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Angelina Jolie was accused of psychologically manipulating her children, pressuring them to give up their father's surname

European and American stars

17:01:41 28/05/2024
The noise about the long-lasting divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is becoming increasingly tense, with a series of suspicions that Angelina Jolie is the one who psychologically manipulates her children, pressuring them to gradually give up their father's surname and abandon their father's name. male actor.

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BABYMONSTER released 33 seconds of Kpop explosion, upgraded after being accused of learning from BLACKPINK

Korean stars

13:29:35 28/05/2024
YG's rookie g.irl group - BabyMonster just made fans excited when they released a MV teaser clip for their performance Like That. Even though it was only 33 seconds, it was enough to make all of Kpop explode. The past of being accused of copying BlackPink was also brought up again.

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Yen Dan: "Rose" team Pham Thoai, female dance school student to the closing star

Famous people

10:28:48 28/05/2024
Do Yen Dan is a female tiktoker who is no longer strange to users of the social network Tiktok. Possessing a huge number of followers and pure beauty, Yen Dan quickly made a good mark in the public's hearts.

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Diep announced the good news after the noisy breakup with Soanh, taking up a new position and promising fans one thing

H.ot KOLs

06:46:26 28/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep No Broom officially announced good news to fans after a series of noisy breakups with her tiktoker husband Soanh. Currently, the two have confirmed that they are going their separate ways, but every move of the couple is compared and discussed.

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Decao's wife hugged her c.hild and cried, accusing her husband of physically abusing her, and her grandfather forbade her to speak with a Southern accent

H.ot KOLs

06:34:56 25/05/2024
The online community is simultaneously in an uproar over the news that Decao's wife - fashionista Lam Minh was physically assaulted by her husband, mercilessly attacked, and her grandfather discriminated between regions. She held her c.hild on livestream with a mouth full of wounds, crying for help from netizens.

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Terrifying 3 biggest fires in history in Hanoi, what were the causes?

Wonderful world

15:26:45 24/05/2024
Haunted in the history of fires and explosions in Vietnam, three fires left the entire society truly shocked in Hanoi. Let's take a look at the reasons why netizens are awakened by careless lifestyle choices that cause fires.

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The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying

H.ot trend

09:12:53 23/05/2024
The incident that just happened in Hai Phong shocked netizens, according to which a hotel named TS demolished a beehive in the roof area, facing the street. Unfortunately, due to negligence, the beehive fell to the ground, causing the bees to sting passersby.

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Jinni: Angrily left NMIXX after 1 year of debut, fans suspected JYP of unfair treatment

Famous stars

14:59:42 22/05/2024
Jinni is a female Kpop idol, a former member of the group NMIXX under JYP Entertainment. Although considered the most fan-attractive member of the group, possessing outstanding talent, his sudden departure left NMIXX fans in constant s.hock.

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Miss Phuong Le wanted to follow Vu Linh's son, dressed lovingly like a married couple


14:04:52 22/05/2024
Miss Phuong Le just had a post that caused a stir on the internet, she publicly expressed her feelings for the adopted son of late artist Vu Linh - Meritorious Artist Vu Luan, insisting on following Vu Luan, holding hands tightly to overcome the storm. , netizens commented like a married couple.

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Rihanna's livestream closed the deal on a Chinese app, shocking the music industry

European and American stars

13:30:44 22/05/2024
Rihanna's fans around the world are extremely shocked and surprised by a series of images of the female singer livestreaming a deal with her cosmetics brand called Fenty Beauty on a Chinese app. This is a rare and unprecedented thing for Rihanna.

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As soon as Phuong Oanh returned from giving birth, she sobbed. Shark Binh hinted that he was a stepchild

Beautiful stars

10:13:23 22/05/2024
Actress Phuong Oanh, after successfully giving birth to two b.aby dragons, returned to the villa and burst into tears when she saw Shark Binh. The actions of the male businessman impressed many people, and his attitude towards stepchildren and children together was also scrutinized by netizens.

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R.evealing important details in the Fat Cat case, the transfer application completely exposed

H.ot trend

11:35:24 21/05/2024
Continue to update more about the Fat Cat and Dam Truc g.irl case, after the g.irl was proven clean and innocent by Chinese authorities, important details in the m.oney transfer e-wallet application are also available. public.

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