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Le Bong "transforms" spectacularly, from a scandalous TikToker to the female lead of a "golden hour" movie.

Phong Trần11:35:35 29/02/2024
The h.ot g.irl who used to have many scandals has now changed dramatically, not only is she a TV station editor, but now she has even become the main actress in a primetime movie.

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Team Quang Linh admitted new members and was offered a piece of land but refused

Hoàng Phúc10:33:01 29/02/2024
Loved by many people and given valuable gifts, Quang Linh Vlog repeatedly refused. Recently, he was given a piece of land. However, he did not want to receive this gift for free, and even paid a price for the land higher than the market price.

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Quang Ninh: Going to a bar to f.ight and then brutally 'k.illing', the suspect went to the mountains to hide for 3 days

Trí Nhi10:01:47 29/02/2024
The incident in the city. Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province is shocking people across the country. A young man at a bar attacked someone just because of a conflict over playing and listening to music. Hiding in the mountains for 3 days, he was finally caught.

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Quynh Truong: studied IT, became a H.ot TikToker, bought a car at the age of 22 thanks to eating

Phong Trần07:40:07 29/02/2024
TikToker Quynh Truong is also known as the mukbang fairy because not only is she beautiful, she also makes many people hungry online because she eats so deliciously, neatly and beautifully.

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Find out the identity of the person behind it, turning the 80-year-old woman into a feverish princess

Bình Minh07:36:36 29/02/2024
The g.irl, with her divine makeup talent, transformed a 72-year-old woman into a princess, leaving viewers stunned. Not only that, this makeup artist also helped many others change their hair.

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Police and ward officials conduct a surprise inspection at the movie theater "Mai"

Phương Thảo17:22:05 28/02/2024
Recently, on social networks, a video of authorities suddenly entering the theater to check the age of audiences watching the movie Mai - a work labeled T18 (for audiences over 18 years old) was spread.

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Shifting - extremely h.ot shifting trend on TikTok, incredibly dangerous

Khánh Huyền17:07:55 28/02/2024
Recently, the social network TikTok suddenly emerged with a strange new trend called shifting. This trend has attracted tens of billions of views on the TikTok platform from different hashtags.

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Hot Tiktoker has a life like 'tearing stories' out, causing controversy because of his strange hobby

Mẫn Nhi16:53:08 28/02/2024
The online community in general and TikTok users know Pun Pun because of her daily life videos as well as her hobby of collecting Lolita fashion. Pun Pun in real life is truly a real lady, with real prices.

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Hot KOLs

Ninh Anh Bui - "Lovely sound": h.ot on TikTok thanks to a love story more beautiful than the movie

Mẫn Nhi16:20:16 28/02/2024
Ninh Anh Bui and Nguyen Tung Duong are a couple that has recently become h.ot as an ideology on social networks, especially the TikTok platform. The two have been together for 10 years, and the couple's simple, no-fuss love story makes people extremely love it.

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Nemo page is "disgusted" by the prison sentence, r.evealing a "accusation" of lying about pregnancy

Uyển Đình15:49:24 28/02/2024
The news that Trang Nemo had her application for postponement rejected by the court and had to serve 9 months in prison has received a lot of attention. During this time, her actions on social networks were also quickly noticed by netizens.

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Viet Phuong Thoa's face was deformed because the filler injection was switched to silicon, and had to have urgent surgery

Thảo Mai15:45:12 28/02/2024
On her personal tiktok page, Viet Phuong Thoa recently revealed an image of her face deformed due to the wrong filler injection. She said she was going through a difficult time because she was switched to silicone injections 6 years ago.

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The famous "hot photo girl" appears after being hidden, her current appearance is surprising

Snow15:20:48 28/02/2024
Hot g.irl whose ID photo caused a stir on social networks for a while - Pham Hoang Chau Anh has just reappeared after a long time in hiding. The figure of the mother of one makes everyone admire her because she is so attractive.

