NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in 'Southern Forest Land'

Gia LinhAug 07, 2023 at 16:31

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Having brought success to the TV version of Southern Forest Land, artist Trung Dan has just shared and felt about "junior" Tuan Tran in the upcoming film version of this film project.

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 1

After the production team of the movie "Southern Forest Land" revealed that actor Tuan Tran plays the role of Ut Luc Lam, social media appeared mixed praise. The character of Ut Luc Lam was not in the original novel of writer Doan Gioi, when the film was brought to the small screen for the first time, director Nguyen Vinh Son created more.

Ut Luc Lam is a character who has a close relationship with the main role of little An, although he is a pickpocket, Ut Luc Lam is willing to help little An find family happiness in difficult times. In the TV series, the role of Ut Lulin is played by artist Zhongdan.

Some viewers commented that Tuan Tran has a modern appearance, not showing the quality and honesty of Westerners. Besides, there are also concerns that Tuan Chen cannot overcome the "shadow" left by China. For a large audience, Trung Dan's role as Ut Lu Lam has reached the same classics as Hung Thuan's An and Le Quang's Vo Tong.

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 2

On the Trung Dan side, when asked about Tuan Tran's character Ut Luc Lam in the movie version of the Southern Forest Land, the veteran artist shared: "The role of Ut Luc Lam is a careless, liberal type of person, partly showing the personality of Southern people. When I was doing the TV series Southern Land, I was quite young. Because I was sick at the time, I had the advantage of being a Southerner, so it was very convenient to shoot. Now, I just learned that Tuan Chen is reprising the role of Ut Lu Lin, but I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know how."

"However, I think Tuan Tran will be able to act, because I have worked together, I understand his acting power. Tuan Tran is a young actor who is willing to learn, and I myself am not afraid to share experiences with juniors. I think that young actors now have the opportunity to approach the new and the good, so I welcome the commitment, exploiting the character with the new spirit of young people. I also waited for the film to come out to see how Tuan Chen did the stunt before I could say more," the artist added.

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 3

Tuan Tran was born in 1992, the actor possesses a handsome appearance and impressive height, Tuan Tran started as a photo model. He graced the screen through the movie Lavender That Year, At this time, his acting was quite immature but impressed by his honesty and innocence. Next, he starred in Hari Won's music video, appearing in other film projects. Until appearing in the image of Tran Thanh's "son" in the series The Godfather and becoming one of the great w.inning actors in 2021 when 'holding' 3 prestigious film awards, Tuan Tran's name really exploded.

Tuan Tran said the success over the past year exceeded his expectations. The actor confided: "I can sum up 2021 in 3 words: very grateful. I am grateful to those who have been by my side, who have given me opportunities, who have helped me. I am grateful that I tried, did not give up in the face of difficulties. All of which makes for a very happy 2021 for me."

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 4

R.evealing about his comeback in the new year, the Hello Papa actor expressed: "This year I received 2 movies and 2 series. Hopefully these projects will premiere soon so that we can tell people more."

Within 5 years, Tuan Tran appeared continuously on the screen and constantly improved his acting ability. The actor embodied in a variety of roles. He is loved by the public through films such as: When Men Are Zero, Cocoon Mother-in-law, Family Curse, Workshop 13, Beauty Lies, Apprentice D.eath, .....

The television series Southern Land first debuted in 1997, running for 11 episodes, about a young b.oy An who is orphaned by his mother, who goes in search of his father. Wandering to the South, An encountered miserable lives under the oppressive yoke of landlords and colonists. Circumstances led them to become rebellious peasants. Despite his hardships, An always lives in the care of his loved ones - the source of motivation for him to overcome hardship. After its broadcast, the work went viral, becoming one of the classic TV series with several generations of viewers.

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 5

The film version of Dat Phuong Nam Forest is directed by Nguyen Quang Dung, with the participation of actors: Huynh Hao Khang, Ky Phong, Tran Thanh, Mai Tai Phen, Cong Ninh, Tuyen Mup, Tuan Tran... The film officially hits theaters in October this year.

NS Trung Dan commented harshly when Tuan Tran reprised his role in Southern Forest Land - Photo 6

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