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Nam Anh accused Nam Em's boyfriend of isolating his sister and asked the community to help his family

Pinky11:38:11 29/02/2024
Nam Em's twin sister - beauty Nam Anh - has just made a move that has caused confusion in public opinion, when she suddenly denounced businessman Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's boyfriend, as a scheming person, isolating all relationships. his sister's lineage.

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Nam's husband told me shamelessly on livestream, when the gangster called, he didn't dare answer the phone

Phương Thảo10:43:52 29/02/2024
In recent days, perhaps the loud and controversial statements of Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé - have unintentionally touched many subjects. Among them, many seniors and seniors spoke up to correct Mr. Cuong's appearance.

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The boyfriend talked about Nam Em's health condition and the meeting with the Department, hoping for one thing

Nguyễn Tuyết09:40:41 29/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em's boyfriend and representative shared the current health status of the beauty queen on her personal page. At the same time, the beauty's next working session with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City was revealed.

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Nam Em's husband had his car covered in thick dust, and fans criticized him: The rented car hadn't been washed yet!

Thanh Phúc08:49:21 29/02/2024
Businessman Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé has just been exposed to embarrassing details at a meeting with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, he was caught driving a luxurious black car, but it was covered in dust and sticky, unlike anyone else.

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Hari Won revealed the reason why he talked nonsense for 11 years: The reason came from Tran Thanh

Hoàng Trang07:30:36 29/02/2024
When asked about the fact that even though he has lived in Vietnam for 11 years, he still talks nonsense, Hari Won did not hesitate to call Tran Thanh's name, making people think that the male MC is the source of everything.

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Nha Phuong "patted" Nam Em's face and "reminded" Truong Giang of one thing when someone was hospitalized

Bảo Nam07:12:31 29/02/2024
On her personal page, Nha Phuong just posted sweet pictures with Truong Giang. She jokingly called her husband "where is my good and beautiful husband?" while Truong Giang gently hugged his wife or shyly huddled behind her.

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Tran Thanh is the next "victim" of Nam Em, accusing the movie Mai of causing psychological impact

Uyển Đình06:49:08 29/02/2024
Nam Em is a h.ot name on social networks. Her series of statements during this time made public opinion restless. During a livestream, Nam Em suddenly mentioned Tran Thanh and said that it was because he watched the movie that he directed that the livestream was so chaotic.

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Nam Em's husband was mentioned by his name and praised by junior gangster Hai Banh as 'most brave' on TikTok!

Vân Anh16:55:31 28/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em's fiancé has made many statements that have attracted attention. Many people must think that he is really a famous person when he constantly mentions his name and clashes with many prominent people.

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Nam Em was hospitalized on the way to work at the Department of Information and Communications, netizen: "Is it a trick?"

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:19:49 28/02/2024
On February 28, Nam Em had a meeting with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City regarding the statements on this beauty's livestream. However, her absence caused many people to discuss. It was known that Nam Em had been hospitalized before for health reasons.

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Nam Em was absent on the day of reporting to the Department of Information and Communications, and her fiancé appeared on her behalf

Châu Anh15:11:58 28/02/2024
During the meeting with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City on the morning of February 28, Nam Em was said to be absent. Instead, businessman Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's fiancé - drove to the Information and Communications Department to present himself.

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Nguyen Tran Trung Quan has a deformed face and distorted mouth: Caused by nerve paralysis

Đông Nguyên14:44:56 28/02/2024
Luckily, he received timely emergency treatment and singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan's health and spirit have become more stable. It is known that he suffered from paralysis of the 7th nerve, leading to a distorted mouth.

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Nha Phuong announced her affair, "tormenting" her husband while Nam Em was causing chaos

Châu Anh14:30:21 28/02/2024
After many days, social networks exploded with Nam Em's statements, especially about past love affairs, causing netizens to call Truong Giang's name. Recently, people dug up a comment by Nha Phuong when talking about a.dultery.

