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The owner of Tan Hiep Phat was accused of appropriating more than 1,000 billion from lending activities

Hương Duy19:25:51 24/02/2024
According to additional investigation, Mr. Truong Qui Thanh (Chairman of Tan Hiep Phat Group) and his two daughters continued to be accused of taking advantage of loans to appropriate projects and dozens of other plots of land.

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Ms. Truong My Lan and 12 defendants were prosecuted with the highest penalty range

Mỹ Hoàng10:20:38 23/02/2024
Among the 86 defendants preparing for trial, Ms. Truong My Lan and 13 accomplices who caused about VND 498,000 billion in damages to SCB were prosecuted by the Supreme People's Procuracy (People's Procuracy) at the highest penalty level.

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The case of the missing g.irl 29 Tet: The neighbor was arrested and the testimony made everyone angry

Thảo Mai13:43:09 15/02/2024
In the afternoon of February 14 (5th Tet), Colonel Tran Thi Kim Ly, Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Agency. HCMC provided information on the results of the investigation into the case of the suspect who k.illed the g.irl on February 8 (29 Tet) in Thu Duc City.

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1 more showbiz pimps arrested: Used to serve time in prison for banned substances, "chicken" full of models, DV

Thảo Mai18:39:35 01/02/2024
The Ministry of Public Security has prosecuted and detained Nguyen Huu Thai (26 years old, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City). HCM) to investigate the act of brokering girls to have fun with guests, benefiting more than 15 billion VND.

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Captain lost 2 legs when catching "sand bandits": Installed prosthetic legs, chokingly shared this

Thảo Mai14:36:24 25/01/2024
Regarding the case of a police captain in Vinh Long who lost his leg while c.hasing sand pirates, on the afternoon of January 24, Vinh Long Provincial Police informed that the authorities had sanctioned two illegal sand miners for administrative violations. license with a total amount of 50 million VND.

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Hai Duong: The teenager crushed his hand because the mini gas tank suddenly exploded

Snow17:01:51 19/01/2024
While eating h.ot pot as usual, the family's mini gas tank suddenly exploded, causing the under 18 year old teenager to be seriously injured. The victim was transported to the hospital with a crushed left hand.

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The husband ran away after seeing his wife off in Hung Yen, the apartment camera recorded the scary moment

Keng16:35:00 12/01/2024
On January 12, Hung Yen Provincial Police said that the Police Investigation Agency of Hung Yen Provincial Police is investigating an incident with signs of human harm that caused one person to die at the Lac Hong Phuc apartment building.

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A runner - a compassionate beauty was arrested for "protecting" a truck, profiting nearly 5 billion VND

JLO14:16:04 10/01/2024
According to information in Dan Tri newspaper, the Criminal Police Department of Nghe An Police and Thai Hoa Town Police chaired and coordinated with professional departments and related units to successfully solve the case of protecting trucks, profiting many billions of dong.

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The robbery in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC: Suspect hiding in Long An, people lose sleep

Pinky10:04:51 09/01/2024
The incident has been causing a stir all these days, the coffee g.irl was attacked by a man, then robbed by a man, making everyone who heard it blush. Investigating police have also surrounded the entire Long An area where the suspect is hiding.

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Take the black stone "turned" into a treasure, then tricked into selling for 2.1 billion: 5 people arrested

Keng16:48:14 08/01/2024
On January 6, the Dong Nai Provincial Public Security Agency has just issued a decision to prosecute the accused, arrest and detain 5 subjects to investigate the f.raud of selling bad stones into rare gemstones, with iron destruction features with an amount of up to VND 2.1 billion...

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Japanese plane catches fire: Cockpit voice recording revealed, 1 strange voice rang out suspiciously

JLO14:45:39 04/01/2024
On the evening of January 2, Japanese media reported that Japan Airlines Flight JAL516 caught fire after landing at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

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Who was Denmark's Queen Margrethe II who announced she would abdicate after a 52-year reign?

Bảo Nam16:44:24 02/01/2024
After a 52-year reign, Denmark's Queen Margrethe II made the announcement of her abdication on New Year's Eve. She was Europe's longest-reigning monarch and the last reigning queen after the d.eath of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

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The leader of the group "Supporting people at night" was arrested for threatening people at night

Phương Thảo17:31:00 27/12/2023
The head of a social group supporting people at night discovered a group of traders using banned substances on a road in Phu My town, so they threatened to pay 5 million VND to avoid reporting to the police.

