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LE SSERAFIM revealed evidence of overdubbing at Coachella, netizens were so fed up

Phi Đức15:59:19 21/04/2024
LE SSERAFIM returns to Coachella after a controversial first week: Live vocals have improved dramatically, but is it all due to overdubbing? The group's performance attitude also made netizens even more upset.

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Yeonjun (TXT): "Legendary trainee" from Big Hit, recruited twice

Châu Anh15:13:22 21/04/2024
Yeonjun is known to fans as the first member of Big Hit's TXT group. Yeonjun's increasingly eye-catching performance skills and charisma are something that makes fans always proud.

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Charlie Puth composed a song for BABYMONSTER for 'trump card' Ahyeon

Khánh Huyền14:54:28 21/04/2024
Although BABYMONSTER only debuted late last year, Charlie Puth showed his love for the group and dedicated a song to the group. This makes fans interested in the artists' relationship.

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The 100kg g.irl joined the Miss Peru 2024 race, stunning beauty fans

Gia Nhi13:13:54 21/04/2024
International beauty fans are extremely shocked by the news of a plus-sized contestant, weighing more than 100kg, joining the beauty race, competing for an international spot in the Miss Peru 2024 contest. Her identity was quickly revealed by netizens. bare.

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Trieu Le Dinh "received criticism" for her supporting role but surpassed the female lead and was kicked by her seniors?

Pinky12:12:03 21/04/2024
Actress Trieu Le Dinh was suddenly and loudly dug up not long ago, while her fame was rising with Lam Canh Tan thanks to the Du Phuong Hanh fever. Accordingly, she was accused of daring to dominate the female lead despite playing a supporting role, and was also kicked around.

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The fragile flower was oppressed just like meeting her pregnant sister again, Mai Thu Huyen was discouraged but still tried

Gia Nhi09:08:21 21/04/2024
Director and producer of the movie Fragile Flower - Mai Thu Huyen shared that she felt sad and disappointed at the situation of Vietnamese films being treated unfairly, typically a film she made that had just been released in theaters and was tampered with. pressure, risk of serious losses.

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Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) is expected to become the 2nd Jennie?

Phi Đức21:33:44 20/04/2024
Since before BABYMONSTER officially debuted, Ahyeon has been a name that attracts fans. With comprehensive talent in singing, rapping and dancing, the 17-year-old female idol is expected to become the second Jennie of the Kpop industry.

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Chiquita's mother caused a fever with her beauty like a Kpop idol, extremely "trending".

Phong Trần19:23:30 20/04/2024
The mother of BABYMONSTER's youngest sister - Chiquita posted a trending clip to support her daughter, but unexpectedly it became viral because of her extremely beautiful and youthful beauty. Many people also compare her to having charisma no less than 2nd generation Kpop idols.

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Showbiz 24h

Former MI contestant returns to Miss Supranational, rival Quynh Hoa is just a name

Phượng Vũ13:55:31 20/04/2024
Miss Supranational has officially returned for the 2024 season, while Vietnam has not yet found a representative to participate, many thousand-blooded warriors from countries and territories have begun to register.

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Mr. Nawat "turned around" and sent a representative to Miss Eco International, netizens criticized him for being mean

Nguyễn Kim13:44:28 20/04/2024
Recently, Mr. Nawat has made a decision that has raised many controversial opinions. This move went against his previous statement, causing many beauty fans to criticize.

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Mai Davika matches the beauty of Minnie (G-IDLE) in Songkran, her beauty is "one 9 one 10"

Phi Đức14:50:42 19/04/2024
In addition to entertainment - cultural - religious activities, the appearance of famous beauties also became the focus of attracting much attention at Songkran. The beautiful witch Mai Davika competes with Minnie (G-IDLE) and Pham Bang Bang.

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Miss World rejected Y Nhi because of her belief in getting married, a series of similar beauty queens were deposed?

Keng14:28:26 19/04/2024
A few hours ago, Miss Y Nhi's personal information was suddenly changed on social networks. Notably, in the partner section of Miss Binh Dinh, the name Nguyen Anh Kiet suddenly appeared.

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The U50 contestant participating in the Miss Universe contest caused a fever with her S-shaped b.ody and smaller waist than Ngoc Trinh

Kim Lâm09:27:47 18/04/2024
The information of a 45-year-old contestant registering to participate in Miss Universe received the attention of many beauty fans. Even though she has passed middle age, this beauty's figure makes many young girls shy.

