Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown

Kim LâmJul 06, 2023 at 16:32

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Nearly 20 years of working with the acting industry, many viewers still do not remember Phuc An's name, people only know the actress with a kind face and slightly sad eyes.

Actress Phuc An was born in 1984, is an actress known to many audiences, especially the Southern audience. She has participated in movies such as: Young Heart, Golden Rose Code, Close the Past, Warm Afternoon, Crime Circle, Infuriating My Loved Wife ...

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 1

Phuc An possesses a gentle beauty that easily creates a sense of peace with the opposite person. With the true tenderness of Asian women, she is often "targeted" by directors to play the role of a gentle, resigned woman, and since she entered the profession, she has rarely tried her hand at the villain. Not seeing it as a disadvantage, she still diligently sticks to each role because for her, being an actress is not only a passion since childhood but also a livelihood.

"If I didn't become an actress, I wouldn't know what to do because I didn't study very well," Phuc An once shared. And for all these years, she kept pursuing, even though it seemed like a break at times. Movies have been Phuc An's dream since childhood.

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 2

After high school, she passed the valedictorian exam at Can Tho College of Culture and Arts. But busy playing and studying for about a month, she followed the radio to participate in gameshow programs (at that time not as flourishing as now) thanks to her bright and photogenic face. While having fun, reading the newspaper and seeing that director Chau Hue's film Career was continuing with part 2, Phuc An risked calling and talking to artist Mai Huynh at that time in charge of recruiting actors for the film. Alone in the middle of the city, anticipating difficulties, but because of his passion and want to find himself an opportunity, Phuc An is even more determined.

Through the photo qualifier, she went to Saigon to audition for the role, just entered the TV station, and was immediately invited by director Ho Ngoc Xum to play the role of a courier in Young Heart.

Phuc An once shared, her biggest difficulty at that time was that her knowledge of history was not much, but when she accepted a role on the topic of war, she had to learn and supplement her knowledge of history, learn how to act, how to act and how to act. holding a g.un, ... even though only 3 segments appeared. That first role gave her a lot of experience and the opportunity to learn how to act from her colleagues. Role after role, film after film, Phuc An follows a light profession.

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 3

After the opportunity to fall in love with cinema through Young Heart, Phuc An continued to search and was trusted by directors to play the role. Although she only took on small roles and supporting roles, she was always serious about her profession and gradually perfected her acting.

Ten years of working with the acting career, many viewers still do not remember Phuc An's name, only know that the actress has a kind face and a bit of sadness in her eyes. Phuc An is not sad about that because for her, if the role is successful, the audience will remember, even if the face or character on the film is enough to make her happy.

However, the actress wants to play a variety of roles, not limited to one image. That not only helps her refresh her self-image, but also creates a condition to create more competitive elements in the artistic environment.

Regarding her family life, when she was just remembered by the audience with a kind face and gentle words through some films, she decided to get married at the age of 24 and did not have much time for acting. Her husband is the son of the most famous chef in Saigon, but she loves him not because of his family background, because he is romantic but because of his thoughtfulness and filial piety to his family.

Phuc An shared: "I used to love, live fully with love and accept to sacrifice my career to raise my family. At that time, my husband's family owned a chain of restaurants and eateries in Ho Chi Minh City, so I put it aside. After that, I had a b.aby Khanh An and decided to spend all my time with him."

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 4

She once wanted to have a peaceful life, wholeheartedly taking care of her family, but her life was not satisfactory. After days of unbearable repression and more conflicts in her marriage, she and her husband chose to divorce. Phuc An alone carried her c.hild out of her husband's house. After the divorce, her husband's business was also not favorable, so her husband did not support her much in raising children. For Phuc An, those days were difficult and deadlocked.

"The period of hiatus from art activities due to getting married and having children, my career has slowed down. But I'm not too sad about this because that's the path I chose," she shared.

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 5

After the divorce, Phuc An struggled to find a way to reconnect with friends and old acquaintances who asked to go back to filming. In those troubled and difficult days, her mother and daughter lived on the meager pension of their parents.

Life struggling with rice, m.oney, and thoughts about children makes actors sometimes inevitably feel pressure. Phuc An began to receive more films, she pressed her belly to send her children back to her hometown, asking her parents to help her focus on work. She said, that life would probably last if she wasn't lucky enough to meet and marry her current husband.

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 6

With a meek and gentle nature, Phuc An received many words of attention and flirting. All of them, she was ignored because her biggest concern at that time was focused on her little daughter. Phuc An said, sometimes thinking back to the love story with Dang Nguyen - Phuc An's later husband, was a fan of her. Appreciating her through each role, he got to know her through social networks and then started dating.

Phuc An shared: "Brother Nguyen is very romantic, often creating surprises for parents and children. I find in him the harmony from his gestures of care and concern for me and the children."

During the period when she gave birth to her second c.hild, loved her wife, missed her job, hung around with milk diapers all day, Mr. Dang Nguyen encouraged her to return to work. This busy time makes her feel happy. If before, she acted in films out of love for her job and for life, now that job is just for her to satisfy her passion. Currently, there is no pressure to film to earn m.oney, Phuc An balances time for family and art.

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 7

Actor Phuc An: Having sacrificed his career for his family, found happiness late after marriage breakdown - Photo 8

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