Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of 'banning'?

Vân AnhNov 20, 2023 at 07:21

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After more than a year of absence from the small screen, Hong Dang appeared with actors Dinh Tu, Binh An and Trung Ruoi, causing many viewers to predict that he was preparing for a 'comeback'.

On his personal page, actor Nguyen Ha Trung (Trung Rui) suddenly shared photos taken with Hong Dang, Dinh Tu and Binh An. Accompanied by the status line: "The four most handsome actors on screen at this time. Hope you welcome us in the Hanoi version of Meteor Garden."

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 1

Just 2 hours later, Hong Dang also updated this image on his personal account. The actor shared: "The two men in the middle are 40 years old and the two men on the outside are almost ten years younger... Haizzzz I'm so worried about my age, Nguyen Ha Trung."

After posting this moment, many close friends left countless comments on the actor's post. Notably, the appearance of Hong Dang and his colleagues made people question whether he would soon return to the small screen after a long absence.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 2

Besides, right below the article, many viewers also left comments expressing their excitement when Trung Ruoi claimed to be one of the 4 most handsome actors on screen. However, there are also people who are curious and excited about the appearance of Hong Dang and the 'smooth-faced' cast with VFC. Many comments supported the actor's return with the content: "Looking forward to watching your movie", "Hoping for Hong Dang's return", "Looking forward to Hong Dang's return"...

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 3

Besides the positive comments, looking forward to Hong Dang's return, many viewers mocked his scandal abroad. According to Tien Phong's own source, the image of the 4 actors reuniting is just a private meeting, not a new film project.

Previously, Hong Dang shared about changing business direction and hinted at temporarily stopping his artistic activities. "Today, a g.irl who is quite close to me suddenly texted me and asked me about changing my business direction and said that my arithmetic in art has reached the end point, even if I try, it will only reach 2027. I said it's correct. ", Hong Dang wrote.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 4

In July 2022, news broke that a 17-year-old g.irl accused of being raped in Spain. Surprisingly, Hong Dang and Ho Hoai Anh were the two characters suspected of being involved in this incident. At that time, news about the two artists made netizens extremely excited. In that situation, VTV reviewed programs with the participation of actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh. One year after that shocking scandal, the lives of Hong Dang and Ho Hoai Anh changed significantly. Ho Hoai Anh was given a disciplinary warning for going abroad without permission and the male musician was completely "silent" on social networks.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 5

When the incident happened, the image of Hong Dang in the movie "Love the sunny day" that was airing at that time was also c.ut o.ff. The director even had to change the ending to 'cut' Hong Dang's role in the most reasonable way, so as not to affect the film's content.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 6

After a few months of temporarily locking his personal page, in September 2022, the actor reopened it and regularly updated photo information about his life. He also hinted that his relationship with art was over. Currently, the actor is interested in real estate and supports his wife in advertising and sales.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 7

In addition, he also regularly posts happy photos with friends on picnics, playing golf, traveling at the beginning of the year with his wife and children, sharing his wife's restaurant business... On his personal page Hong Dang's personality often appears to share about his wife, children and happy family life. Although Hong Dang's path back to art seems difficult, Hong Dang is happy with his current business path and family life.

Hong Dang has a new move, preparing to return to the small screen after more than a year of banning? - Photo 8

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