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The movie with Le Bong ended up being controversial, h.ot Tiktoker was criticized for acting stiffly, crying "fakely"

Bút Chì17:35:51 22/05/2024
Missing an appointment with Green Day during its broadcast always received mixed opinions from the audience. After the final episode aired, the film continued to be criticized for not having a c.limax and moving too quickly.

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Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law?

Bút Bi18:10:48 21/05/2024
Heart Rescue Station is causing controversy because of a series of unrealistic details. The audience even discovered that the screenwriter did not have enough legal expertise in the script development stage.

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Phan Dang Di: the father of an award-winning series, his television adaptation immediately caused a fever

Phong Trần11:33:38 12/03/2024
Phan Dang Di is one of the famous independent art filmmakers in Vietnam. Recently, he turned his attention to making his first TV series Wishing We'd Fly Together, which is currently receiving many positive responses from the audience.

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"Beef": Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe

Thảo Mai17:30:12 09/01/2024
Recently, the Golden Globe Awards 2024 was held in the US. The event gathers many world-famous faces to attend and promises to have a great impact on the results of the Oscars in the coming time.

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People's Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of "transporting from movies into life"

Minh Ngọc17:38:30 05/01/2024
Quoc Tri People's People is known to young audiences through small screen roles such as Under the shade of a happy tree, Street in the village... He specialized in the characters of austere men, roosters raising children.

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Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023

Đức Trí17:24:58 03/01/2024
2023 is seen as the year dramas in Korea dominate the feminist genre. Further affirming the never-ending feminist appeal of feminism to filmmakers.

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Huyen Lizzie's 'Mai Duong' was 'criticized' by the audience in part 2 of the movie Us 8 Years Later

Mẫn Nhi16:05:04 13/12/2023
On the evening of December 11, episode 16 of Us 8 years later officially aired, opening the journey of the characters 8 years later. Ending the journey 8 years ago were sad stories, including the couple Mai Duong (Hoang Ha) and Lam (Quoc Anh) breaking up.

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Song Luan caused controversy when he "passionately kissed his best friend's lover", the owner spoke up to clarify

Gia Nhi16:23:16 09/12/2023
Song Luan is a controversial male star when he appeared in the TV series Love Before the Wedding and was criticized for asking to sleep with his best friend and lover. The owner also admitted that this was an unreasonable detail, contrary to good customs and traditions.

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Us 8 years later: The audience 'screamed' asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2

Pinky16:46:16 08/12/2023
People are screaming loudly at the producer and director of the movie Us 8 years later, earnestly requesting that the main cast not be replaced in part 2 of the movie.

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Hong Diem was "examined" about the details of her beauty restoration, even though she previously affirmed that she only liked natural beauty.

Phong Trần17:40:04 30/11/2023
Hong Diem once affirmed that her face has never undergone plastic surgery. Even though she has flaws, she is still very confident and clearly speaks out about the worship of natural beauty. However, later she publicly restored a detail on her face.

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Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of 'banning'?

Vân Anh07:21:49 20/11/2023
After more than a year of absence from the small screen, actor Hong Dang appeared with actors Dinh Tu, Binh An and Trung Ruoi, making many viewers predict that he is preparing for a comeback.

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Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in "Southern Forest Land" be overshadowed by Hung Thuan's "shadow"?

Gia Linh14:47:03 24/10/2023
Even though he is still young, Hao Khang's acting skills make veteran seniors surprised. It is known that Hao Khang researched, learned and acted according to the most instinctive instincts of a 13-year-old b.oy.

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Director Nguyen Duong - The true "boss" of Vietnamese television

Juni Nguyễn11:10:11 23/10/2023
Not only successful as a director, Artist Nguyen Duong also left a deep impression through many roles of c.old-blooded, c.old-blooded gangster bosses. Among them, the movie The Silent Man must be mentioned.

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Lam Vissay: The U50 male god of Vietnamese cinema declares that he does not do "hot scenes" just to "get views"

Gia Hoàng10:53:19 12/10/2023
Even though he doesn't have a good-looking appearance, Lam Vissay is always a face that directors prioritize. Appearing in many music videos and dramas, Lam Vissay left many impressions in the hearts of the audience.

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Tieu Minh Phung: Young vocalist "cooking" to develop Cai Luong culture, the "hallmark" of Saigon Tan Thoi

Gia Hoàng11:12:58 06/10/2023
Tieu Minh Phung is a young artist who receives the love of a large audience through his thoughtful and quality products. He wishes to spread his love for the art of reform to young people.

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NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in 'Southern Forest Land'

Gia Linh16:31:20 07/08/2023
Having brought success to the TV version of Southern Forest Land, artist Trung Dan has just shared and felt about junior Tuan Tran in the upcoming film version of this film project.

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Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives 'retribution', difficult to travel?

Thư Kỳ10:59:32 07/08/2023
Recently, the Flipped Card actor has shared about the health situation that is no longer the same. At the same time, Shang Tin also admits past and improper mistakes that he sometimes regrets.

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Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown

Kim Lâm16:32:55 06/07/2023
Nearly 20 years of working with the acting industry, many viewers still do not remember Phuc An's name, people only know the actress with a kind face and slightly melancholy eyes.

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Song Hye Kyo admits to same-sex love, people are aroused because rumors come true!

Lạc Hoa10:28:38 20/03/2023
After a successful transformation in The Glory 2, the lead actress Song Hye Kyo is now becoming the focus of attention of the public and the online community. In addition to her acting achievements, the information surrounding the actress's love story is also very interesting...

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Liu Yifei and the times when she gained too much weight, the title of the Sisters of God was sarcastically unworthy

NeKo10:32:46 14/01/2023
Considered the top beauty in China with a pure and perfect beauty like an angel, but Liu Yifei many times revealed her flaws in her b.ody and face. Many people began to doubt the title "billionaire fairy" of the beautiful Liu family. Recently, Liu Yifei caused a stir when she...

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Son Ye Jin has an unexpected relationship with her ex Hyun Bin

Hoàng Anh17:26:34 17/12/2022
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are a famous couple in the Korean entertainment industry. The couple's post-marital life received special attention from the public. Besides, many past stories as well as the relationship of the two are also dug up and discussed by many people. Most...

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Luo Xun smashed rumors of a marriage rift with Tang Yan with drastic action

Hoàng Anh18:23:24 20/11/2022
Luo Xun and Tang Yan have always been known as the talented couple of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. After marriage, Tang Yan retired to take care of his family, and his full, private married life was also something that many people admired. After his time in...

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Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop?

Hoàng Anh09:41:23 30/09/2022
It can be said that the brilliant success of a series of works associated with Song Hye Kyo's name in the past is an inevitable factor that makes the actress reach the pinnacle of her career and become famous throughout Asia. However, in the past few years, Song Hye Kyo's works...

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YoonA spoke up to justify the f.orced and messy ending of 'Big Mouth'

Hoàng Anh09:35:35 21/09/2022
The hit TV series Big Mouth aired its final episode on September 17 and caused a lot of controversy. However, YoonA - the female lead of the film still hopes that viewers will have a different view of the ending of the character Mi Ho. She also revealed that she knew about this...

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