Us 8 years later: The audience 'screamed' asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2

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People are extremely "screaming" at the producer and director of the movie Us 8 years later, earnestly requesting that the main cast not be replaced in part 2 of the movie.

We are 8 years later - the movie is attracting the attention of many audiences on VTV3. The film is highly appreciated for its content on the themes of youth and romantic love, along with the participation of actors who are all new faces. The film is divided into two parts, the first part is about sweet youth, the second part is about the period when the characters have matured.

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 1

The two main actors caused a stir among audiences in Us 8 years later.

In part 1, the audience reacted positively and appreciated the acting abilities and appearances of Quoc Anh, Hoang Ha, Ngoc Huyen, and Tran Nghia. It can be seen through the movie excerpts that it achieved good interaction, reaching several million views. Even the dialogues in movies become trendy. The audience is interested in the new faces of VFC. It seemed that their acting skills were still immature, but they succeeded beyond the expectations of the television public.

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 2

The film's director is Bui Tien Huy, who has created the success of many popular primetime television dramas such as Love on a sunny day , Don't say it when you love ... The director shared that he had to cast quite carefully to Selecting the cast from 8 years ago: "They are young but they are not too new faces, so for me whether new or young is not the top priority, the important thing is still to fit the role. ".

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 3

Because of their love for the young actors, many people do not want the film to move to part 2 because all the main actors have changed, switching to: Be Tran, Quynh Kool, Huyen Lizzie, and Manh Truong, making many people watch. low mood".

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 4

In part 2, many viewers expressed their hope that the director would not replace the actors. Netizens commented that the old cast is performing very well, bringing many emotions to the audience. Changing actors will most likely disrupt the emotions. Besides, they think that the cast in part 2 is not suitable for the character arc. Furthermore, names such as: Manh Truong, Huyen Lizzie or Quynh Kool are all too familiar to viewers through prime time dramas.

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 5

This change is probably because director Bui Tien Huy himself did not dare to take the risk of choosing other faces, because he still trusts names with long-standing experience. He also shared in an interview: "It is impossible to deny the attraction of experienced and famous actors. However, it is also a double-edged sword", because if you do not explore new ways to If you study a new character carefully, they may get confused with previous roles, or not be able to overcome the famous role. So before choosing actors for the film, The whole team had to sit down and discuss and research quite carefully to make a decision.

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 6

As for choosing new faces, I am quite open-minded and observe generations of actors, both professional and amateur, to choose the most suitable for my works. And if you pay attention to the films I make, almost every film has new faces acting for the first time or for VFC for the first time."

Let's watch the movie Us 8 years later with the performances of the "familiar" cast in part 2, will it win the audience's hearts or not?

Us 8 years later: The audience screamed asking the director not to replace the actors in Part 2 - Photo 7

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