Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owner's 2 children

Thiên DiMay 28, 2024 at 16:43

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Just on May 28, many places across the country had consecutive fires. Notably, the fire at a restaurant in Hai Duong caused two casualties, causing sadness to public opinion.

The Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Hai Duong Provincial Police informed that the unit had just extinguished a fire at a restaurant in Kinh Mon town.

According to information from Kinh Mon town authorities (Hai Duong province), at around 10:00 a.m. on May 28, a fire broke out at a restaurant in Quang Thanh commune. This is also a house that serves as both a boarding house and a business that sells food. The fire started from the kitchen then spread to the restaurant, about 10m wide, 15m long, one-story structure, roofed with corrugated iron in Quang Thanh commune.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 1

The shop had no customers, only 5 people including shop owner Bui Thi Hoa, Ms. Bui Thi Linh (Ms. Hoa's younger sister), Ms. Ngo Thi Que (employee) and Ms. Hoa's two daughters.

After about 10 minutes, Hai Duong Provincial Police dispatched two fire engines, one rescue vehicle and 22 officers and soldiers to the scene. At this time, three adults escaped. The door of the shop opened, fire flared up and black smoke enveloped it.

While spraying water to put out the fire and searching for victims, the police discovered that the innkeeper's eldest daughter had not survived. The second c.hild was seriously injured and was transferred to Hai Duong Provincial General Hospital for emergency treatment, with a poor prognosis.

By 10:45 a.m., the fire was extinguished. Authorities suspect a gas leak in the kitchen during the cooking process.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 2

According to the video recorded by people near the scene of the incident, it can be seen that the house was on fire fiercely, with huge smoke rising from inside. Many people in the area ran over and joined in fighting the fire. Nearby, you can still hear the pitiful screams and people asking each other if they have found the two children of the restaurant owner. Everyone expressed concern for the lives of the two children.

Kinh Mon town leaders have directed functional agencies to participate in supporting, encouraging, and visiting families in distress.

In Binh Duong, also on the morning of May 28, a fire broke out at a ventilation fan factory and an auto tire distribution company near DT 743 Street, Di An City.

At around 7:30, a fire with many loud explosions broke out from the factory of a ventilation fan manufacturing company and a business specializing in distributing auto accessories and tires in Tan Dong Hiep ward.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 3

Because the main raw material was rubber tires, black smoke rose hundreds of meters high. The factory's ceiling of about 500 square meters collapsed. Many employees used firefighting equipment on site to put out the fire but failed, so they had to move the finished product outside to limit damage. The fire location is near a densely populated residential area.

"At first the fire burned inside the factory, but after about 30 minutes it suddenly rose to a high level, many people traveling on Highway 743 through the Binh Thung toll station stopped, causing a long traffic jam," said Mr. Tan, a resident nearby. said the scene.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 4

More than 10 fire engines and dozens of firefighting officers and soldiers were present at the scene. Because the fire area was located right in a residential area, the police had to divide into many directions and extinguish the fire from many sides.

By 9:45 a.m., the fire was basically controlled and there was no possibility of it spreading.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 5

The Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department (Binh Duong Provincial Police) said that the fire had no casualties. However, the burned factory had an area of about 1,500 m 2 , the fire area was about 200 m 2 . The main flammable substances are paper, plastic and industrial machine cooling products...

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 6

It is known that the above burned factory specializes in manufacturing fans, and is currently suspended from operation on May 10, 2024 according to Decision No. 180/QDDC-CATP of Di An City Police.

Binh Duong province authorities are continuing to investigate to find out the cause of the fire and at the same time inventory damaged property.

Hai Duong: Fire in a restaurant cum boarding house caused injuries to the owners 2 children - Photo 7

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