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Classroom ceiling collapse: The victim's condition is not satisfactory, paralyzed, with low recovery ability

Minh Lợi15:41:01 22/12/2023
Regarding the collapse of the classroom ceiling at Hermann Gmeiner Vinh High School, information from Hung Phuc ward leaders said that after the incident, the school promptly provided initial first aid and called an ambulance to take the victims to the hospital. 115 Nghe An General Hospital.

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Last month, the young man received a certificate of knighthood for catching thieves, but this month he was arrested for robbery

Nguyễn Kim11:24:41 21/12/2023
The incident made people gasp at the extreme stunt of a young man born in 2005. Just last month, he was commended and received a certificate of merit for catching a thief, but this month he fell into robbery.

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Unusual case of boarding meals in highland areas: The investigation agency will be involved and proposed to install surveillance cameras

Kim Lâm16:15:27 20/12/2023
Regarding the case of 11 students eating 2 packets of noodles and rice for breakfast, the District People's Committee said that if the verification cannot be clarified, it will ask the investigation agency to get involved. In addition, the Department of Education and Training of Lao Cai province has asked schools to install cameras to monitor boarding meals.

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Case of 11 students eating 2 packets of noodles mixed with rice: Ministry of Education and Training intervenes, VTV discovers ambiguity in book support money

Keng10:25:56 20/12/2023
Recently, social networks have been abuzz with information reflecting the teachers of Hoang Thu Pho 1 Primary School for Ethnic Minority Boarding School about the situation of boarding meals for 178 ethnic students that do not ensure quality and have signs of poor quality. signal is cropped.

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Scaffolding collapse in Thanh Hoa: The unfortunate victim buried by 200 square meters of concrete has been found

Nguyễn Tuyết14:00:24 19/12/2023
After the authorities used detectors, cut steel, dug up the concrete layer, and sprayed water to prevent the concrete from solidifying, the victim buried in the scaffold collapse was found.

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Ms. Truong My Lan used 10 tricks to siphon off more than 1 million billion, will it be mitigated because of charity?

Thảo Mai14:16:23 18/12/2023
To be able to manipulate SCB for such a long time, the prosecution agency identified 10 tricks that Ms. Truong My Lan - Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group used to commit crimes.

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Fraudulently selling cheap motorbikes online, young men in Quang Nam bypassed the law and appropriated 600 million

Thanh Phúc14:48:03 16/12/2023
People are extremely angry at the incident that shook social networks in recent days in Quang Nam. Accordingly, this young man used online f.raud to sell cheap motorbikes and appropriate more than 600 million VND.

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Phu Tho: Illegally buying and selling invoices, tycoon 'caught' because of illegal profits of hundreds of billions of dong

Đức Trí10:59:27 14/12/2023
NMT directly and through 73 intermediaries, using 646 companies, illegally sold more than 1 million value-added invoices with total sales of more than 63,762 billion VND.

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46 girls sold as karaoke and massage hostesses were rescued by the police

Minh Ngọc17:01:07 12/12/2023
After a period of monitoring, Tay Ninh Provincial Police suddenly raided many karaoke establishments in the area, rescued 46 hostesses, and confiscated many books related to debt recording, loans and 1.2 billion VND. copper.

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The case of 3 female housekeepers being poisoned by a banned substance after eating leftover cookies at the party host's house: Where did the cookies come from?

Keng17:02:11 09/12/2023
On December 9, Thu Duc City Police, Ho Chi Minh City are still coordinating with relevant units to clarify the cause and people involved in the incident of three female housekeepers suffering from marijuana p.oisoning being treated at the hospital. Le Van Thinh.

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The self-proclaimed "dog-eating monk" Thich Tam Phuc was arrested for scamming m.oney, forging documents

JLO21:03:31 06/12/2023
On December 6, the Cu Chi District Public Security Bureau issued a decision to prosecute the accused and an arrest warrant for Nguyen Minh Phuc (Thich Tam Phuc) for fraudulently appropriating property and using false documents of agencies and organizations.

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