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BigDaddy: "real teacher" Phao, HIEUTHUHAI, "loves back" ex-girlfriend Soobin Hoang Son

Bút Máy16:33:04 16/06/2024
BigDaddy is considered one of the most famous rappers in the Vietnamese entertainment industry today. His name is associated with famous hits such as Sunny Love, H.ot, Coming Home for Tet, Tell Me and especially Borrowing Wine to Confess.

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Bich Tram: Linh Ty's wife is famous for being stingy and doesn't give her m.oney to buy anything

Minh Lợi17:15:15 15/06/2024
Actress Bich Tram married colleague Linh Ty - the son of two famous Cai Luong artists. Overcoming a series of storms and scandals to come together, the couple now has a daughter.

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Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like "H'Hen Niê copy"

Thiên Di11:21:13 15/06/2024
Vu Hien Helen was once an outstanding contestant of Vietnam Idol 2023 with a rich, warm voice and unlimited changing style. Recently, she attracted attention when she decided to compete at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

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Do Huong Giang: Runner-up of The New Mentor, "nose lift of a lifetime", incredibly thin

Đức Trí16:36:05 14/06/2024
Do Thi Huong Giang (born 1999, Hanoi) is a freelance model, working in parallel in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Before pursuing a career in fashion, Huong Giang was a student majoring in Business English at Foreign Trade University.

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SGO48: The largest music group in Vietnam has Xuan Ca as a member, "sister" to AKB48

An Nhi13:25:46 14/06/2024
SGO48 is known as the group with the most members in Vietnam, because the number of members is up to 29. SGO48 is named after Saigon and is considered the Vietnamese version of the famous Japanese idol group AKB48. .

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Thanh Draw: Rapper Rap Viet season 1, "uncovering" the dark past of 16 Typh

Nguyễn Kim16:28:51 13/06/2024
Thanh Draw was a contestant on team Binz in season 1 of Rap Viet. With abundant energy and excellent rap skills, Thanh Draw was expected to become a bright factor in the Vietnamese rap industry.

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Lam Bich Tuyen: Being f.orced to marry and leaving home is now causing a fever at Miss Grand Vietnam

T.P16:23:03 13/06/2024
Lam Bich Tuyen, full name is Lam Thi Bich Tuyen, a beauty who is no longer a strange face to beauty fans. Conquered a series of domestic beauty contests such as Miss Vietnam 2018, Miss World Vietnam 2019

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Duong Hoang Phuc: Promising Bolero singer, installed car locator to track his girlfriend

Thảo Mai21:29:51 12/06/2024
Duong Hoang Phuc is a student of famous singer Ngoc Son and also a student of Duong Ngoc Thai. The male singer received attention from the 2019 Bolero Idol contest. After this contest, Duong Hoang Phuc appeared on many game shows.

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Tran Ngoc: VTV's coolest MC, perfect marriage, Dang Thu Ha's "real teacher"

Bút Bi15:09:25 12/06/2024
To have today's career, MC Tran Ngoc had to sacrifice his studies, skip scholarships to study abroad and many other opportunities. He is also known as the teacher of TikToker Dang Thu Ha.

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Nguyen Phuong Dien: Director of old films and a fulfilling marriage with his wife 23 years younger

Minh Lợi17:03:28 11/06/2024
Nguyen Phuong Dien is a prestigious director in the profession. He is respected by the producer as well as all actors in the profession for his serious and well-groomed way of working. He is the father of many famous films such as: Lightning in the Rain, Negative,...

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VSTRA (Hanh Ngan): Ex-girlfriend of rapper Obito, the "national baby" of the Vietnamese Indie village

An Nhi16:12:12 11/06/2024
VSTRA is considered a special breeze for the Vietnamese music market. Currently, as a musician, Hanh Ngan has composed more than 100 works and is a familiar face of many young people who love Indie music.

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Hung Huynh: Vietnamese trainee goes to China to take the exam, now bombing Brother Say Hi

Phúc Sen17:29:27 10/06/2024
Gemini Hung Huynh is a male star who is no longer too strange to Vietnamese audiences. Once made waves when she became a Vietnamese trainee at China's Asia Super Young show. Now he continues to bombard the music show Brother Say Hi.

