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The maid received 26 million per month, a huge salary and accommodation included, the truth was disillusioning

Đức Trí10:50:34 16/06/2024
Despite receiving a huge salary for the maid profession, up to 26 million VND per month and including accommodation, the U50 woman doing this job still feels dissatisfied with herself. The profound reason makes anyone who hears it become disillusioned.

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Master Minh Tue went into retreat after being harassed by Tiktokers and Youtubers who came to his hut to film and film

Bút Mực14:38:48 15/06/2024
Before the gathering of hundreds of people, Mr. Thich Minh Tue spoke up to stop him and said that the gathering of large numbers of people to come to his place of retreat also affected the practice process, loss of freedom and tranquility. .

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Mr. Thich Minh Tue could not stay silent and made a harsh statement to Youtuber and Tiktoker

Châu Anh13:28:15 15/06/2024
In recent days, instead of respecting the personal rights of monk Thich Minh Tue, many people continue to look for him and his family to film, take photos, and post videos for the purpose of attracting views and likes.

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1900 hair salon has a new "trouble": Customers who donated their hair accused of being manipulated and siphoned off m.oney

Thiên Di10:21:55 14/06/2024
The case of 1900 Hair Salon being accused of stealing donated hair from cancer patients is the focus of netizens' attention. During this time, many customers who came to this salon to donate their hair spoke up and accused the staff of manipulating their services and siphoning m.oney.

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Hair salon case in 1900: Bac Ninh General Hospital exposed the whole truth

Trí Nhi09:04:43 14/06/2024
Regarding the scandal of a 1900 hair salon stealing charity hair, claiming to donate hair to cancer patients but fraudulently selling it for profit. Recently, relevant parties have officially participated, including Bac Ninh General Hospital and the Bright Tomorrow Fund.

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The case of stealing donated hair: the scandals are fading, how does the owner react?

Kim Oanh19:12:53 13/06/2024
1900 Hair Salon suddenly gained national attention overnight, because of the noise of donating hair to cancer patients. Currently, the wave of boycotts and scandals has increased exponentially, forcing relevant parties to speak up and clarify, giving people an explanation.

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The U50 female CEO had a c.hild with an employee 19 years younger than her, and her husband had a new life after giving birth

An Nhi19:07:34 13/06/2024
After a period of courtship, the couple went home together and decided to get pregnant even though the wife was old. Getting pregnant at the age of 50 became a topic of discussion for many people during that time.

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There is a clip of Dharma Protector Kim Cang following Thich Minh Tue, dancing and dancing in a bar

Châu Anh13:28:22 13/06/2024
On social networks recently, netizens loudly shared clips of a large-looking man wearing glasses dancing at a bar. Many people speculate that the man in that clip is Dharma Protector Kim Cang.

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A scandalous hair salon donates hair to charity but sells 1kg for 18 million?

T.P11:51:55 13/06/2024
The online community is extremely excited about the incident of a famous hair salon in Hanoi, which was recently exposed to scandal when netizens accused this establishment of cheating. Said to donate hair to cancer patients, but actually sold it for m.oney, 1kg costs 18 million.

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Having a b.aby with IVF: U50 dad responded with disdain, having a new member just for fun

Lan Chi18:14:20 12/06/2024
A real life story that feels like a movie, a U50 grandmother in Hanoi who has a grandchild still wants to be pregnant, and even more unique is letting her son-in-law instead of her husband take her to a prenatal check-up. Not only that, the daughter and her biological father were also misunderstood because they kissed every time they met

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41-year-old husband is transgender, wife supports him, still lives in the same house, considered "sisters"

Bảo Nam17:45:02 12/06/2024
On the morning of June 12, social networks were abuzz with the story of a husband who transformed into a beautiful, gentle g.irl in just 6 months! What's more shocking is that the wife and children are still very supportive of this.

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Flying 105 million in just 7 seconds of video call, the pale man realized he had been scammed

Gia Nhi16:54:36 12/06/2024
The incident of a man in China being blatantly scammed out of 105 million, disappearing in just 7 seconds, made netizens of the country of billions extremely confused. The police quickly stepped in to investigate the case.

