The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail

Bút BiJun 14, 2024 at 17:54

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The movie Mac Vu Van Gian starring Ngo Can Ngon and Vuong Tinh Viet has just aired and has received a lot of public attention. The film achieved very positive achievements such as the temperature index on the first day of broadcast ranked first on the Youku platform in 2024.

The film also only took 2 days to surpass Duong Mich's work Love the Little Red Lady: Nguyet Hong Thien in terms of audience market share. Besides, the movie's views also doubled after the second day, reaching about 45 million views/day.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 1

According to Sohu, the content of Mac Vu Van Gian is captivated by the revenge and infighting in the family of female lead Tiet Phuong Phi (Ngo Can Ngon). Her ex-husband Tham Ngoc Dung (Leong Vinh Ky) plotted to destroy her reputation. Tiet Phuong Phi's father and younger brother were also killed.

Therefore, when she returned with a different identity as the prime minister's daughter (Tiet Phuong Phi impersonated Khuong Le, the prime minister's dead daughter), Tiet Phuong Phi embarked on a journey to return what she and Khuong had given her. Le had to endure.

The film is praised for its fast, attractive plot, strong, rational, and intelligent female lead. Although not a perfect work, the film satisfies the entertainment needs of viewers.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 2

The female lead Tiet Phuong Phi was once so weak that she wanted to do something foolish, but then she strongly regained her spirit because she wanted to live to see those who harmed her fall into the abyss.

Screenwriter Vu Chinh is always appreciated for knowing how to support female leads with difficult fates. Despite many difficulties, they continue to live and become increasingly successful and happy. This is the humane meaning that his films bring.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 3

It's the same story where she was harmed and her family was broken, but Ngo Can Ngon's Tiet Phuong Phi is much stronger than Hong Diem of Heart Rescue Station. Throughout the film's journey, what frustrates the audience the most is that the female lead is always weak, stupid, and only likes to speak morality even though she encounters betrayal over and over again.

The audience demands a smart, independent, strong female lead because the current era promotes equality between men and women and emphasizes the role of women.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 4

However, the Heart Rescue Station cannot do this. Even the female lead's role in the journey to reclaim justice and help her father is very faint. The company was sought by her mother to buy, the lawyer was also sought by her ex-boyfriend, and the decisive evidence was also conspired to obtain by the people around her.

Before that, Hong Diem was also criticized by the audience for her costumes and appearance in her role. For example, changing the character's hairstyle makes Hong Diem's face round and less elegant. The actress already has signs of aging, so wearing bangs makes her look fake, losing her inherent elegance.

Perhaps Hong Diem believes that the innocence of the character Ngan Ha comes from her rustic, honest appearance that does not pay attention to beauty. But she forgot that Ngan Ha is a rich lady, her father owns a pharmaceutical company worth hundreds of billions, and her husband is the director.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 5

Hong Diem's fashion style also received many mixed opinions. Stylist Khuc Manh Quan believes that Ngan Ha is a woman with quite personality, bravery and lacks love from her mother, thereby forming a strong personality in the character. He chose outfits with dark tones, mostly straight-leg pants, jeans or straight pencil skirts, and khaki hoodies and trench coats for Hong Diem.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 6

But these outfits make her look fuller and less slim. The outfit also did not match her hairstyle, causing Hong Diem to be criticized for being sloppy and the worst dressed in the movie.

The makeup style makes the character Ngan Ha look sad and tired. If in just a few episodes the audience can still endure it, but in more than 40 episodes, seeing the female lead in a poor state, like she's about to faint, will make the atmosphere of the movie less attractive.

The female lead of a primetime movie is compared to Ngo Can Ngon because of one detail - Photo 7

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