Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023

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2023 is seen as the year dramas in Korea dominate the feminist genre. Further affirming the never-ending "femininity" of feminist themes to filmmakers.

No male lead needed

The most obvious expression for feminism in Korean films probably lies in the rise of the number of female leads. Most Korean films are man-centered in films such as Dr. Romantic, Vincenzo, Goblin ... Using the main male-female couple as a fulcrum for plot development and emotional psychology has also become a familiar motif in drama. However, in recent years, many Korean film directors have let the heroine's story become the main content. The men around them are all minor characters and have almost exclusively catalytic roles.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 1

The most typical is Mask G.irl - the film ranked in the Top 10 of Netflix globally and caused fever throughout Asia. Mask G.irl's main and supporting character systems are both female, reflecting the "very feminine" aspects: loneliness, weakness, wanting to be understood and loved, willing to sacrifice for others but can also become violent and c.ruel. The female-female relationships in Mask G.irl are thoroughly inculcated: family (mother - c.hild; grandmother - grandchild), society (colleagues; friends), prison (inmate - inmate; prison guard - inmate). They show the strong instincts of women/mothers but are also the most misguided.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 2

Similar to Mask G.irl, K.ill Boksoon is also a global fever title on Netflix, revolving around the story of female assassin Gil Bok Soon. During the day, Bok Soon is a single mother who is busy cooking, cleaning the house, and taking care of her daughter. At night, she is an experienced assassin with a 100% mission completion rate of the MK assassin syndicate. K.ill Boksoon has also proven that the action genre is not just the actor's playground as Jeon Do Yeon has an eye-catching role-playing part in a series of f.ight sequences.


Independence and autonomy, not relying on men

The image of housewives, standing behind as the rear for husbands and children is too familiar in Korean movies. The fact that women have to give up their dreams and careers for family is taken for granted by Korean society. It is an ideology rooted in views and ideas that have become obsolete in masculine society. Therefore, the filmmakers have brought the dreams of countless women into their work: to empower them with strength and independence.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 3

As in The Good Bad Mother , the two women in the film are both single mothers, raising children on their own and carrying out lives. Unlike the usual weak female politicians, both Young Soon and Mi Joo brave the storms of life to raise their children without depending on men.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 4

In Dr. Cha, the heroine Cha Young Sook also forgot her youthful ambitions to stay at home to take care of her family . But in middle age, she also "woke up" in time to restart her unfinished dream. Young Sook's protest is a revolution in thought, expressing the secret aspirations of many Korean women. Not only the heroine, other female characters in the film such as Seo Yi Rang's daughter or Doctor Jeon So Ra all have strong personalities and do not succumb to pent-up.

"Female power" against inequality

Gone are the days when the Korean heroine was associated with the image of "useless cake", the public seems to have shifted to sympathize with a stronger and more confident personality type. Movies about talented and temperamental "big sisters" always attract the attention of netizens every time they air: Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon, The Glory 2, Maestra: Strings of Truth ... However, as is inevitable in Korean society, the fact that women are in power always causes discontent among men. Therefore, many films have successfully exploited the "battle" between the sexes as a way to advocate for gender equality and speak up for women.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 5

The most typical example of the past year is Agency - a film about the battle in an advertising agency. Coming from a poor background, Go Ah In became the first female CEO of a major agency. Meanwhile, other senior positions are built as men who despise women. The agency addressed gender discrimination and stereotypes in the workplace, where men are in power. Go Ah In's journey of struggle and victory is the clearest testament to the ability not inferior to men and the bravery in women.

Feminist films occupy Korean television territory in 2023 - Photo 6

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