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Mrs. Nhan had a friendly meal with Doctor Thinh, resolving misunderstandings and suspicions and trying to create drama

Bảo Nam14:58:44 28/02/2024
Recently, on her personal page, Ms. Nhan Vlog posted a clip recording the moment she and her husband sat down to an intimate meal with doctor Cao Huu Thinh. She apologized and revealed who helped her get pregnant.

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The mukbang fairy "hinted" at the h.ot g.irl plagiarism, attracting more than 11 thousand followers

Phi Đức14:48:19 28/02/2024
Recently, the online community was abuzz about the mukbang fairy having her style copied by a new TikToker as her content. Quynh Truong also made a move to mention the g.irl studying under him.

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Hoang Nguyen Vu 'punched and rubbed' Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai

Trí Nhi14:44:24 28/02/2024
Regarding the explanation of the name of the character Trung Duong, played by actor Tuan Tran in the movie Mai, journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu recently had a post that attracted a lot of attention, both defending and full of Tran Thanh's sarcasm.

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Quyen Linh's daughter "joined" the brand-loving club: Not afraid to "spend m.oney like rain"

Đông Nguyên13:51:59 28/02/2024
A series of moments showing off branded goods of Cinderella - Quyen Linh's eldest daughter - is receiving a lot of attention. Everyone was surprised at the "huge" amount of m.oney that Cinderella did not hesitate to spend.

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Hot news

Vung Tau: The crane broke its cable and collapsed, a motorcyclist had to "leave" right at the bridge

Hương Duy16:18:03 28/02/2024
Vung Tau City authorities mobilized people and vehicles to the scene to investigate the cause of the crane cable break, as well as regulate traffic congestion.

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Trang Nemo received a notice of e.xecution of the prison sentence, which was delayed for the reason of pregnancy

An Nhi15:32:45 27/02/2024
After delaying the 9-month prison sentence, on February 26, Trang Nemo received notice of the e.xecution of the prison sentence decision from the court. Previously, the reason Trang Nemo gave to request a postponement of her prison sentence was due to pregnancy.

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The case of a f.emale s.tudent texting for help and then going missing: Her lover was detained in criminal custody

Tuyết Ngọc15:15:04 27/02/2024
After the f.emale s.tudent sent a text message to ask for help from her family, then lost contact and was found, the authorities decided to criminally detain a 20-year-old man for investigation.

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Violating speed, passenger cars repeatedly crashed into traffic police patrol cars to escape

Mẫn Nhi13:52:23 26/02/2024
Not only did they run away after seeing the authorities signal to stop the vehicle, the driver of the contract passenger car also crashed into the rear of a specialized traffic police vehicle many times, causing damage to the vehicle.

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Caught a couple red-handed buying and selling banned substances, scheming and leading the ring

Gia Nhi10:39:13 26/02/2024
Lam Dong Provincial Police have just issued an urgent arrest decision for a couple involved in buying, selling and possessing banned substances. The two's tricks of scheming and circumventing the law were revealed.

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An Giang: Injuring a police officer with fire, 5 family members pay the price

Tuyết Ngọc16:41:01 25/02/2024
Five people in a family in An Giang attacked the authorities and workers because they did not agree with the construction of the bridge. As a result, the whole family received a total sentence of more than 10 years in prison.

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The owner of Tan Hiep Phat was accused of appropriating more than 1,000 billion from lending activities

Hương Duy19:25:51 24/02/2024
According to additional investigation, Mr. Truong Qui Thanh (Chairman of Tan Hiep Phat Group) and his two daughters continued to be accused of taking advantage of loans to appropriate projects and dozens of other plots of land.

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A fabric warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City caught fire at night, a resident jogging reported the fire

Tuyết Ngọc14:42:41 24/02/2024
The fabric warehouse on the way to area 4-5 (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) suddenly caught fire at night. Upon discovering the incident, a nearby resident immediately jogged to notify the authorities.

