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Miss World 2023 candidate: Speaking 5 languages, 2 master's degrees, Mai Phuong is hard to compare

Đình Như11:56:01 29/02/2024
At the Miss World 2023 race - Miss World, beauty Camila Pinzón - representative from Colombia is being highly appreciated. She impresses with her good education and many meaningful volunteer projects.

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Miss Universe boss denies the content in the closed meeting clip: Everything has been edited

Hoàng Trang10:02:49 29/02/2024
According to transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - president of the Miss Universe pageant, the videos recording the closed meetings of the Miss Universe organizing committee that are being spread on social networks have been edited and cut. combined with bad intentions.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong's voice is hoarse, her talent is unstable, the president shows her attitude

T.P07:07:10 29/02/2024
Miss Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong has just had the latest updates on the 71st Miss World contest, which is taking place in India. Accordingly, she said she did not do well in the talent competition and regretted that there was a health problem.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong changed her strategy for the final leg, her position was predicted to be suspicious

Hướng Dương14:31:39 28/02/2024
The journey to conquer the Miss World 2023 crown of more than 100 girls is entering the sprint phase. Representative of Vietnam - Miss Mai Phuong made the decision to change her appearance in this final stage.

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The "fat" Miss Universe has a spectacular transformation, her curves scorching all eyes

Tuyết Ngọc17:19:03 27/02/2024
After gaining weight rapidly, Miss Universe 2021 was criticized by many people, even demanding that her crown be taken away. Up to now, the beauty has regained her past b.ody shape.

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Miss World: The next g.irl in the Top 40 is revealed, the real "warrior" is here!

Hoa Tuyết09:53:45 27/02/2024
After announcing the beauties in the Top 5 Head to Head who won the final Top 40, the organizers of Miss World 2023 continued to release the profile of the 6th g.irl to appear on this list!

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Miss World: Mai Phuong is clearly favored, taking the lead, Vietnam happily celebrates

Trí Nhi09:30:49 27/02/2024
Mai Phuong is taking the spotlight at the 71st Miss World, recently continuing to win the hearts of the organizers, sitting at the top of the poster introducing the pageant's website. The Vietnamese runner-up flower arrangement at home immediately flooded in and created waves.

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The reigning Miss World "asked for help" from Do Long, Quan Nguyen - Pu Le in the final night

Mẫn Nhi15:14:51 26/02/2024
The reigning Miss World - Karolina Bielawska is preparing for her final walk after 3 years of wearing the crown. In particular, the people who will help her shine on this final night are the wizard couple Quan Nguyen - Pu Le and designer Do Long from Vietnam.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong is expected to be crowned, fans are worried because of this!

Hoàng Phúc11:58:18 26/02/2024
After finishing the Sports Beauty contest, the girls at the Miss World 2023 contest had a visit to the doctors and nurses of the Indian army. This event is considered quite important to help beauties have more real-life experiences.

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Miss World 2024: How amazing are the 3 African beauties who conquered the profile contest?

Bảo Nam18:27:29 25/02/2024
Currently, the African region is shining brighter than ever at the 71st Miss World when there are 3 beauties registered in the Top 5 Head to Head Challenge and won priority tickets to enter the Top 40. .

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Miss Universe leaked a private meeting, many secrets were revealed, causing intense controversy

Thiên Di15:48:41 24/02/2024
In recent days, a series of scandals related to Miss Universe have caused the reputation of the most attractive and prestigious beauty contest on the planet to decline. Recently, a series of shocking information in a closed meeting was leaked, causing even more controversy.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong had a health problem, Miss West Africa was supported to be crowned

Minh Lợi13:30:53 24/02/2024
After more than 4 days of participating in outside viewing and experiencing activities, all contestants officially started the race with a presentation about a charity project.

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Miss World is the only one in Southeast Asia, holding the title of most beautiful beauty queen in the world

Phi Yến15:01:48 23/02/2024
Up to now, for more than seven decades, Southeast Asia has had only one representative crowned Miss World. That g.irl is Megan Young from the Philippines.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong received a series of great news, reaching the top 25 important competitions

Keng12:03:38 23/02/2024
On the evening of February 22, Miss World organizers officially announced the list of Top 25 of the Head to Head Challenge. Vietnam representative - Mai Phuong is also on this list.

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Miss World: Mai Phuong gave a feverish English presentation and still went out to meet acquaintances

JLO10:06:16 22/02/2024
The Miss World contest - Miss World 2023 - is entering a dramatic phase in India. Recently, the famous beauty site Missosology released a prediction table for the largest beauty contest on the planet.

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Miss World: R.evealing the "thousand-blooded" warrior who overwhelmed Mai Phuong in the 2023 season

Hoa Tuyết07:34:19 22/02/2024
The race to compete for the noble crown of Miss World 2023 has officially begun. Mai Phuong entered the game quite well, but if she wants to conquer the top position, she must overcome these walls!

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Miss World: A beauty queen misread it as Miss Grand, Mai Phuong confidently shouted VN

Đình Như10:18:30 21/02/2024
On the evening of February 20, the welcome party of Miss World 2023 took place at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, India with the participation of 114 contestants. The event was hosted by Miss World 2021 - Karolina Bielawska and former Miss World 2018 - Vanessa Ponce.

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Miss World 2019 is only 1m67 tall, height is not a barrier for Mai Phuong!

Vân Anh08:14:14 21/02/2024
Defeating all anti-fan criticism, it can be firmly affirmed that height will not be a barrier, making it difficult for Miss Mai Phuong to reach the Miss World 2024 crown. Because in 2019, the beauty is only 1m67 tall. was crowned.

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The former president of Miss Universe sued the transgender female billionaire, denying the news of buying and selling the prize

JLO14:21:05 20/02/2024
Recently, on her personal page, Ms. Paula Shugart - former President of Miss Universe suddenly posted a long article about the conflict with transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip - Miss Universe's owner, surprising many people.

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Miss World 2023: Czech blonde angel revealed, beauty "crushes" Mai Phuong

Thiên Di11:08:28 20/02/2024
Krystyna Pyszková - representative from the Czech Republic is one of the notable names at Miss World 2023. With her outstanding height and angelic beauty with blonde hair, she is predicted to be a strong candidate. for this year's crown.

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Miss World: Laos representative skipped the competition at the last minute, Mai Phuong lost one less opponent

Snow14:41:08 19/02/2024
The beauty from Laos - Phonevilai Luanglath will not represent her home country in Miss World - Miss World 2023. This sash will return to the largest beauty arena on the planet next year.

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Miss World: Mai Fang dressed badly but diplomatically, roommate surpassed?

Bảo Nam11:36:28 19/02/2024
After a long wait, on the evening of February 16, Miss Mai Phuong officially left for India to f.ight at the Miss World contest. On her personal page, Mai Phuong updated the series of activities on the first day.

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Miss World: Appearing a new contestant in grade 10, Mai Phuong is afraid of Miss Host

Đình Như15:00:45 18/02/2024
The largest beauty festival on the planet The 71st Miss World is heating up. Many of the contestants made their way to India to participate in this competition. The representative of Vietnam, Miss Mai Phuong was also present.

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Miss Universe Thailand prefers hybrid beauty, choosing a miss with many bloodlines

Phi Đức13:23:28 17/02/2024
Over the years, the beauties sent by Miss Universe Thailand to the world are mostly beauties with many bloods, mixed between Thai and European. It can be seen that this country has a clear preference for hybrid beauty, different from Vietnam.

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