, clearly seeing the beauty gap

Thảo Mai14:49:36 30/05/2024
Competition in the entertainment industry is fierce, especially among female stars. Below are all beautiful beauties on screen, but when they take off the makeup, they are truly surprising.

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Gaeul IVE: JYP's "missing" idol, lackluster despite good choreography and actor-like visuals

Kim Lâm14:38:57 30/05/2024
Gaeul's beautiful face with harmonious features made the online community unable to stop praising her. Many people think that her appearance reminds her of (G)I-DLE's Miyeon and Yang Jiwon.

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The movie with Lee Min Ho and Jisoo has set a premiere date, r.evealing a curious detail

Bút Bi14:31:26 30/05/2024
The movie Omniscience Reader starring Jisoo and Lee Min Ho has officially finished filming. Audiences everywhere gave warm congratulations and looked forward to the couple's upcoming masterpiece.

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Angelina Jolie's Shiloh reveals her true personality, teacher says it's rare and hard to find

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:28:51 30/05/2024
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is known around the world as the c.hild born at the finish line and succeeding based on family reputation. However, in the eyes of those close to her, she has a completely opposite personality.

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Suspected that V (BTS) had a son, his photo was revealed, did Jennie immediately celebrate?

Keng07:24:01 30/05/2024
Korean media recently reported that male god V (BTS) was suddenly suspected of secretly having a son at the age of 29. Even to prove the rumor was true, netizens posted photos of the b.aby with Looks quite similar to V.

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Meghan Markle was accused of dressing "uncomfortably" and criticized for being less sophisticated than BLACKPINK

Đức Trí21:33:00 29/05/2024
Meghan Markle just got caught up in unnecessary noise when she was accused by Nigeria's first lady of dressing offensively and offensively when she visited this country not long ago. Netizen immediately compared the 4 BlackPink girls.

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Vietnamese stars

Runner-up Thuy Tien was said to be "mischievous" because she was suspected of intentionally "slandering" Phuong Trinh Jolie

Thiên Di15:52:27 30/05/2024
The noisy gossip of actress Phuong Trinh Jolie has made the Vietnamese entertainment industry extremely bustling in recent days. During this time, runner-up Thuy Tien also made a move that was misunderstood by people as being mean to her seniors.

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Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints?

Phúc Sen14:04:26 30/05/2024
Miss Vietnam 2018 - Tran Tieu Vy confused beauty fans when she suddenly received information that she had terminated the contract with her current management company and left after 6 years of being crowned. Immediately, insiders officially spoke up.

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Quoc Co and his wife spoke up about Ngoc Mai's noise, declaring that they did not cover up their sister-in-law

Bảo Nam11:44:56 30/05/2024
In recent days, a video has been circulating on social networks recording the scene of O Sen Ngoc Mai, Meritorious Artist Quoc Nghiep, and his wife having fun with their children in a room. There is a sensitive flag on the head of the bed in this room.

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Phuong Nga: Runner-up and VTV MC, great education, controversially lost to Tieu Vy

Bút Bi10:37:25 30/05/2024
With her beauty and remarkable academic achievements, Bui Phuong Nga once caused regret when she was not crowned Miss Vietnam 2018. Currently, she takes on the role of MC, editor of many television programs at VTV and has perfect marriage with actor...

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Ngoc Phuoc spoke up about "little tam" rumors, had a difficult-to-speak disease, and admitted one thing

Thiên Di10:31:20 30/05/2024
A website posted a story about a female comedian working as a minor, receiving great attention. Immediately after that, Ngoc Phuoc was called by name, making people stir. Quickly, the actress also responded.

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"Baby An" Hung Thuan shows off his new love, a h.ot g.irl, with a past full of relationships, marriage and then divorce

T.P10:16:43 30/05/2024
Actor Hung Thuan made fans excited when he suddenly announced his new h.ot girlfriend. After many years of secrecy and previous failed marriages, this is also the rare time he has publicly revealed his girlfriend in the media.

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Duc Tien is afraid that Binh Phuong's family will look down on him and will absolutely never spend m.oney on his wife

Đình Như10:12:32 30/05/2024
In the next part of the program "House with Guests" that just aired, the late actor Duc Tien shared about his wife - Miss Binh Phuong, and also revealed about his life when he first came to America.

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Tran Quan: A beauty who scrubs toilets and works as a car factory worker to have m.oney to change gender

Gia Nhi09:08:13 30/05/2024
Transgender beauty Tran Quan is no longer a stranger to beauty fans. She once made an impression with her past of overcoming difficulties, her efforts to live with her true gender, and fulfilling her beauty queen dream when competing in Miss Transgender Vietnam 2023.

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VTV "carried" Nam Em, Dam Vinh Hung on the news to discuss "banning the broadcast" of scandalous NS

Minh Lợi16:17:32 30/05/2024
The recent VTV Cultural Perspectives program frankly raised the issue of needing to soon issue sanctions or ban artists involved in scandals and deviant behavior. The news also used Dam Vinh Hung and Nam Em as examples.

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The cartoon correctly predicted a series of events in the future, suspecting a force behind it

Gia Nhi16:02:27 30/05/2024
The globally famous animated film shocked audiences around the world when viewers discovered a series of events in the present, which had been installed in the past by the film's production team and were completely accurate. The audience suspected that there was a force behind it.

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A 5-year-old c.hild died in the car: the teacher knew he was absent but didn't report it, his relatives cried

Bút Máy14:59:19 30/05/2024
According to information from Thai Binh City Police, the class teacher took a photo of the student roll call and discovered that H. was absent but did not notify his family. Relatives said that the c.hild is normally very obedient, intelligent, alert, and has been independent since childhood.

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G.irl broke 11 million in dinner m.oney: Digging up a series of "deals" and asking the owner to wash the dishes to pay off the debt

Uyển Đình14:54:34 30/05/2024
Recently, social media was abuzz about a luxury g.irl entering a 5-star restaurant, ordering expensive dishes with a bill of up to 11 million VND but refusing to pay. Worth mentioning, this is not the first time this g.irl has carried out her scam.

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Chu Thanh Huyen was hospitalized while Quang Hai was away, still livestreaming from his hospital bed

Minh Lợi14:52:42 30/05/2024
Since Chu Thanh Huyen was pregnant, Quang Hai once suggested that she stop livestreaming and focus on taking care of her pregnancy. However, she still wants to work. But because of too much work, she had to be hospitalized.

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Cinderella's daughter revealed her love story at the age of 18, how did MC Quyen Linh react?

Bút Mực11:53:57 30/05/2024
Sharing Cinderella's personal story attracted the attention of many netizens. Talking about girls' love affairs, MC Quyen Linh also stated clearly that it is Cinderella's right to decide, her parents will never forbid her.

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Tho Nguyen wore sandals worth 6 million to go to the fields, even her own mother could not understand the fashion taste

Pinky11:33:25 30/05/2024
Female youtuber Tho Nguyen continues to have a post that stirs public opinion when she shows off a pair of sandals worth 6 million VND, expensive brands but she only wears them to the fields. Her own mother was also fed up and criticized this fashion sense.

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The company stopped going to the temple to make offerings and switched to donating b.lood after the Thich Minh Tue incident

Bút Màu10:44:52 30/05/2024
Recently on social networks, an announcement from an information technology company appeared to all company officials and employees about stopping going to temples on the 1st day of the lunar month. Company representatives have shared information surrounding this document.

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