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Hoang Minh Hung: hotboy whose budding career ended because of love

Khánh Huyền14:25:24 25/02/2024
Hoang Minh Hung is a handsome, potential young TikToker, model, and actor. He is well known for his noisy love affair with transgender beauty Mym Tran.

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Mina Young: female streamer retired because she was labeled "green tea", becoming a singer

Vân Anh11:11:37 24/02/2024
Known as a streamer of SBTC Esports, Mina Young has now retired and pursued her passion for music. She is loved for her sweet, beautiful appearance and lovely, cheerful way of speaking.

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Vivek Dinodiya: Indian billionaire held a wedding ceremony in Ha Long, inviting all the super rich

Đình Như16:33:04 22/02/2024
The groom Vivek Dinodiya, introduced as an Indian billionaire, holds the position of Director of the global import-export company PL Global Impex Pte Ltd, the company that his father, veteran businessman Naresh Kumar Dinodiya, owns. Managing Director position.

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Minah Pham: The muse in Jack's new MV, looks exactly like Thien An

Bình Minh14:21:51 21/02/2024
Minah Pham was originally a h.ot teen, and was once considered to have the beauty of the most beautiful mixed-race angel in Korea, Nancy. Recently, she attracted attention when appearing in Jack's new MV.

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Phan Dang Nhat Minh: "Google boy", the most famous Olympia champion

Phi Đức07:44:25 20/02/2024
The most famous champion is named Phan Dang Nhat Minh (born 2000), the guy who is known as the Olympia champion with the most media attention. The young man is nicknamed Google b.oy because of his extensive knowledge in many fields.

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Zhou Xiaohan: Tiktoker famous for his uncle-nephew love story, now proposed by a beautiful man

Kim Lâm17:08:51 19/02/2024
Zhou Xiaohan is a h.ot name known by many young people for her sweet but regretful love affair with Uncle Qiang. At the end of a 4-year relationship, after 6 months of separation, she was recently proposed by her new boyfriend.

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Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating

Keng15:15:00 18/02/2024
Only 1.73 m tall, left-footed, can both score and assist, those factors combined with Lee Kang In's ability to dribble regularly help Lee Kang In be compared to the famous Lionel Messi.

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Dang Tran Ren: The god of Vbiz, a professional school b.oy, once fined for fighting

Châu Anh14:15:41 16/02/2024
Tran Ren, whose full name is Dang Tran Ren, is a h.ot b.oy, freelance actor of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. The 9x guy once took netizens by storm with his godly appearance, standard style and education of people's children.

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Nguyen Viet Hai: President Son Hai, son suspected of being in love with Miss Do Ha

Tuyết Ngọc16:57:17 11/02/2024
Son Hai is famous as the only infrastructure contractor in Vietnam with a 5 to 10 year quality warranty commitment. The success of this Group is associated with the important role of Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai, Chairman of the Group.

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Tiktoker Hang Nomad: Loving her stepson like a biological c.hild, used to help Quang Linh

Minh Lợi11:03:53 10/02/2024
Nguyen Thi Thai Hang - also known as TikToker Hang Nomad, is one of the famous girls on the social network TikTok, mainly reviewing nomadic life in tourist destinations in China, Chinese specialties.

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Streamer Mimosa: son of Chu Hung, mercifully said goodbye to his father on 28 Tet

Phong Trần12:20:25 08/02/2024
Mimosa is known as a popular streamer, he is loved for his professional gameplay on livestream and interesting personality in real life. Few people know, he is also the son of the famous artist Zhou Hung - The Judge's Son.

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Ngo Hanh: Container pink shade causes social fever, not used to being scrutinized too much

Snow15:04:53 04/02/2024
Ngo Hanh is known as a TikToker with the nickname Container pink ball that is famous all over social media. No one thought that a petite g.irl like Hanh could drive a car weighing tens of tons.

