People's Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of "transporting from movies into life"

Minh NgọcJan 05, 2024 at 17:38

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Quoc Tri People's People is known to young audiences through small screen roles such as Under the shade of a happy tree, Street in the village... He "dictates" the characters of austere men, "roosters raising children".

Quoc Tri, whose real name is Nguyen Van Tri, is a famous actor of Vietnamese cinema. He has more than 40 years of artistic activity in the Army theater. Joining the troupe of the General Department of Politics in the years 1973-1975, he participated in the Ho Chi Minh campaign along with his first role as a Moc soldier in the play Sister Nha. "This role has given me a love for the profession, attachment and motivation to strive on the artistic path," said People's Representative Quoc Tri.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 1

In 2001, he was awarded the title of Distinguished Artist.

In 2008, thanks to Korean director Lyo Jung-tak's Lobster Hunting Season , Quoc Tri became 1 of 2 winners of the Best Actor category for a single/special/short drama, and also received the first foreigner special trophy to win the KBS Drama Studio trophy.

In 2012, he was awarded the title of People's Artist by the Vietnamese government. Besides being an actor, he also participated in film production as an associate director in a number of films set in the war such as Ben Tre Night, The Gong of Destiny.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 2

40 years in the profession, playing all roles in many aspects, but there are still roles that talented artists like Quoc Tri find difficult. Typical is the role of Ke Nin in The Saint of Saints (a Russian play). At this point, Quoc Tri had to act out the true nature of a Russian peasant in a country he had never been to. Fortunately, since childhood, when he stepped into the theater, Russian literature for him was a passion. Patterns of characters from Russian works form in the head. Through his works of Russian literature, he saw a Russian society, Russian soldiers are quite close to Vietnamese soldiers, sharing the same ideals and kindness. However, Quoc Tri is Asian, must choose a way of acting with psychological depth, behavior from actions, voices, most importantly, inner must be achieved. Only then will it pull the viewer closer to the character.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 3

In addition to theater, many of Quoc Tri's film roles have imprinted on many audiences, from young to old. When he arrived at the gate of the Military Theater, just asked to see Quoc Tri, a young man asked with a smile: "Quoc Tri sells porridge, right?" In addition, the character as the dog butcher of the role of Bong in the movie The Lumberjacks and then the villain, the image of a brutal, uneducated, grumpy man. has made an extremely vivid impression on the audience. Over the past decade, an average of two years, the National People's Party has played a major role.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 4

Quoc Tri said he was often chosen for working-class roles such as farmers, pedicab riders, etc. "The nature of the soldier is always applied to each role. Even the villain roles, I also find humanity, my own direction for the character to leave a good impression in the audience's heart," said the Street actor in the village .

Quoc Tri said that from the time he joined the troupe until his retirement, he was devoted to the profession and was awarded the title of People's Artist. For the actor, it is the fruit of his efforts so he is very proud, there are no regrets. "I play supporting roles also, lead roles also. But I don't distinguish, if given a character, just do that role well. As an artist, I am happy because I have lived many people's lives," he said.

People's Representative Quoc Tri said his artistic journey was not hard, but his daily life was very hard. "My family is a large number of military officers, so I am used to hardship as a c.hild. I see it as a way to recharge with energy, which lives to make the roles more convenient. That made it impossible for me to quit my job, not to break the burden in the middle of the road," he said.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 5

In private, the Nationalist People's Party claimed to be romantically involved. He has 2 wives and now has a soulmate by his side. His first wife is artist Lan Huong, two people in the same profession, the same troupe met and got married, they have 1 daughter. When I was 16 years old, the two broke up in civilization, taking care of me together.

His first marriage broke up, and it wasn't until 10 years later that Quoc Tri remarried to a woman named Huong. When he was only 2 years away from retirement, he received bad news about his wife's illness.

He sadly said: "Having been together for 10 years, she was also seriously ill, I cared for her wholeheartedly. Europe is also a number, I can avoid it or not escape suffering." In 2018, his wife died, and the artist returned to the "lonely" state as many years ago.

Quoc Tri said that his first daughter and two stepsons were very close to each other. Whenever the family has something in common, or meetings, you still organize and bring people together. You still ask each other for your opinion about your education, your husband, he is happy that you know how to love and care about each other.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 6

The artist said that he is not a flower digger, he is an honest person but fate has arranged it so he has to follow. When he lived with any wife, he cultivated it wholeheartedly, but without grace he resigned.

Peoples Republic of Quoc Tri: the most austere father on the screen, the suffering of transporting from movies into life - Photo 7

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