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Engfa Waraha was bold at the water festival, accidentally r.evealing her waist full of excess fat

Hoa Tuyết17:16:27 17/04/2024
After 2 years of being crowned, Miss Engfa Waraha's figure seriously deteriorated. The proof is that in a recent performance, she revealed many physical flaws and her fat waist.

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"Miss AI" - the first beauty contest for artificial intelligence is about to launch

Phương Thảo15:58:52 17/04/2024
The Miss AI contest was held for the first time in the world with a total prize of nearly 20,000 USD. Instead of flesh-and-blood contestants striding on the catwalk, the contest honors artificial intelligence (AI) created by humans.

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Miss International 2024: R.evealing the Philippine "war horse" facing Thanh Thuy

Thiên Di15:46:59 17/04/2024
Lopez Angelica Danao is a Philippine beauty. Miss International 2024 is scheduled to take place next December in Tokyo, Japan. Beauty experts predict she is a potential candidate for this year's crown.

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Chinese stars

Trieu Le Dinh was confessed to by the famous director, making people openly jealous

Phương Thảo19:09:42 20/04/2024
Recently, director Vuong Ba publicly confessed his love to Trieu Le Dinh on social networks, promising to give her a private plane if she agreed. However, this action angered many people because they thought he was taking advantage of Trieu Le Dinh to increase his popularity.

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Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of 'ambiguity'

Vân Anh17:04:34 20/04/2024
Currently, Trieu Le Dinh's heat is still increasing strongly after Du Phuong Hanh fever. Besides the current hotness, the actress and her young lover suddenly received great news that made the audience panic.

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Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent?

Diệu Anh12:37:06 20/04/2024
The latest photos of Trinh Sang in the US were shared by a Chinese blogger on Weibo on the evening of April 18. The actress appeared with a fresh appearance, however many people think that Trinh Sang's face is much different from when she was active in showbiz.

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Riding the wind: Suni Ha Linh swings on a rope, somersaults like a fairy "descending to earth", the sisters show their attitude

Minh Lợi06:48:12 20/04/2024
After many days of anticipation, the representative of Vietnam, Suni Ha Linh, officially presented at Dap Gio 2024 with the performance "Just chill". In particular, the staging of this performance made the Chinese stars gasp.

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Trieu Le Dinh was attached to Phung Thieu Phong, his secret with a male star was rediscovered

Hoàng Phúc15:44:26 19/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong were once a famous couple in the Chinese entertainment industry. The couple confirmed their marriage in October 2018 and quickly welcomed their first son in April 2019.

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Chau Hai My was buried in the city associated with her life

Phương Thảo09:26:53 19/04/2024
On the morning of April 18, Chau Hai My's studio announced that the actress's new home is located in Beijing. The address is Ruyi District (Celebrities Avenue), Tianshou Cemetery, Changping District, Beijing.

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Trieu Le Dinh avoided Lam Canh Tan and did not go to Du Phuong Hanh's celebration party

Tuyết Ngọc13:37:08 18/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh's return to ancient costumes in Du Phuong Hanh was successful beyond expectations. According to many sources, the film crew will hold a party to celebrate this victory in the near future.

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Trieu Lo Tu hugged Vuong An Vu at the event, being each other's exception

Phương Thảo14:54:37 17/04/2024
On April 12, Trieu Lo Tu was present at an event of the fashion brand Versace. Immediately afterwards, a video recording the scene of Trieu Lo Tu and Vuong An Vu embracing each other passionately when attending the event was widely shared.

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Famous stars

Trinh Gia Du: Confidently beat Trieu Vy, now fading, having to livestream sales

Hoàng Phúc19:10:39 20/04/2024
She used to be very confident in herself when she declared that if she played Hoan Chau Cach Cach, she would be more famous than Trieu Vy, but now, actress Trinh Gia Du's career has gone backwards, shocking everyone!

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Yunah (ILLIT): Controversial group leader, has a special relationship with LE SSERAFIM

Uyển Đình15:37:53 20/04/2024
Yunah is the 6th and final member to be revealed when debuting with ILLIT. She is also the oldest member and trained for 4-5 years, the longest among the contestants.

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Honda Hitomi: Former idol group I*ZONE, disbanded and had to return home, receiving criticism for her bad acting

Thanh Phúc15:52:25 19/04/2024
Honda Hitomi is a female idol who left a strong impression on Kpop fans as a member of the famous group IZ*ONE. After the group disbanded, Honda Hitomi returned to her hometown of Japan to continue her artistic career.