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DatKaa: The owner of a series of hits with millions of views, the past is unloading, and he married unexpectedly at the age of 24

Uyển Đình13:32:05 10/06/2024
Although she has not been in the Vietnamese music industry for a long time, DatKaa is a cult name after the hit series Stop the Wound, Ha is still the king of the sun, The person with the wound, Afternoon captures her shadow,... along with millions of listens and ranked Top on domestic music charts...

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Vien Thu Huong: The singer was tricked out of singing to donate a house, a supercar, and was made a fan by Anh Tho

Trí Nhi14:35:15 09/06/2024
Thu Huong's real name is Vien Thi Huong, from Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa. The female lecturer and singer has loved music since childhood and is determined to pursue this path when she passed the exam at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

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NS Vu Phuong Khanh: U80 drives a motorbike 40km to work, lives hard, small house deteriorates

Pinky16:08:35 08/06/2024
Vu Phuong Khanh is a familiar singer of the Cai Luong stage. He used to be a member of the Da Ly Huong troupe, then worked in the Autumn Huong troupe with Hoai Thanh, Ngoc Huong...

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Ya Suy: the champion of Vietnam Idol is favored by My Tam, the scandal of leaving her c.hild is shocking

Bút Bi15:54:26 08/06/2024
At Vietnam Idol 2012, Yasuy was the winner but caused many mixed opinions of the public. Some people think that without My Tam's support, he would not have been able to win such a high a.ward.

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Mai Son: Divorced Kieu Linh after 12 years of marriage, praised by his ex-wife

JLO17:08:54 07/06/2024
Mai Son is an artist specializing in comedy. In terms of personal life, he used to have a happy life with his wife - actor Kieu Linh. However, after more than 10 years of marriage, the couple decided to go their separate ways, making the audience regret.

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Dang Thu Thao: Giving up the crown of HH Ocean, holding 100k to hug her c.hild and leaving her husband's house

Kim Lâm15:30:43 06/06/2024
Miss Ocean Dang Thu Thao is one of the beauties entangled in many noisy private lives that attract people's attention. From the queen giving up the crown and accusing her husband of having an affair during pregnancy, up to now, Dang Thu Thao's life has gradually become more stable and brighter.

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Trong Nghia: From singing to selling candy to being won by Quang Le - Dam Vinh Hung

Đình Như15:28:11 06/06/2024
Once fought by Quang Le and another singer, even scratching the noisy back, but Trong Nghia is still struggling. Many viewers felt sorry for this singer.

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Chi Dung: Male god of television, owns a villa like a castle, 2000m2 wide

T.P16:57:46 05/06/2024
Chi Dung is a TV actor who has long been no stranger to movie lovers. With passion and serious artistic activities, Chi Dung has made an impression on fans through a series of hit works.

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Lily Chen: Once rumored to be in love with a billionaire with Ngoc Trinh, an underground giant of Vbiz

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:22:47 05/06/2024
Lily Chen used to be a face that was mentioned a lot on social networks because of the suspicion of falling in love with a billionaire with Ngoc Trinh. She is known to the audience for her quite diverse activities in the roles of singer, actress, model...

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Pham Huyen Tram: NS Cai Luong has an adulterous husband, 12 years old just studied in grade 1

Trí Nhi17:10:31 04/06/2024
Pham Huyen Tram is a Cai Luong artist with a special voice, which has resonated and left a deep impression on the audience through many competitions. Few people know, she has a bad past with her husband's marriage.

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Dat Maniac: Eminem Rap Viet, King Of rap coach, was once criticized by students for cliché music

Bút Bi10:36:21 04/06/2024
Dat Maniac is a famous rapper in the underground community with the nickname speed ghost when he set a record for s.hooting rap about 170 words in 20 seconds. He used to coach the King Of Rap show alongside other veteran rappers such as Big Daddy, LK, Lil Shady.

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Do An: Le Thuy's husband, handsome in style, was once questioned by his wife

Bảo Nam16:38:28 03/06/2024
Do An is no stranger to the public. He and his wife - model Le Thuy have experienced many storms of public opinion because the audience thinks that the two are not compatible, accompanied by many false rumors about gender.

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