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Su Minh Tue's image was used to print shirts that were sold to the world, charging prices up to millions of dong

Bút Máy15:36:38 12/06/2024
Not only T-shirts with color combinations similar to Mr. Thich Minh Tue's clothes but also shirts with his image are widely sold on Amazon, eBay... The price of these shirts ranges from 300,000 - 1,200. 000 VND/piece.

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Thich Minh Tue's family was disturbed: Someone pretended to be a teacher, climbed into the house, slept in the garden

An Nhi17:12:06 11/06/2024
The fact that Mr. Thich Minh Tue returned home after many years of walking to beg made his family members extremely happy. However, some Youtubers and TikTokers have taken advantage of this to cause disorder and disturb Thich Minh Tue's family.

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Thich Minh Tue came home to visit, the neighbors were curious, and his parents immediately showed a strange attitude

Keng16:46:15 11/06/2024
The image of Mr. Thich Minh Tue sitting with his brother and some family members appeared on social networks received great attention. It is known that the meeting lasted more than 3 hours.

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Su Minh Tue happily received CCCD, visited her parents but begged for food at a neighbor's house

Bút Mực12:11:21 11/06/2024
After 5 days of procedures, Mr. Thich Minh Tue (real name Le Anh Tu) received a citizen identity card (CCCD) at the Gia Lai Provincial Police. At this time, Mr. Thich Minh Tue was in retreat in Gia Lai. He also visited his parents and visited neighbors' houses to give alms.

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Protector Jin Cang denied being the director, promising to cultivate like Su Minh Tue but sleeping at home

Bút Bi11:37:41 11/06/2024
Protector Kim Cang apologized for the fact that during the process of walking alms with Mr. Thich Minh Tue, he voluntarily confessed to his teacher, and at the same time promised that from now on he would confess his son to follow the example of his master.

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The g.irl is called "Ham Huong children's version", her b.ody emits a scent like perfume

Nguyễn Kim10:30:49 11/06/2024
A g.irl with superpowers that emits scents has attracted everyone's curiosity. Her ability surprised her parents. In particular, with each time frame, the scent emitted by the b.aby will be different.

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A young husband pursues an older wife who is more than 70 years old, how is life after 20 years?

JLO17:39:17 10/06/2024
In the abandoned land next to the graveyard in Soc Trang province, there is a small hut, which is the place where the couple lives. The wife is over 70 but the husband is not yet 50. They have been living together for almost 20 years.

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Lunar New Year 2024: Does eating glutinous rice and wine blow up the alcohol concentration?

Mỹ Hoa17:33:21 10/06/2024
Glutinous wine is an indispensable traditional dish on the day of the Lunar New Year, but many people wonder whether it can be sanctioned related to alcohol concentration when eating.

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Female students who went to the exam submitted blank papers, dared to criticize the education system, received a bitter end

Đức Trí16:07:50 10/06/2024
The online community is extremely stirred by the story of a f.emale s.tudent who went to the university entrance exam, left a blank paper and did not do the test, and even dared to write a letter criticizing the education system, causing her to suffer bitter consequences 18 years later.

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The identity of the female TVHK hid nearly 1kg of gold in the rectum, the suspect was extremely beautiful

Nguyễn Kim10:26:38 10/06/2024
In the past few days, Indian social media has been abuzz with the case of a flight attendant working for Air India Express who was arrested at Kannur airport for allegedly smuggling gold and hiding it in her rectum.

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Su Minh Tue appeared on VTV for the 2nd time, unexpectedly r.evealing the time of alms again

Bút Mực09:14:53 10/06/2024
Monk Minh Tue had experiences about continuing his walk. Recently, in the news at 19 o'clock on VTV1. Su Minh Tue said that a few years later, he only walked once, not all the time.

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Monk Minh Tue appeared after a period of retreat, speaking out about distorted information

Bút Màu12:37:01 09/06/2024
Mr. Thich Minh Tue appeared to give an interview to VTV in a familiar outfit in the midst of many false information of anti-sabotage forces distorting the reason why he stopped walking to retreat.

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