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"Kim Nuong Tu" Vuong Y Dao: Pushed the boat with Le Dinh, Lam Canh Tan out

Tuyết Ngọc13:33:40 19/04/2024
Vuong Y Dao was known as a model before becoming a professional actor. Recently, she received a lot of love from the audience thanks to her role as Kim Nuong Tu in Du Phuong Hanh.

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Moka (ILLIT): "Japanese girl" with comic-like beauty, the most popular in the group

Khánh Huyền10:08:50 18/04/2024
One of the two members with the most outstanding visuals, attracting a large number of fans in ILLIT is Japanese g.irl Moka. Just debuted, she has already made fans passionate with her sweet and lovely beauty.

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Tran Hach: Had an affair with his co-star and left his wife, was criticized and his career still flourished

Bình Minh18:19:48 17/04/2024
Tran Hach is one of the special cases in the showbiz world, despite having an affair, his career is still flourishing. He used to be a man who was faithful to his wife for 13 years until he left with his wife.

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Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM): the youngest member was criticized for not being qualified to be an idol and having low EQ

Khánh Huyền15:53:54 17/04/2024
Youngest member Eunchae stunned fans many times with her statement that her IQ and EQ were both low. Not only that, she was also criticized because besides her dancing skills and pretty visual, she had absolutely no qualities to...

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Iroha (ILLIT): The youngest sister caused a fever with her "beautiful in the egg" visual, dancing since she was 3 years old

Châu Anh16:37:29 16/04/2024
Iroha (ILLIT) is a female idol who just debuted in the ILLIT lineup not long ago. Iroha attracted attention not only with her musical and dancing skills, but the beautiful visual of the youngest member of ILLIT has also caused a stir in the online community over the past time.

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Korean stars

Song Hye Kyo beamed after rumors of a new love, implicitly affirming her current happiness

Phương Thảo17:39:02 20/04/2024
The beauty named Song attracted attention when she posted a new photo on social networks, r.evealing the hidden meaning of a new romantic relationship after many years of breakup. Many people speculate that this is a symbol of Song Hye Kyo's current happiness.

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Rumor has it that Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Lee Do Hyun are dating, do their pets r.eveal their secrets?

Uyển Đình10:04:32 20/04/2024
Rosé is one of the members with the largest fan base of BLACKPINK, so her every move is of interest to fans. Recently, the love story of the Australian rose suddenly became h.ot on social networks.

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Before Rosé was caught up in dating news with Lee Do Hyun, she was rumored to be dating Korean showbiz

Nguyễn Tuyết17:49:25 19/04/2024
As the only member of BLACKPINK who has never publicly announced her relationship, Rosé still cannot escape the criticism of people when she is repeatedly rumored to have feelings for male artists.

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Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM) was criticized for being incompetent and failed the vocal department twice?

Mi Lan16:31:38 19/04/2024
An account on This post attracted attention and led to many heated debates.

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LE SSERAFIM "big words" after shockingly disastrous Coachella performance

An Nhi16:30:36 19/04/2024
At Coachella 2024, LE SSERAFIM had a disastrous performance that was mentioned by both Kbiz and foreign music fans. However, the group suddenly received benefits that everyone did not expect.

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BABYMONSTER became YG's "exception", not compensating for BLACKPINK's 7 years

Minh Ngọc15:40:14 19/04/2024
Although it has been less than a year since their debut, YG has continuously promoted activities for BLACKPINK girls in recent times, even stronger than BLACKPINK's 7 years.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) "cleared up chaos" in Kpop, releasing a demo of a new song that made her juniors turn off the radio

Chitshere14:40:19 19/04/2024
ZICO suddenly revealed a collab with Jennie's (BLACK PINK) extremely sultry voice with a catchy melody, expected to stir up digital music charts on platforms.

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ILLIT "crushed" BLACKPINK, surpassing NewJeans and setting a record that terrified a series of rookies

Uyển Đình07:13:41 19/04/2024
ILLIT is considered a dinosaur rookie of Kpop when it continuously achieves great achievements with the song Magnetic. HYBE's youngest g.irl's meteoric musical achievements have officially surpassed both BLACKPINK and NewJeans.

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European and American stars

Taylor Swift made BLACKPINK lose face and even threw cold water on YG's face

Phượng Vũ16:59:21 20/04/2024
Recently, Taylor Swift made fans restless when releasing a double album in an unexpected way. This brainchild of the female singer has a capacity equal to BLACKPINK's entire career.

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Taylor Swift went to a mental hospital, wrote 72 letters to her ex-lover, and called someone her husband

JLO13:12:48 20/04/2024
Taylor Swift recently teased her 11th studio album including 31 songs in her career called The Tortured Poets Department. The album is said to tell the entire personal life story of the female singer.

