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BLACKPINK raced to become president, Rosé secretly did something that made Lisa and Jennie devastated

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:45:51 25/02/2024
While BLACKPINK members took turns announcing their own companies, Rosé made fans curious about her solo activities plans. Although she has been quiet, she recently set an unprecedented record, surpassing her entire sister group.

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Hanni (NewJeans) was criticized for being old and unattractive. She was an ambassador but "drowned" Gucci to the point of being heartbroken.

Vân Anh17:38:00 24/02/2024
Appearing at Milan Fashion Week, Gucci's brand ambassador caused a stir in the online community. Besides, she received a lot of criticism because her fashion style was too old for her 18 year old age.

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Jennie has a move of "despising" YG, looking down on BLACKPINK, wholeheartedly serving one place

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:58:26 24/02/2024
The news that Jennie (BLACKPINK) opened her own company ODDATELIER has caused a stir in the Asian online community over the past time. Jennie's (BLACKPINK) every move has received great attention from the public.

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"Chairman" Jennie is still estranged, what about the remaining 3 members?

Phượng Vũ07:43:53 24/02/2024
Recently, Jisoo - Rosé and Lisa just received an invitation to attend the 2024 Met Gala, making the public restless. However, many people still wonder why Jennie is not on this list.

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Jennie continues to be in trouble, being blamed for being the reason why the 4th generation Idol followed suit?

Mẫn Nhi18:20:37 23/02/2024
Gen4 idols have recently been constantly entangled in controversies due to their performance outfits being too cool. This made Korean netizens feel unhappy, even blaming Jennie.

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Did BLACKPINK intentionally "go private" 7 years ago, r.evealing when Rosé announced the company?

An Nhi11:09:03 23/02/2024
The news that BLACKPINK members introduced their company one after another made people stir. Netizens were surprised to discover that the members' separate release dates coincidentally coincided with the release order 7 years ago.

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BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs

Phong Trần16:19:31 22/02/2024
BLACKPINK can be said to be one of the groups with the most unique operating models in Kpop. After leaving YG, the 4 members took turns opening their own empire instead of signing a contract with another company and continued to maintain group activities.

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Park Min Young denies running a "ghost" company with her scandalous boyfriend

Nhật Duy15:21:09 22/02/2024
Not long after having had great success with the movie Marry My Husband, Park Min Young was immediately caught up in a private scandal. The famous actress's scandal still revolves around the relationship between her and her scandalous tycoon boyfriend.

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Jisoo (BLACKPINK), who just became a "boss", has been caught up in scandal, related to Lisa

Nguyễn Tuyết14:10:32 22/02/2024
Jisoo's description on the new company's website was suddenly compared to Lisa. This caused public and private fans of both female idols BLACKPINK to stir up excitement.

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Jisoo just became "president" and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:00:22 22/02/2024
The news that Jisoo announced her own company caused a storm on the internet on February 21. Not only happy, fans are also excited by the review that Jisoo is the richest female idol in BLACKPINK as she can work in many different roles.

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Jisoo officially announced her own company BLISSOO, the homepage "collapsed" the next minute

Nguyễn Kim14:50:42 21/02/2024
The news that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) officially announced the establishment of her own company BLISSOO immediately caused a storm across the internet. A series of her profile photos were also released, making fans admire her pure beauty.

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BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by 'BTS sister' at Coachella

Mẫn Nhi10:19:36 21/02/2024
As a K-pop representative following BLACKPINK's opening performance at the world's largest music festival Coachella, LE SSERAFIM made an extremely precious move to mention their seniors, making both fans excited.

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Following in Hanbin's footsteps, former student Dong Nhi is preparing to debut as a Kpop idol

Phi Đức17:42:26 20/02/2024
Dang Hong Hai (born 2003) attracted attention when participating in Mnet's program in 2022 and is expected to debut in DongGyo Entertainment's music group this year.

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Nayeon (TWICE) copied Jennie's (BLACKPINK) stage outfit, is it true?

Hướng Dương14:52:18 20/02/2024
Social networks have just been stirred up by the incident of Nayeon (TWICE) wearing the same costume as Jennie. Many people believe that JYP's favorite chicken deliberately imitated the BLACKPINK member.

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Jennie ran shows tirelessly to maintain her reputation but was still "topped" by Taeyeon (SNSD).

Thiên Di13:31:51 20/02/2024
Although she has had continuous job explosions since establishing her own company, recently, Jennie was surpassed by her senior Taeyeon (SNSD) in the Kpop female idol brand value rankings. This information attracted the attention of the Korean music fan community.

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Ahn Bo Hyun openly loves Jisoo, but is misunderstood by her to date Kim Go Eun

Phong Trần17:20:53 19/02/2024
Ahn Bo Hyun was once misunderstood by his grandmother to be in love with Kim Go Eun when the two played a couple in the drama Yumi s Cells, although since his debut, the only girlfriend he has publicly released has been BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

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YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINK's future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:42:49 19/02/2024
YG's sharing about BLACKPINK's future has fans worried. Although the members are doing well solo, fans will hardly be able to see the 4 girls standing on the same stage in the future.

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Jennie attends The Weeknd's birthday party, r.evealing that she is about to launch a super hit

Phong Trần08:10:15 19/02/2024
Jennie was spotted quietly traveling to the US by fans to attend The Weeknd's birthday party on February 16. She is also gearing up for her debut solo album after achieving great success with One of the Girls.

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Rosé followed Jennie's example, Lisa started her own company, posted teaser photos and was attacked?

Kim Lâm09:09:19 18/02/2024
According to Korean media, in the near future, Rosé will continue to follow in the footsteps of Jennie and Lisa to establish her own company. This move shows that the BLACKPINK members are trying for solo activities and maintaining their personal brand.

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Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked

Kim Lâm11:06:24 17/02/2024
Following in Jennie's footsteps, Lisa has also founded her own company, making many fans extremely happy and proud. However, many people think that because of this force, the 2 girls were forced to set up their own company, asking questions, no one is strange, hearing it can not help but be surprised.

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BLACKPINK deliberately "neglected" group activities, unusually quiet after stopping re-signing?

Phong Trần16:52:17 16/02/2024
The fan community is worried when the members constantly make new moves in their individual activities after stopping re-signing with YG Entertainment. Still, there was absolutely silence without any movement on group activities.

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BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person "lives in hiding"

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:59:20 15/02/2024
After the end of their individual contracts with YG, the BLACKPINK members began their solo activities vigorously. Following in Jennie's footsteps, Lisa has also officially started her own company, Jisoo focuses on acting, Rosé is still the member that makes fans most curious.

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Lisa followed in the footsteps of the group, appearing in the popular HBO TV series

Phương Thảo16:57:38 14/02/2024
On the morning of February 13 (Vietnam time), Variety - an American magazine exclusively reported that Lisa (BLACKPINK) will officially become a cast member in season 3 of the hit HBO series The White Lotus.

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Rosé was wished a birthday by BLACKPINK, "doubled" new music to r.eveal a love secret?

An Nhi08:18:40 13/02/2024
On Rosé's birthday on February 11, BLACKPINK had warm wishes for their close sister. More surprisingly, Rosé also released a demo of a new song that made fans stand still.

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