Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help

Trí NhiMay 30, 2024 at 10:40

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The incident is shocking netizens, when a fire suddenly broke out in the early morning at a motel in Ha Dong, no one could react in time. This is the next fire in Hanoi, after the tragic story at Trung Kinh boarding house.

At around 5:30 a.m. on May 30, a boarding house fire occurred in Phu Luong ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi. Upon receiving the fire alarm, Hanoi Police forces dispatched 5 fire engines and dozens of police to the scene. The house where the fire occurred is 3 floors high and is a residential house combined with rental properties. The fire broke out on an area of about 20 square meters. The column of black smoke from the fire rose quickly, covering the house.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 1

After a few minutes, thick black smoke enveloped the house where 9 people lived. Some people had to break the third-floor railing to escape to the roof of the neighbor's house next door. Ha Dong district police sent four fire engines to the scene and cut part of the iron frame on the second floor to get the victim out.

After about 3 minutes of firefighting, the police controlled the fire. Ha Dong district police said 9 people escaped in the fire. In which, the people saved 2 people, the police force saved 3 people. In addition, 4 people escaped through the emergency exit to the next house. The incident did not cause any human damage. Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 2

This is the second house and motel room fire in Hanoi in the past 5 days. In the early morning of May 24, the house and rental house at number 1, alley 43/98/31 Trung Kinh street, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district caught fire, k.illing 14 people and injuring 6 people. The city requires a general inspection of houses at risk of fire and explosion.

Senior Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong - Vice Chairman of the National Assembly informed delegates about the fire in Trung Kinh (Hanoi). Through grasping the situation from the scene, Mr. Phuong said that fire prevention and fighting was inadequate, land prices increased, people expanded old houses to rent, disrupting the entire old village planning.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 3

For example, the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, in deep alleys, the houses in them are expanding, going from the main road there are many bends, the deeper you go into the alley, the tighter it gets, motorbikes can go, but if there is one more person , cannot be avoided.

He also said that the staircase of the house where the fire occurred in Trung Kinh was designed outside. There are two houses there, one 5-story house owned by the homeowner and one 3-story house for rent.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 4

The Vice Chairman of the National Assembly also mentioned the combination of housing and businesses in this fire. The house can be expanded for rent or even for business using the entire space of the driveway.

"Previously, there were mainly walkways and trees, but the homeowner used a corrugated iron roof to build a workshop to repair motorbikes, bicycles, and electric vehicles," Mr. Phuong informed, and said that according to initial reports, the fire started. The head may have been caused by an electrical short circuit or the gas tank or gas tank in the repair shop exploded. That area has both people's motorbikes and repair shop vehicles. Therefore, when it exploded, it created great pressure and blew away the entire temporary roof, pushing it all up to the 3-story house.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 5

Meanwhile, the house was renovated by the landlord, each room for rent is only about 16 m2, the stairs are about 60cm... "The door is narrow, the entire door is made of wood with gaps, full of flammable materials. When it explodes, It opened up, all the pressure created a fire with very dense gas," Mr. Phuong said.

The Vice Chairman of the National Assembly also said that if in previous house fires, the rate of d.eath from suffocation was higher than d.eath from fire, but in this particular case, there were more deaths from fire than from suffocation, because the fire went straight into each room. Among them, one room has a relatively solid toilet. People who entered that room closed the door and were able to escape.

Another motel caught fire in Hanoi early in the morning, people climbed the walls to call for help - Photo 6

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