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Find out the identity of the person behind it, turning the 80-year-old woman into a feverish princess

Bình Minh07:36:36 29/02/2024
The g.irl, with her divine makeup talent, transformed a 72-year-old woman into a princess, leaving viewers stunned. Not only that, this makeup artist also helped many others change their hair.

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The noodle shop in the movie Mai 'broke its nest' because of the large number of customers, reaching a record for the first time in 40 years

Phúc Sen15:58:12 28/02/2024
Thanks to the influence of the movie Mai, the noodle shop appearing in the movie quickly attracted a huge number of customers. Selling more than a hundred bowls every day, the service was so tiring that the shop owner was surprised and couldn't believe it was true.

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Dr. Doan Huong's controversial statement about Buddhism: Many monks spoke up

Hương Duy17:32:54 27/02/2024
Dr. Doan Huong's statements about monks are receiving many mixed opinions from public opinion. Currently, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ho Chi Minh City is recording opinions to make recommendations to the authorities.

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The beauty salon director tolerated the "little tam" to harm the "main family", the community was indignant

Nguyễn Tuyết16:37:17 27/02/2024
Social networks were abuzz with the incident of an account posting an article accusing her husband of having an affair with a female colleague at work. Worth mentioning, this man was promiscuous with not only 1 but 2 people.

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The bride worked hard to wash the dishes after the wedding, netizens were angry with her mother-in-law's concept

Phương Thảo15:52:16 27/02/2024
A clip of a bride at her own wedding washing dishes has attracted the attention of netizens. Many controversial comments about this incident have erupted.

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Doctor working in the psychiatric department for 30 years: Tells the story of being hit by a patient

Nhật Duy15:40:03 27/02/2024
Doctor Nguyen Tien Hung - Head of the Men's Acute Department of Ha Tinh Psychiatric Hospital is a person who has 30 years in the profession of treating mental patients. During his years of work, he was attacked by patients many times.

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The young man Nung married a beautiful wife like a beauty queen and asked her to sleep with him the same night

Hoa Tuyết16:56:03 26/02/2024
Taking the initiative to offer the h.ot g.irl a night's sleep, the Nung ethnic b.oy unexpectedly became a couple. Not long after getting married, we encountered countless storms. The current life makes many people admire.

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Terrified, the husband plots to harm his wife every day, the truth is revealed through a hidden camera

Gia Nhi15:28:52 26/02/2024
The incident is making the online community shocked and scared by the seriousness of the story. The husband's p.oisoning behavior was handled and clarified by the authorities thanks to the hidden camera installation.

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Identity of the female rookie who gave up her income of tens of millions to join the army: Beauty like a hotgirl

Nguyễn Kim14:55:15 26/02/2024
During the military handover ceremony on February 25 in Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province, the appearance of a beautiful g.irl volunteering to join the army attracted public attention. That is Tran Thi Trang, a female rookie with extremely beautiful talent and beauty.

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The shipper discovered the black bag on the ceiling and was panicked when he saw what was inside

Phượng Vũ07:31:41 26/02/2024
After saving for many years to buy the house he wanted, while changing the light bulb, the shipper suddenly discovered something he had never seen before. His subsequent actions made people admire and applaud.

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The g.irl spent millions to buy a pet, her "weird" appearance as an adult startled fans

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:34:18 25/02/2024
Even though it has a different appearance compared to other dogs because of its special teeth, this puppy is still loved by many people, even having a social network channel to share his lovely images.

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The female CEO spent nearly 2 billion to "buy seeds" from 5 countries to give birth to 2 mixed-race babies, what now?

Vân Anh18:09:10 24/02/2024
Diep Hai Duong, a CEO of a cosmetics company, opened his own factory, and is a strong woman admired by many people! Her career was at its peak, but she did not want to get married and chose to buy seeds abroad twice to have children.

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The U60 man took 3 girls to be his wife. When they learned the truth, everyone sighed

Bình Minh18:08:39 24/02/2024
Many people were surprised by the news that a 50-year-old man living in Japan married three wives. But when looking at the photos of these 3 girls, everyone shudders.

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"Millionaire Baby" celebrates his birthday, building 3 party halls each day

Snow16:58:45 24/02/2024
The online community was overwhelmed by the millionaire b.aby's parents' plan to celebrate their daughter's first birthday. They had prepared everything in an unprecedented luxury.

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Posting a clip showing off her s.exy choreography, the h.ot g.irl accidentally revealed her true figure, fans lamented

Phượng Vũ12:39:30 24/02/2024
A h.ot g.irl posted a clip showing off her s.exy dance moves on social networks, attracting attention from many netizens. However, the truth behind makes many people surprised.

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The "pink shadows" stored their university degrees and volunteered to join the army

Phượng Vũ18:11:45 23/02/2024
It was thought that only young people had the desire to join the army to serve the country, but unexpectedly, many girls in their twenties also volunteered to write applications to perform military service.

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The g.irl suddenly became a H.ot TikToker and made a lot of m.oney by "scandalizing" her ex-husband

Minh Ngọc16:30:53 23/02/2024
Recently, the online community has been spreading a series of videos from a foreign TikTok account named Reesa Teesa, where this woman recounts all the details related to her marriage with her ex-husband.

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"Sasa the meatball girl" after 3 years has caused a stir on social networks with a series of adorable expressions

Phi Đức14:38:19 23/02/2024
Baby g.irl Sasa was born on August 30, 2018 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China, often called Sasa the meatball g.irl, who suddenly became one of the famous internet phenomena in China when she was around 2 years old.

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Dad blatantly stole his son's girlfriend and tried to protect his lover in front of his wife

Phi Yến17:37:46 22/02/2024
I thought there would be a rare a.dultery in the movie, but I didn't expect this to happen in real life. The father's actions made the online community even more angry.

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What should you abstain from on the full moon day of January to pray for peace and ensure respect?

Mẫn Nhi09:48:44 22/02/2024
Folk believe that worshiping the full moon of the first lunar month (Tet Nguyen Tieu) has a number of things that should be avoided to ensure the sanctity of the worshiping ceremony and respect for the gods, Buddhas, and ancestors.

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The mother of the suspect who m.urdered a 2k3 g.irl in Hanoi asked for forgiveness, her past of stealing motorbikes was dug up

JLO06:58:26 22/02/2024
Information related to a g.irl born in 2003 from Thanh Hoa who was found dead in a rented room in a mini apartment building in Cau Giay district. City. Hanoi has not yet shocked people.

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The g.irl has millions of followers and is h.ot on social networks thanks to a series of amazing transformation videos

Hoa Tuyết17:32:30 21/02/2024
The g.irl in China is only 10 years old and has become one of the most influential young people in her home country. It is known that the little princess's account currently attracts millions of followers.

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Dad and two younger siblings screamed at the funeral of a 21-year-old Hanoi g.irl, calling for donations to pay for the funeral

Minh Lợi11:16:54 21/02/2024
Regarding the case of a 21-year-old g.irl who was found dead in a rented room in Hanoi, Ms. Pham Thuy (the victim's cousin) shared that on the morning of February 20, her family was present in L.'s hometown to take care of funerals and funeral arrangements.

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A pretty g.irl wearing only an apron stands and sells coffee, causing fierce controversy because it is so offensive

Tuyết Ngọc09:51:12 21/02/2024
People have just been in a fierce controversy over the incident of a g.irl freely wearing an apron selling coffee. Many people think that the skimpy outfit is extremely offensive, but there are also people who really like this.

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