Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild

Bút ChìMay 25, 2024 at 17:30

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According to the People's Committee of Cau Giay District (Hanoi), the functional unit has identified the identities of 14 victims who died in a boarding house fire at address 1, alley 31, alley 98, alley 43, Trung Kinh street (P .Trung Hoa) at dawn on May 24. Among them, 3 people are over 30 years old, the remaining 11 are young, under 30 years old.

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 1

In particular, this year's youngest victim is only 23 years old. According to research, that is student K., born in 2001, studying in the 4th year, majoring in Business Administration, Phuong Dong University. K. is from Van Lam, Hung Yen. The family went to the funeral home to receive their loved one.

Sitting on the steps of the funeral home in Cau Giay district, Mrs. T., K.'s mother, cried when she learned that her son was on the list of victims who did not survive the fire in Trung Kinh.

Ignoring the words of encouragement from those around her, Mrs. T. repeatedly hit her head with her hands and cried: "Last night, K. called me to say he would return home tomorrow. But after just one night, my mother and I We will never see each other again. We will return to our hometown, but to see our family one last time..."

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 2

With trembling hands, she took out the old phone from her pants pocket, Mrs. T. called her husband and said intermittently in sobs: "Grandpa, I'm really gone." Not knowing what was said on the other end of the line, the mother of the unfortunate b.oy cried bitterly.

Before entering to receive her c.hild, Mrs. T. turned to the person opposite and sobbed: "There are only a few days left for K. to graduate, and yet...", making those standing nearby unable to hold back their tears.

Information from Phuong Dong Private University said that the school is very saddened by the sudden passing of student K.. On May 25, a delegation of lecturers and students of the school will visit and say goodbye to K. .eternity.

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 3

The Principal of Phuong Dong Private University also sent a condolence letter to the family. In the letter, it was written: "The Board of Directors of Phuong Dong University of Tourism is extremely sorry to hear that student K. was unfortunately involved in a fire at alley 119 Trung Kinh.

On behalf of all faculty and students at the school, the School Board of Directors would like to send our deepest condolences to his family and hope that the family will soon overcome this great loss. It is known that after learning the sad news about student K., the school has made a plan to support his family.

Before that, at about 0:30 on May 24, a 5-story boarding house at alley 119 Trung Kinh, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district caught fire fiercely. Witnesses at the scene said the fire broke out very quickly with many explosions. The house that caught fire is being rented out with the first floor being used for business and repair of electric bicycles.

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 4

About 10 minutes later, the Fire Fighting and Rescue Police Team of Area 2 - Room PC07 arrived at the scene. Because the alley was small, the burning house was about 200m from Trung Kinh street, so Hoai An quickly ran out to lead the way for firefighters to pull the water pipe in to put out the fire.

When the fire police approached the scene, the fire burned motorbikes, bicycles, and electric bicycles left on the field; The steel frame and corrugated iron roof covering the front yard have collapsed. The fire spread and developed strongly along the vertical axis from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor and horizontally along the first floor rooms. Black smoke and toxic gases covered the entire roof, stairs and corridors on all floors. .

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 5

At around 3:00 a.m., records at the scene showed that the authorities had taken many victims out on stretchers. At 4:30 a.m. on the same day, a representative of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Hanoi City Police said that the rescue work had been completed.

At 5:00 a.m. on the same day, according to initial statistics, 14 people who did not survive the scene were taken out of the burned house to the Transport Hospital. Early on the morning of May 24, talking to the press, the leader of Cau Giay District People's Committee said that immediately after receiving the information, the district mobilized fire prevention, fighting, rescue and relief forces.

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 6

Chairman of the People's Committee of Trung Hoa ward directed the ward police force, the ward fire prevention and rescue team, and the grassroots fire protection and civil defense team to immediately be present at the fire location; Use firefighting equipment from public firefighting points and surrounding households to coordinate fire handling. The surrounding people and the homeowner broke the window of the 2nd floor of the 2-story house to let 4 people escape.

Hanoi city leaders directed relevant departments and branches to coordinate with the People's Committee of Cau Giay district to organize visits and encouragement for the families of victims and overcome the consequences after the fire with the amount of 50 million VND for victims. those who did not survive, 30 million VND for the injured.

Trung Kinh boarding house fire: youngest victim was 23 years old, mother cried when she came to receive her c.hild - Photo 7

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