Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law?

Bút BiMay 21, 2024 at 18:10

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Heart Rescue Station episode 31 was considered to cause great disappointment for the audience when the character My Dinh (Thuy Diem) impulsively kidnapped b.aby Golf to pressure Nghia (Quang Su) to admit defeat. .

The audience was upset because the movie's plot was confusing, turning the character My Dinh into a stupid g.irl lacking understanding of the law.

Specifically, when Vu and An Nhien (Hong Diem) were attending the trial to accuse Nghia of appropriating property, My Dinh lured little Gon to follow her, and at the same time took a photo and sent it to Nghia, asking Nghia to give up. However, thanks to the GPS watch, An Nhien came to rescue b.aby Golf and scolded Ngan Ha severely.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 1

This episode caused great controversy with the audience watching the movie. Most viewers believe that normal people will not act like My Dinh because she is toying with the law and committing a very serious violation. Some viewers even asked My Dinh to be responsible before the law because the real-life situation was a very serious crime.

Viewers were also angry because the script was dragged on and on, creating absurd and senseless details, making the audience increasingly hate the characters in the film. When criticized by An Nhien, 34-year-old My Dinh also said: "Do you know who my mother is?", making viewers bored.

In addition, the audience also commented that the scene filmed at the court was chaotic and did not follow the order or process of a trial. When she heard the news that Gon had disappeared, An Nhien ran into the middle of the court and whispered to Nghia. After Nghia received My Dinh's message, he also asked the lawyer to postpone the trial and leave immediately.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 2

In fact, Vietnamese law stipulates: Leaving voluntarily during trial is a violation of court rules. The trial must take place under the chairmanship of the presiding judge. The fact that Nghia arbitrarily canceled the trial, did not clearly explain the reason to his lawyer, but only had one line: "Please postpone the trial for me. I have urgent business", showing that the screenwriter did not understand the trial process. trial in court.

In addition to Heart Rescue Station, the audience also pointed out that the script has many gaps in practical knowledge such as asset transfer, company valuation, business valuation... In the movie, knowledge about business, The law is written very generally.

Previously, in episode 25, there was a situation where Ngan Ha called lawyer Quoc Vinh to ask for advice. During the face-to-face meeting, the lawyer affirmed that it was not easy for Ngan Ha to prove that he was deceived by Nghia. She needs to find a financial expert Nghia to introduce. However, that person is also likely to be an actor hired by Nghia.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 3

The conversation between Ngan Ha and the lawyer was suddenly interrupted because Chi disappeared at school. It turned out that Chi wanted to visit him, but because he didn't know the way, he got lost. Ngan Ha found the g.irl wandering on the street. She promised to take the g.irl back to burn incense for him before going to the Social Protection Center. The day b.aby Chi arrived at the Shelter, Vu, My Dinh and Nam also came to say goodbye to her.

According to the audience's assessment, in the new developments, the details are still vicious, there is no way out, the details are getting longer and longer. The audience continuously left many controversial comments.

"The movie is getting more and more boring, watching episode 25 is a waste of time, it doesn't revolve around the main character, it's cumbersome. Introducing the episode of little Chi feels redundant. While Ha doesn't worry about her family, she just worries about making money" - one audience member commented.

"The movie is full of unnecessary scenes, wasting time, filming the weak parts of the Milky Way over and over again, I feel very tired" - another viewer expressed.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 4

An audience member pointed out the absurdity of the film: "In divorce, the assets acquired after marriage must be divided in half, especially the company is authorized by Ngan Ha, why doesn't the director understand the law? It's so absurd! ".

"In the next episode, can Ngan Ha's eyes not be so dull anymore? In today's episode, Ngan Ha's eyes are dull in every scene, and she doesn't know what to ask. Dad, don't worry, just go and take care of little Chi" - many viewers agreed. with this comment.

"I recommend that the director not let Hong Diem's character Ngan Ha be the female lead, but let Luong Thu Trang's An Nhien play the main character. It feels like this is a movie of evil, scheming, cunning people. While Ngan Ha "It's like an extra person in the movie, so this character should be cut out" - an audience commented.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 5

"Watching the character Ngan Ha is tiring. Every time I get to the part of the character Hong Diem, I want to change the channel" - the audience began to get bored with Hong Diem's role.

This is not the first time a Vietnamese film script has been criticized for its technical knowledge. In the movie Missed Appointment with Green Day, the character Duyen (played by Le Bong) is an architect but does not receive project m.oney from her partner. This is completely inconsistent with reality because architects often receive m.oney i.n installments, and many have to urge investors to provide funding soon.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 6

These details, although small, show a lack of care in the script, making people in the industry uncomfortable, and are even said to defame the doctor's profession and reduce the quality of the work.

Vietnamese primetime movies are controversial because of many errors and details that disregard the law? - Photo 7

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