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Hot trend

The noodle shop in the movie Mai 'broke its nest' because of the large number of customers, reaching a record for the first time in 40 years

Phúc Sen15:58:12 28/02/2024
Thanks to the influence of the movie Mai, the noodle shop appearing in the movie quickly attracted a huge number of customers. Selling more than a hundred bowls every day, the service was so tiring that the shop owner was surprised and couldn't believe it was true.

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The criminal who robbed a bank sang loudly and turned out to be a hotgirl. Challenge the comedian

Thiên Di07:00:38 28/02/2024
A clip of a female prisoner duetting with singer Thu Hang recently caused a fever on social networks. After that, netizens searched for the identity of the female prisoner and suddenly learned that this g.irl had made an impression when participating in the Comedian Challenge before.

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Dr. Doan Huong's controversial statement about Buddhism: Many monks spoke up

Hương Duy17:32:54 27/02/2024
Dr. Doan Huong's statements about monks are receiving many mixed opinions from public opinion. Currently, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ho Chi Minh City is recording opinions to make recommendations to the authorities.

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The beauty salon director tolerated the "little tam" to harm the "main family", the community was indignant

Nguyễn Tuyết16:37:17 27/02/2024
Social networks were abuzz with the incident of an account posting an article accusing her husband of having an affair with a female colleague at work. Worth mentioning, this man was promiscuous with not only 1 but 2 people.

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The bride worked hard to wash the dishes after the wedding, netizens were angry with her mother-in-law's concept

Phương Thảo15:52:16 27/02/2024
A clip of a bride at her own wedding washing dishes has attracted the attention of netizens. Many controversial comments about this incident have erupted.

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Doctor working in the psychiatric department for 30 years: Tells the story of being hit by a patient

Nhật Duy15:40:03 27/02/2024
Doctor Nguyen Tien Hung - Head of the Men's Acute Department of Ha Tinh Psychiatric Hospital is a person who has 30 years in the profession of treating mental patients. During his years of work, he was attacked by patients many times.

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The young man Nung married a beautiful wife like a beauty queen and asked her to sleep with him the same night

Hoa Tuyết16:56:03 26/02/2024
Taking the initiative to offer the h.ot g.irl a night's sleep, the Nung ethnic b.oy unexpectedly became a couple. Not long after getting married, we encountered countless storms. The current life makes many people admire.

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Terrified, the husband plots to harm his wife every day, the truth is revealed through a hidden camera

Gia Nhi15:28:52 26/02/2024
The incident is making the online community shocked and scared by the seriousness of the story. The husband's p.oisoning behavior was handled and clarified by the authorities thanks to the hidden camera installation.

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Famous people

Nguyen Minh Quoc Nam: The dramatic fate of the only son of People's Artist Minh Vuong

Kim Lâm11:49:48 28/02/2024
Nguyen Minh Quoc Nam is the first son of People's Artist Minh Vuong and pregnant woman Thu, and is also the only son of the Cai Luong prince. Quoc Nam is also a secretive tycoon, holding hundreds of billions of dong.

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Cu Toi: Holy music parody was once top 1 in Vietnam, but was surpassed and had to sadly sell the channel

Phúc Sen16:38:42 27/02/2024
The music saint Cu Toi is an early youtuber who followed the trend of covering hit songs with a style of parodying lyrics, which was once extremely loved by Vietnamese youth. However, the glory soon faded for him, when he could not survive and had to sell the channel.

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N.Zahan: TikToker's age-hacked appearance, some international fans are still self-conscious about their appearance

Tuyết Ngọc20:28:43 26/02/2024
Not only is he of interest to young people in Vietnam, but N.Zahan is also noticed by international friends. Even though she is still very young, this 10X g.irl already has a huge number of followers.

