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The mystery of Vanga's last prophecy: finding the missing Vietnamese g.irl through 3 sugar cubes

Wonderful world

14:08:04 23/06/2024
After declaring the fate of the missing Vietnamese g.irl, prophet Vanga breathed his last breath and this prediction is considered the last prediction of the world-famous blind prophet.

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Lisa is different with her short hair and brown skin, making fans nostalgic for the time before her debut

Korean stars

11:27:37 23/06/2024
Lisa's wolfcut hair suddenly reminds fans of her pre-debut photo. Accordingly, the image of Lisa's brown skin and short hair before joining BLACKPINK once caused an uproar in the online community.

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Cinderella revealed her huge income at the age of 18 and once refused a high salary for unexpected reasons

H.ot KOLs

21:44:11 22/06/2024
With the advantage of beauty and being the daughter of one of the most popular MCs in Vietnam, from a young age, she was chosen by many advertising brands to send gold, following her parents' footsteps to participate in events. prestigious event.

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Taylor Swift made her ex-boyfriend depressed and had to ask for forgiveness

European and American stars

17:03:33 20/06/2024
Daily Mail's own source explained that Joe Alwyn agreed to an interview with the Sunday Times because he hoped people would let go of the more than 6-year relationship between him and Taylor Swift.

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Nam Em revealed herself to be emaciated and working hard as a farmer after admitting that she ran away from her boyfriend

Beautiful stars

15:01:06 20/06/2024
Recently, Nam Em surprised everyone by posting on his personal page a clip of him sitting in a field harvesting green onions. She said farming also has its own joy. Every profession is a profession. No distinction between rich and poor classes.

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Haruto(Treasure): dressed like G Dragon since childhood, got into a "private" scandal with fans

Famous stars

14:10:54 20/06/2024
After debuting with TREASURE, Haruto quickly became the most recognizable face in the group. The mark left by the male singer is not only present in Korea but also spread to many other countries around the world.

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Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tang's missing "sister-in-law"

Star's profile

15:19:45 18/06/2024
Runner-up Hoang My is the only Vietnamese beauty to attend both prestigious beauty arenas in the world, Miss World and Miss Universe. She also once attracted attention with her love affair with businessman Phillip Nguyen - Tang Thanh Ha's sister-in-law.

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Thuy Tien was intimate with Billkin even though the first time they met, her attitude was completely different from Quang Linh


13:32:18 17/06/2024
The online community is spreading a clip recording the scene of beauty queen Thuy Tien expressing her love for Billkin - the h.ot male lead in the movie Grandmother's Fortune. It is known that the clip was filmed not long after Thuy Tien was crowned.

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The fire that killed 3 people in Bac Giang: Fire broke out from the tram parking area, toxic gas spread quickly

H.ot news

17:33:21 16/06/2024
Investigating a house fire in Bac Giang City that left 3 people dead, the police determined that the fire broke out in the electric bicycle parking area on the first floor of the house, then spread quickly, generating a lot of smoke and toxic gases.

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Liu Yifei attracted hundreds of millions of views when wearing a swimsuit, Trinh Sang was called out

Chinese stars

15:52:51 16/06/2024
Besides the content about difficult love, the point that makes the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen is Liu Yifei's fairy-like beauty and seductive b.ody. Previously, Trinh Sang also played this role but was criticized for being too thin and lacking vitality.

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Master Minh Tue went into retreat after being harassed by Tiktokers and Youtubers who came to his hut to film and film

H.ot trend

14:38:48 15/06/2024
Before the gathering of hundreds of people, Mr. Thich Minh Tue spoke up to stop him and said that the gathering of large numbers of people to come to his place of retreat also affected the practice process, loss of freedom and tranquility. .

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Jaehyun (NCT): great family background, almost "faded" because he went to a bar with Jungkook during the pandemic

Famous stars

10:05:47 15/06/2024
Jaehyun has a successful career not only thanks to his appearance but also his tireless efforts over a long period of time. With his passion for art and progressive attitude, the male singer will definitely become more and more successful in the future.

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