Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives 'retribution', difficult to travel?

Thư KỳAug 07, 2023 at 10:59

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Recently, the "Flipped Cards" actor has shared about his health situation that is no longer the same. At the same time, Shang Tin also admits past and improper mistakes that he sometimes regrets.

In the 80-90s, Shang Tin was called the number one actor by the audience because of his handsome, elegant appearance and often played the male lead in dramas. Some outstanding roles of the male artist can be mentioned as: Major Luu Trong Expectation in "Flipping Cards", bandit general Bach Hai Tang in "Hunting bandits", Sau Tam in "Saigon Rangers",...

During these years, artist Thuong Tin was so loved by the audience that even though he was stuck filming, the directors were still waiting for him. There are even producers who dislike Thuong Tin but are still invited by his popularity. During the glorious period of his career, there were five male artists who played up to 12 main roles.

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 1

At the same time, Thuong Tin is also famous for a time as a prosperous artist, spending m.oney without sparing hands. The artist said that each film he only received 1 gold thread, but spending a night sometimes running out of several gold trees is common.

Not only has a famous career, artist Thuong Tin is also known as one of the best flower peach stars in Vbiz. Later, actor Thuong Tin also released the memoir Thuong Tin - A stormy life about his past as well as the women who passed through his life.

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 2

Once had a life everyone had to dream about, but artist Thuong Tin lost everything because of his passion for g.ambling. By the age of 60, the artist married a young wife 32 years his junior and shared a young daughter. On the day of having children, artist Thuong Tin diligently returned to the set to earn m.oney. However, his and his young wife's lives were not harmonious and happy. At one time, actor Thuong Tin brought his children back to his hometown to live by making cashew nuts.

However, in recent years, Thuong Tin has suffered health problems as well as been involved in charity scandals, causing his image to decline heavily in the eyes of many people. Even recently, the actor once got into a controversy around the amount of m.oney gifted by the audience with a female MC. The incident caught the audience's attention when both sides gave conflicting answers.

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 3

Recently, in an interview with Jiaotong newspaper, artist Thuong Tin shared about his career and life in his 70s.

Accordingly, when talking about the current health situation, Thuong Tin said that he himself feels that he is not the same as before: "This time I feel that my health is also weak, the weakest is my legs. But because of my daughter, I also have to try, I have a job that is fun, how far I can go or go there.

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 4

First, the actor thanked musician To Hieu, who took care of him during his difficult illness.

" Fortunately for me, at the end of my life when I was sick, I was carried by musician Su Hieu. Mr. Hieu accepted the show for me to sing parties, helped me earn extra income, invested in films for me as a director. No more having a stroke and having to drive on the road, I think I'm very lucky. In addition to going to shows or visiting friends, I often stay at musician To Hieu's house to convalesce, go to acupuncture near my home ," Thuong Tin said.

Although no longer as sought after as before, artist Thuong Tin still feels happy because he can still work and live with passion. He admits his time is up, but "every artist does, it's inevitable so there's nothing to be happy about."

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 5

"At that time, I was famous but my life was miserable, I was not beautiful but I had a photogenic face. Many times when going to the street, although hungry, but still have to protect the image. It's harder for celebrities to live than the average person. And now, after having many strokes, I am not healthy, so it is very difficult," the actor shared.

The 'Saigon Rangers' actor added: "I admit I'm out of time. Everyone has a time, not just artists. When it's inevitable, understanding that, I have nothing to be happy about. When I think about the past, the present I only know how to work hard in art, where to go or where to go.

People still love me so I invite them, but now, I am too old, and I do not have the ability to pursue flexible work like many young people. It's so good now, I get to meet the audience, meet the people who love me."

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 6

Sharing about things in the past, the Saigon Ranger actor admitted that he has many bumps, vices as well as things that are not right.

After all, he expects young artists to take it as a lesson, not to make mistakes like he did. "I'm like I'm all about myself, I'm not complaining about anything. Things that have passed, I don't want to talk about it anymore, now regret is too late, where can I live now or go there, like a lamp before the wind", Shang Tin expressed.

Shang Tin admits his past of wrongdoing, so he receives retribution, difficult to travel? - Photo 7

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