Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon

Bút BiJun 18, 2024 at 15:21

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The movie Heart Rescue Station will end with episode 51. Thus, there are only 9 episodes left for the characters to resolve all hatred and heal hearts according to the message the production crew gave at the beginning.

However, up to now, the relationship between the characters is still quite confusing. After being released from prison, Nghia (Quang Su) plans to e.xpose An Nhien (Luong Thu Trang). While the unfinished love story of Vu (Truong Thanh Long) and Ngan Ha (Hong Diem) still has no end. It's even more ironic that Vu's mother tried to prevent her son from resuming his old love.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 1

On film forums, many viewers reacted because the script for Heart Rescue Station was long and had many absurd details. Most people think that the closer the movie gets, the more exhausted it gets because it intentionally prolongs the number of episodes and runs out of ideas.

Viewers are not satisfied when the characters are constantly immersed in hatred. Typically, Nghia secretly planned to stab An Nhien in the back while this character still harbored the intention of taking revenge on Ngan Ha's family to the end.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 2

Not only that, the episode of An Nhien holding a grudge for many years because she confused dancing shoes with Ngan Ha caused controversy. "A heavy and tiring film from beginning to end. The fact that the screenwriter presents a situation and resolves it superficially causes frustration for viewers. No one holds a grudge for decades just because they got the wrong shoe." ", "Is the writer so out of ideas that he lets the character hold grudges over such a small misunderstanding?

It can be seen that as soon as Heart Rescue Station reached the halfway mark, many viewers ran out of patience and announced they were quitting the movie. Not only in the early stages, director Vu Truong Khoa's work continuously fell into drama and a spiral of hatred.

Worth mentioning, pushing the c.limax with tragedy and opening the knot is unconvincing. The characters are f.orced into situations of hatred. Some even say that many of the details in the movie are so absurd that they are ridiculous.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 3

Character Ha Lan (People's Artist Thu Ha) has been cold and viewed her daughter as an enemy for more than 20 years just because she stopped her mother from being jealous, leading to her falling down the stairs and injuring her leg. From then on, Mrs. Ha Lan, a woman who was betrayed by her husband, vented all her anger on her daughter. Before the Milky Way incident, she had almost no love and protection from her mother.

In every conversation, Mrs. Ha Lan constantly criticized and tormented her daughter, causing her to live in torment and suffering. Even though People's Artist Thu Ha's character later showed her cleverness and talent when helping her family overcome the incident, she could not erase the image of a harsh and domineering mother at first.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 4

Not only was the way Ha Lan's character was constructed unreasonable, Nghia or Ms. Xinh (People's Artist My Uyen) also received reactions. Because of the unknown cause of his father's d.eath, he tried every means to brutally avenge his wife and his family.

The character of Ms. Xinh is said to be the center of the incident. Ms. Xinh did not explain clearly how her husband's departure caused her son to ruin her life as well as Ngan Ha's family.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 5

Previously, Heart Rescue Station also caused a lot of controversy when it was discovered that details related to medical and legal knowledge were wrong. As in episode 39, Mrs. Xinh took her c.hild's hair for a DNA test.

However, holding scissors to cut hair is not realistic because if you want to test DNA, you need a hair sample with the subject's hairline. If only the upper part of the hair shaft is present, it is just keratin and has no effect. The incorrect medical knowledge in this scene made the audience laugh, thinking that the director did not know even the simplest things.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 6

In episode 31, when Vu and An Nhien (Hong Diem) were attending the trial to accuse Nghia of appropriating property, My Dinh lured little Gon to follow her, and at the same time took a photo and sent it to Nghia, asking Nghia have to give up. However, thanks to the GPS watch, An Nhien came to rescue b.aby Golf and scolded Ngan Ha severely.

This episode caused great controversy with the audience watching the movie. Most viewers believe that normal people will not act like My Dinh because she is toying with the law and committing a very serious violation. Some viewers even asked My Dinh to be responsible before the law because the real-life situation was a very serious crime.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 7

In addition, the audience also commented that the scene filmed at the court was chaotic and did not follow the order or process of a trial. When she heard the news that Gon had disappeared, An Nhien ran into the middle of the court and whispered to Nghia. After Nghia received My Dinh's message, he also asked the lawyer to postpone the trial and leave immediately.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 8

In fact, Vietnamese law stipulates: Leaving voluntarily during trial is a violation of court rules. The trial must take place under the chairmanship of the presiding judge. The fact that Nghia arbitrarily canceled the trial, did not clearly explain the reason to his lawyer, but only had one line: "Please postpone the trial for me. I have urgent business", showing that the screenwriter did not understand the trial process. trial in court.

In addition, the audience also pointed out that the script has many gaps in practical knowledge such as asset transfer, company valuation, business valuation... In the film, knowledge about business and law is written. very general.

Primetime movies are criticized for rambling, trying to create drama, and audiences hope to end soon - Photo 9

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