Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned

Uyển ĐìnhJun 14, 2024 at 15:50

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On the same morning, according to a report from Hai Ba Trung District Police, the fire occurred at a residential house in alley 176 Trai Ca Lane, Truong Dinh Ward at 03:58 on June 14, 2024. The command board mobilized 2 fire trucks and soldiers.

On the morning of June 14, authorities were present at the scene of a fire in a 3-story house located in alley 176 Trai Ca (Truong Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) to verify and clarify the cause.

According to information from the homeowner, at the time of the fire, there were 6 people in the house, including his wife, two children, mother and two grandchildren. "I wasn't home at the time, but when I discovered there was a fire, everyone in the house escaped and there were no casualties," the homeowner said.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 1

People around said that the wife, two children and the homeowner's mother escaped down the stairs to the first floor and shouted for everyone to report to the authorities.

"It was about 4 o'clock. I heard shouting so I turned on the light outside the door and ran out to see. The homeowner's three children and the mother had already escaped, and the grandchild escaped later" - the neighbor said. .

Another neighbor informed that a young man (the homeowner's nephew - PV) jumped down onto the neighbor's roof to escape. Immediately after that, this person was given a health check.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 2

People who witnessed the incident said they saw a fire breaking out from the second floor of the house, the fire spread quickly, and the smoke was thick. "Many people living in the alley ran out and used mini fire extinguishers to put out the fire but failed," a witness recounted.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 3

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 4

After receiving the news, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police team of Hoang Mai District Police dispatched 4 fire engines to the scene and put out the fire.

Because the location of the fire was located in a small alley, the authorities had to line the water pump from the entrance of the alley. After about 30 minutes of firefighting, the fire was completely controlled to prevent it from spreading to neighboring houses, to the sigh of relief of people who witnessed the incident.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 5

The house that had a fire broke out in 2 blocks, the 1-storey block was used as a warehouse, the 3-storey block was used as a residence. The fire area is about 8m2 in the second floor bedroom of the house. The initial cause was determined to be an electrical short circuit.

The homeowner added that the fire is believed to have broken out in their bedroom area on the second floor of the 3-story house. This house, built more than 20 years ago, is now degraded. In response to information that a fire broke out in the rental house, the homeowner affirmed that this was inaccurate information because only the family and two grandchildren lived.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 6

Through initial verification, no human damage occurred in the incident. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated and clarified by the authorities.

After the above incident, many people were in the alley talking. Recently, in this area, there have been continuous officials coming to propagate fire prevention and fighting and inviting people to undergo skills training.

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 7

Recently, there have been many fires in Hanoi causing particularly serious consequences.

In August 2023, a karaoke bar in Cau Giay District caught fire, causing three police officers to die while on duty. In September 2023, a mini apartment building illegally built in Thanh Xuan District caught fire, k.illing 56 people. In October 2023, the house containing junk in H.Thanh Tri caught fire, causing the mother and c.hild to not survive.

In January, a 3-story flower shop on the old street in Hoan Kiem District caught fire, k.illing four family members. Recently, on May 24, a fire broke out at a boarding house and business in alley 43 Trung Kinh, k.illing 14 people.

Survey results of the city police show that to ensure fire prevention and fighting, Hanoi needs to invest in building nearly 10,200 water towers, 1,673 water tanks, 848 water intake stations and water collection holes in the area. 30 districts, towns and cities.

It is expected that this year, Hanoi will invest in installing 675 fire hydrants and 31 sumps in 7 districts: Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Thanh Xuan and Nam Tu Liem. .

Hanoi: House fire in Trai Ca alley in the middle of the night, furniture burned - Photo 8

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