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Hoang Hoa Trung: leader of the Raising Children project, dedicated his life to doing kind things

Phương Thảo07:54:26 03/02/2024
Charmed with volunteer work since the age of 17, Hoang Hoa Trung has led a series of meaningful humanitarian projects named after him, becoming a typical example for many young people across Vietnam.

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Doan Van Phuong: The "big man" of FLC has just been arrested, once married to a wife who is 19 years younger

Uyển Đình16:01:54 02/02/2024
Mr. Doan Van Phuong holds many responsibilities at FLC ecosystem. Not only did he get attention from his famous marriage to the 19-year-old beauty queen, but also because of the legal issues he was facing.

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Gong Linna's son - Chi Pu's favorite singer Pedal the wind: Hybrid singer, no hustle

Bảo Nam14:24:48 01/02/2024
Gong Linnan married 1 German musician and gave birth to two sons with excellent looks. However, compared to the eldest b.oy, Gong Linna's 2nd son received more attention due to his handsome, gentle and warm appearance.

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Do Dat: From country b.oy to TikToker with tens of millions of views, married at the age of 22

Phượng Vũ09:45:22 31/01/2024
Do Dat is known as a famous content creator on social networks. This guy has surpassed a series of big names in Vietnamese showbiz, bringing in hundreds of millions of likes on the TikTok platform.

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Lam Minh: Decao's wife, model and fashionista with excellent fashion sense

Phong Trần10:22:41 30/01/2024
Lam Minh, Decao's wife, is known for her surreally beautiful face and figure. Even though she is a mother of one c.hild, every time she posts a photo, the online community has to praise her for her outstanding beauty.

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Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat: Muay Viet's 'solitary pursuit of defeat', breaking martial arts rules for love

Châu Anh16:31:16 29/01/2024
Nguyen Tran Duy Nhat is a famous Muay fighter, known to many people. He has participated and won many martial arts events at home and abroad. He is considered one of the most qualified martial artists in Vietnam.

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Billionaire owns 50% of Miss Universe: From g.ambling king to recognized by the Mexican Senate

Keng13:02:14 28/01/2024
After the news that billionaire Raúl Rocha Cantú's Legacy Holding company acquired 50% of the shares in the company that owns Miss Universe, the identity of the powerful man immediately sparked curiosity among beauty fans.

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Kim Nguyen Bao: You hosted Luong Thuy Linh's "huge" profile at the WeChoice Awards

Tuyết Ngọc07:50:28 27/01/2024
Kim Nguyen Bao has a rather strange voice, and his appearance is not too eye-catching compared to the average, but for some reason he is quite famous and was chosen by the organizers of a big event to send gold.

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Huyen Nguyen: Quit aviation career, switched to being a TikToker attracting millions of views

Phi Yến10:42:39 26/01/2024
Huyen Nguyen is known as a TikToker with hundreds of thousands of followers, famous for her video clips of turning swimsuits into super h.ot party outfits for women who don't know what to wear today.

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Writer Gao: "sister x" in the legend, has a lot of anti fans, what now?

Khánh Huyền07:23:41 25/01/2024
Writer Gao, a notorious writer number 1 in the hearts of young readers in recent years. She was involved in a series of scandals about m.oney, attitude, and personal love affairs. After many events, the female writer had many changes in her personality.

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Robin Shin: Secret background, handsome Korean husband of tiktoker Huong Noi

Kim Lâm14:14:12 24/01/2024
Robin Shin is known to netizens as a handsome Korean guy with a series of TikTok clips with humorous content. Recently, Robin was also mentioned when holding a wedding with tiktoker Huong Noi.

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Lee Myung Hee - Samsung's youngest daughter: Her difficult mother-in-law makes Go Hyun Jung angry

Minh Lợi16:40:37 23/01/2024
President Lee Myung Hee, owner of Shinsegae, is not a strange businesswoman to Koreans. In addition, she is also known as a difficult mother-in-law who does not accept her daughter-in-law, actress Go Hyun Jung.

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