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Nam Em was given a gift of billions of dollars by a rich man in the US while he was having trouble with his fiancé

Hoàng Phúc14:22:08 28/02/2024
After many incidents, Nam Em livestreamed singing with the audience again. Recently, the beauty queen was also given a billion dollar gift by an anonymous rich man while doing a PK with another tiktoker.

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Nam Em was shunned by close sisters and was not invited to important parties

Tuyết Ngọc13:37:07 28/02/2024
Nam Em and Que Van's duel match once caused a stir in showbiz, but after that time the sisters no longer livestreamed together. Even the 1996 beauty was not invited by her partner for her birthday.

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Jaykii and his wife Mai Anh 'f.ight' a restaurant owner in China, arrogantly causing anger among fans

Thanh Phúc11:37:22 28/02/2024
The couple of singer Jaykii and his wife, h.ot g.irl Mai Anh, are making people stir when a clip was suddenly leaked of the two of them having an intense war of words with a Chinese restaurant owner while traveling here. The couple's attitude is causing intense controversy.

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Trang Khan felt sorry for Nam Em because she met her husband-to-be and advised her to go to the mountains to practice

Khánh Huyền11:32:46 28/02/2024
Trang Khan has extremely harsh and harsh statements about her boyfriend Nam Em. She thinks that he is adding fuel to the fire, constantly going online to talk about relationships and pretending to be netizens, but in reality he is not helping his girlfriend at all.

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Minh Trieu - Ky Duyen broke up, Vu Thu Phuong was criticized for her 'eye-catching' statement

Đức Trí10:17:23 28/02/2024
Ky Duyen - Minh Trieu are making netizens cry at the same time, when the news that they have officially gone their separate ways after 5 years of being together is spreading on social networks. Immediately, Vu Thu Phuong's old statement made waves again.

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Nam Em suddenly felt nauseous on the livestream, suspecting there was "good news" with her fiancé?

Kim Lâm09:40:03 28/02/2024
Information about Nam Em is still the focus of many people's interest. Recently, her strange health behavior during the livestream was recently discussed by many people when she showed signs of unusual vomiting.

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Doan Quoc Dam did not hold back and objected harshly when fans criticized "Peach, Pho and Piano" as unreasonable.

Đức Trí09:35:59 28/02/2024
The male lead of Dao, Pho and Piano, Doan Quoc Dam, just made people stir when he had an extremely tense response to a series of comments that unreasonably criticized the movie in which he participated. It can be seen that he is doing his best to protect the film while it is being released in theaters.

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Beautiful lady is preparing for season 2, Dong Nhi - Bao Thy will face off, will My Tam appear?

Bảo Nam08:11:29 28/02/2024
Recently, on the fanpage of the show Beautiful Sister, Ride the Wind Turn the Wave, there was a post announcing the production of season 2 in 2024. Immediately, the post received a lot of attention and discussion comments. buzz from netizens.

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Nam Em and her sister reenacted the chaotic scene in front of their house, and fans realized something

Bình Minh07:34:29 28/02/2024
After Nam Em's livestream about the incident where a group of strangers came to her house to provoke and quarrel with her fiancé was widely spread, the authorities got involved and got the information.

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Le Quyen shares her philosophy when being compared to dressing like Phu Le, like superhero gao

Vân Anh15:06:48 27/02/2024
Recently, Le Quyen has been continuously dissected by the online community for her strange, unfashionable fashion style, and has even been compared to the style of cyber gangster Phu Le.

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Nam Em twice made Que Van "spray glue" on livestream, is sisterly love sure to last?

Bình Minh11:33:35 27/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em - Que Van's showbiz-friendly duo has attracted great attention from netizens. But the two don't seem to have an agreement, causing a half-laughing situation to arise.

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Khanh My once rejected Truong Giang, but is passionately in love with her ex-husband Le Quyen?

Mẫn Nhi11:23:48 27/02/2024
In recent days, social networks have been buzzing because of the story of Nam Em constantly repeating the noise of his past love affair with Truong Giang. Khanh My was also mentioned because she once revealed that she refused to love Truong Giang. The beauty is also suspected of dating her ex-husband Le Quyen.

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