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Hoang Minh Hung: hotboy whose budding career ended because of love

Khánh Huyền14:25:24 25/02/2024
Hoang Minh Hung is a handsome, potential young TikToker, model, and actor. He is well known for his noisy love affair with transgender beauty Mym Tran.

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Mina Young: female streamer retired because she was labeled "green tea", becoming a singer

Vân Anh11:11:37 24/02/2024
Known as a streamer of SBTC Esports, Mina Young has now retired and pursued her passion for music. She is loved for her sweet, beautiful appearance and lovely, cheerful way of speaking.

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Nguyen Sin: From an unarmed knight catching robbers to a philandering character with a terrible family background

Thiên Di14:33:58 23/02/2024
Nguyen Sin is a character that attracts a lot of attention from people on social networks. Before constantly getting involved in scandals and noise on social networks, Nguyen Sin was once mentioned as an unarmed street knight who caught robbers in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Vivek Dinodiya: Indian billionaire held a wedding ceremony in Ha Long, inviting all the super rich

Đình Như16:33:04 22/02/2024
The groom Vivek Dinodiya, introduced as an Indian billionaire, holds the position of Director of the global import-export company PL Global Impex Pte Ltd, the company that his father, veteran businessman Naresh Kumar Dinodiya, owns. Managing Director position.

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Minah Pham: The muse in Jack's new MV, looks exactly like Thien An

Bình Minh14:21:51 21/02/2024
Minah Pham was originally a h.ot teen, and was once considered to have the beauty of the most beautiful mixed-race angel in Korea, Nancy. Recently, she attracted attention when appearing in Jack's new MV.

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Wonderful world

ALS - The disease "took" the life of the "Captain Marvel" actor at the age of 49

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:00:10 27/02/2024
After 5 years of fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Captain Marvel actor Kenneth Mitchell passed away on February 24. Many friends and relatives expressed their condolences to the actor.

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Traffic violations in the past: Being severely punished by the king, even the prince had a hard time escaping!

JLO16:36:37 26/02/2024
The laws in feudal law all delineate different behaviors that pose a risk of harming the community when participating in traffic and are accompanied by sanctions depending on the level of violation.

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The 1,000-ton ghost ship is still floating at sea, suddenly appearing and disappearing for 4 decades

Minh Lợi13:14:22 25/02/2024
After being completed by a shipbuilding company in Sweden in 1914, the ship named Baychimo powered by a steam engine became a means of transporting goods and passengers...

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Decoding the mystery of the most powerful and luxurious 8-person palanquin in ancient times

Hoa Tuyết18:51:47 24/02/2024
During important ceremonies in ancient times, using a palanquin with 8 people to carry it was considered the most solemn and luxurious ritual. But few people know that behind this unique means hides a big secret.

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The service of "reviving" the deceased is popular in China, causing heated controversy

Minh Ngọc09:26:47 23/02/2024
The cost is not high, and that way it can help the deceased revive again. Despite some controversy, this service is still very popular in China.

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Sun Wukong in Journey to the West turns out to be real, but is he scheming to harm Tang Monk?

An Nhi16:41:38 22/02/2024
Journey to the West is one of the four great Chinese masterpieces, composed by Ngo Thua An. If the image of Tang Tang was literaryized from the real historical figure, the magician Xuanzang, then the prototype of the character Sun Wukong is still mysterious and controversial.

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How dangerous is the bipolar disorder that Nam Em once suffered from, which made her depressed?

Đình Như16:40:00 21/02/2024
Nam Em once shared that he suffered from extremely dangerous bipolar disorder. Symptoms of people with this condition are alternating depression and mania. So what is this disease? Is there any way to prevent it?

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Empress Dowager Cixi uses something on the altar to nourish her beauty, which is not strange

Hướng Dương18:21:24 20/02/2024
Before her d.eath, Tu Hi still maintained her smooth skin, shiny face, and teeth that had not fallen out thanks to extremely luxurious beauty secrets. Her favorite dish has countless uses but is not difficult to prepare.

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