The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly

Bút MựcJun 16, 2024 at 17:33

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Recently, Bac Giang province police reported about a house fire that killed 3 people in this province. Specifically, the 2-story house at house number 43, Hoang Hoa Tham street, Da Mai ward, Bac Giang city owned by Ms. D.TH caught fire at dawn.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 1

At around 3:41 a.m. on June 16, fire broke out in the electric bicycle parking area on the first floor of a 2-story house with an area of 50 square meters per floor. The room contains many flammable materials such as beds, wardrobes, clothes, household utensils... causing the fire to spread quickly, creating a lot of smoke and toxic gases.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 2

At 3:49, receiving the news, the Police Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue (Fire Prevention and Rescue), Bac Giang Provincial Police mobilized 3 fire engines and 40 officers and soldiers to the scene. extinguish the fire.

The Fire and Rescue Police force arrived at the fire at about 3:56 a.m. After about 15 minutes, the fire was controlled and completely extinguished at 4:30 the same day.

The fire killed 3 people, including one victim who was only 8 years old. At the same time, a motorbike, a washing machine and many household items were burned on the first floor of the house. Bac Giang Provincial Police Force is investigating the cause of the fire.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 3

Before that, the whole country continuously had many residential house fires causing great damage to people and property. Experts have also warned about the dangers of electric vehicle battery devices in the event of a fire or explosion.

Sharing in Health and Life newspaper, Mr. Nguyen Huy Cong, fire extinguishing expert, Song Lam Petroleum General Services Company, said that when there is a fire, electric vehicle batteries can create flames with high intensity. high temperature up to 600-700 degrees Celsius. Fire extinguishing powder to dilute the oxygen concentration to extinguish the fire is usually ineffective in this case. The CO2 tank is sprayed in to cool the fire, but this coldness is not enough to extinguish the fire.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 4

Electric vehicle fires do not require oxygen but instead originate from chemical reactions inside the electric vehicle battery. Even if water is used to f.ight a fire, the water at high temperature produces explosive hydrogen, which is very dangerous. Currently, Vietnam does not have a set of standards to ensure fire safety for electric vehicle batteries and electric vehicles.

Regarding handling electric vehicle fires, experts say that in fires and explosions related to electric vehicle batteries, only water-based fire extinguishers with molecular coating technology can extinguish the battery fire. electric vehicles quickly and efficiently. These are completely uncommon types of bottles because the price is many times higher than specialized types of bottles.

Because water-based fire extinguishers are completely uncommon, fires from electric vehicle batteries would be practically 'untreatable'. In the production and import of electric vehicle batteries in our country, there are still no fire safety standards, causing users to face high risks during the operation of electric vehicles.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 5

When you see a tram on fire, do not try to use water, a fire extinguisher or a regular blanket to extinguish the fire. Because these methods only cause the battery to explode and catch a bigger fire. Because there is no way to extinguish the fire source, which is the chemicals inside the electric battery, in some countries, fireproof blankets have been used to cover the vehicle to block the oxygen source, preventing the fire from reaching and spreading faster. When you see a tram on fire without a fire blanket, call the fire department and quickly urge people to escape to avoid burns and toxic gas inhalation.

To avoid battery explosions, people should pay attention and be careful while charging electric vehicles. Absolutely must plug in the charger in a supervised location, do not charge the battery overnight and do not use floating charging accessories of unknown origin.

Users need to be very cautious when using electric vehicles, especially charging electric vehicle batteries. Buy genuine electric vehicles, complete with safety certificates and origin. When replacing the battery, choose a genuine, high-quality one.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 6

Do not charge the battery for too long or beyond the allowed time. Do not e.xpose electric vehicle batteries to high heat sources for long periods of time. In case of collision and fall, the battery should be checked. Conduct periodic battery maintenance checks to ensure safety when used.

The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly - Photo 7

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