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Angelina Jolie's youngest daughter is more and more like her sister, suspected of being LGBT?

JLO17:02:48 19/04/2024
Possessing an appearance quite similar to Shiloh, Vivienne, the youngest princess in Angelina Jolie's family, is often mistaken for her older sister. Recently, the female star's youngest daughter was rumored to be LGBT.

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Angelina Jolie is a victim, financially ruined by Brad Pitt, what's the truth?

Hoa Tuyết15:45:16 19/04/2024
The war that has been going on since 2016 between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has not stopped yet. A famous Hollywood star has just spoken out and accused her ex-husband of sucking her b.lood to cause her financial ruin.

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Pax Thien was accused of being dirty and lazy to change clothes. The truth behind shocked everyone!

Minh Lợi12:27:54 18/04/2024
Amid the noise of his adoptive parents' divorce, Pax Thien was spotted in New York City. Angelina Jolie's Vietnamese adopted son wore a white T-shirt with black pants and Converse shoes. The guy wore a beanie hat and a backpack while moving.

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Messi's son caused a stir on social media again, scoring 5 more goals in the match than Ronaldo's son

Snow17:31:04 17/04/2024
Not only his eldest son Thiago, but also Messi's second son - Mateo - also soon showed impressive football playing ability at the age of 8. The kid just made the online community stir because he scored 5 goals in the same match.

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Angelina Jolie appeared bright with Pax Thien, showing off her meaningful tattoo

Mẫn Nhi11:09:11 17/04/2024
After a noisy dispute with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie recently appeared extremely cheerful with her two children Vivienne Jolie Pitt and Pax Thien at the play's premiere event held at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater (New York, USA). .

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Pax Thien is favored by Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt, the remaining adopted children are "out"

An Nhi17:10:12 16/04/2024
Recently, Brad Pitt gave up custody of his children with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. The couple announced their divorce in 2016, but the custody dispute between the two famous Hollywood stars has continued for the past 8 years.

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Behind the scenes of the movie

Queen of Tears has been surpassed by youth films and is at risk of being usurped soon

Vân Anh14:56:01 20/04/2024
This film is proving its incredibly strong appeal, making Queen of Tears wary. Not only the cast and acting but the content also makes viewers fascinated.

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Lovely Runner's male lead was rejected by 100 film crews because he was too handsome

Minh Ngọc16:27:31 19/04/2024
The male lead Lovely Runner has been making waves lately, making women super happy with his beauty and top acting. This handsome man also shared that he was so miserable that 100 film crews rejected him because he was too handsome.

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Queen of Tears: Kim Soo Hyun - Kim Ji Won received good news that made the whole Kbiz panic

Nguyễn Kim15:06:38 19/04/2024
Queen of Tears is gradually coming to an end, Kim Soo Hyun - Kim Ji Won not only makes viewers anxiously wait for new developments but also amazes them with a series of great achievements. Korean media also commented that the Kim couple did something too c.razy.

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"What's wrong with Secretary Kim?" Remade by China, netizens strongly objected

Minh Ngọc09:15:46 18/04/2024
Recently, there was news about the popular Korean drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? is about to be remade by China, causing a stir on social networks. Chinese and international netizens expressed fear even though the movie hasn't cast any actors yet.

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Queen of Tears: R.evealing the shocking price of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won's wedding rings

Thanh Phúc15:48:44 17/04/2024
The pair of engagement rings that are causing a storm in the movie Queen of Tears by Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won have just continued to make fans excited and gasp at the producer's willingness to spend and publicly disclose the cost. I was stunned when I heard it.

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Queen of Tears: Kim Ji Won made a mistake, the movie had a happy ending, the female lead was pregnant?

Bảo Nam15:42:00 16/04/2024
Queen of Tears is a film that is receiving a lot of attention from the audience, becoming the work with the second highest viewership rating of Korean station tvN, only after Crash Landing on You.

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Thua Hoan Ky surpassed Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh was suffocated by Duong Tu

Hoa Tuyết15:18:40 15/04/2024
Having caused a fever over the past month, Trieu Le Dinh's Du Phuong Hanh finally met a formidable opponent, Thua Hoan Ky starring Duong Tu. The film has just aired and has achieved results beyond expectations.

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Queen Of Tears "kicked away" Goblin, becoming the highest rated drama in history

Diệu Anh11:08:16 15/04/2024
Episode 12 of Queen of Tears recorded the highest rating ever, reaching 20.9%, officially becoming the drama with the highest rating in tvN history.

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