Song Luan caused controversy when he "passionately kissed his best friend's lover", the owner spoke up to clarify

Gia NhiDec 09, 2023 at 16:23

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Song Luan is a controversial male star when he appeared in the TV series Love Before the Wedding and was criticized for asking to sleep with his best friend and lover. The owner also admitted that this was an unreasonable detail, contrary to good customs and traditions.

Love Before the Wedding is a drama that is making waves in the Vietnamese film market. After 1 month of airing, with 8 episodes, despite receiving mixed reactions to the script, the film still garnered more than 200 million views on online platforms. This is good news, not only for the producer, but also the entire cast of the film.

Actor Song Luan, the male lead of the film, also happily congratulated: "Song Luan thanks the audience for their warm support for Love Before the Wedding. The huge number of views is proof of the audience's love." audience for the film. This is not only the efforts of the actors but also the result of the tireless work of the production crew and media team."

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 1

Love Before Wedding is a drama about the love and sexual lifestyle of today's young people. On social networking platforms, a series of topics discussing the film's content are quite lively. There are many questions about whether the movie is promoting a.dultery.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 2

It can be seen that, although the film received mixed opinions, on the one hand it increased the public's attention and curiosity. Actor Song Luan said he recently stopped reading viewers' comments so as not to have too much influence on other projects. However, he still makes the necessary changes when selecting positive and negative reactions. Diversity of opinions is inevitable and necessary. He believes that when making any film, facing opposing opinions is inevitable.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 3

"According to Luan, conflicting opinions are a must. Since reading the script Love Before the Wedding, I have seen that there must be many conflicting opinions. Hopefully by the end the audience will understand why the character behaves like that. "Everything has a reason. Of course, Song Luan himself wants to emphasize once again that we are divided into many camps: Traditional and modern with many perspectives. Each side has its own correct view," Song Luan said. the.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 4

Sharing more details about the f.orced kiss scene, he said this scene was very difficult. Unlike other movies that are almost one-sided in their story, Love Before the Wedding brings a bold feeling, with details that almost go against everyone's cultural traditions. Song Luan revealed that to get the emotions like the movie scene, he had to try a lot.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 5

"I always use my ego to judge the character and it's often difficult to do those scenes. So Luan and everyone must believe in the character's opinions and bring their emotions in to express them to the fullest" - Song Luan said.

Commenting on his role's actions when he forcibly kissed his girlfriend in the absence of her girlfriend of 10 years and her husband-to-be, Song Luan expressed: "This is very contrary to good customs and traditions. It's impossible for a 10-year-old lover to My girlfriend went down and kissed someone else, moreover her boyfriend was with his girlfriend. The movie is a bit absurd to leave this plot.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 6

Song Luan identifies herself as belonging to the traditional faction in the film. When reading the script, he felt there were many strange and confusing things. However, after pondering the entire content of the film, the director and producer advised him that he needed to have multi-dimensional feelings and not judge based on personal opinions. "Vietnamese people all live according to a clear and certain standard viewpoint. Somewhere in the film, there are many other aspects of many different classes and generations. In modern society like now, there are many That's not what happens. I'm portraying a character, a social issue through such a story," the actor said.

Song Luan caused controversy when he passionately kissed his best friends lover, the owner spoke up to clarify - Photo 7

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