"Beef": Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe

Thảo MaiJan 09, 2024 at 17:30

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Recently, the Golden Globe Awards 2024 was held in the US. The event gathers many world-famous faces to attend and promises to have a great impact on the results of the Oscars in the coming time.

Especially, in the category of Best Limited TV Series / Feature Film, a name familiar to Vietnamese audiences was named.

Accordingly, the film Beef that "stormed" when it aired won in the category of Limited TV Series / Best TV Feature Film. Ali Wong won Outstanding Female Lead in a Limited Series/Feature Film and Steven Yeun also received the Best Male Lead A.ward in a Limited Series/Feature Film. Thus, at this year's Golden Globes, Beef embraced 3 important awards.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 1

Officially launched on the Netflix platform on April 6, the 10-episode drama Beef (Discord) quickly reached the top of the platform's global hit and received many praise from experts.

The work has a rating of 99% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and is given an 8.4 rating by IMDb. The Guardian gave the film 4 stars out of 5 and praised it as a funny entertainment show. Many international newspapers said that Beef is the best TV work of 2023.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 2

Beef is the new entry from A24 studio, which made the 2023 Oscars hit Everything Everywhere All at Once. The film features two famous faces of Asian descent including Steven Yeun (Oscar nominated for Minari (2020) and Ali Wong (famous stand-up comedian).

In particular, the appearance of Vietnamese artist Hong Dao in an episode made Vietnamese audiences excited. In episode eight, Hong Dao played Hanh Trinh, the mother of the heroine Amy (played by Ali Wong). On the rice tray appeared sour soup - a traditional Vietnamese dish cooked by Mrs. Hanh Trinh to treat Amy on the occasion of her son's visit home.

Artist Hong Dao only appeared for about 5 minutes but she still received a good response. The audience praised the acting and dialogue in fluent and natural English of the Vietnamese female artist.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 3

In particular, the character has a line that many viewers shared on social media: "As you get older, you will realize that if you look back, you will collapse. Whatever happens, leave it behind." Hong Tao's character also makes an important contribution to the psychological development of the heroine.

Beef opens with a fateful meeting between the two main characters on the road to Los Angeles (USA). Comedian Ali Wong plays a businesswoman who becomes a millionaire with a successful startup project. She also owns a dream family with a handsome, art-loving husband and a lovely young daughter. Meanwhile, the Korean-born actor who received an Oscar nomination - Steven Yeun plays construction contractor Danny Cho, who constantly has bad luck in the path of fame and love.

The two individuals became enemies after only one incident in the parking lot. Danny nearly hit Amy's car. Although there was no scuffle, the incident led to a chase that gave no one on the road, inadvertently creating a feud between two strangers.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 4

Beef directors Hikari and Jake Schreier create a work that is not new but still attracts audiences. The fast pace and many unpredictable situations throughout the 10 episodes and the length of each episode is 30-39 minutes, making the audience feel fit. Funny situations and witty lines create a sense of comfort for viewers.

The film focuses on exploring the lives of Asian Americans. In English, the word "Beef" in addition to beef means "hatred". The film focuses on the two main characters and how they deal with their own anger, hate and pressures in life.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 5

Danny represents the working class and Amy is the face of the elite. Through Danny and Amy's conflict, social issues such as generational crises, Asians' preference for men and women are also addressed. Throughout the film is the obsession with social media, a prominent social issue today.

The film focuses on the psychological development of two individuals who use arguments as a way to relieve the psychological pressures hidden deep within them. The character Danny carries the burden of the breadwinner, responsible for taking care of his parents and younger siblings. Amy, a wealthy woman who possesses perfect status and family life, but is not really happy.

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 6

The performances of two actors of Asian descent - Steven Yeun and Ali Wong were critically praised rhythmically and well. The interesting point of Beef is the cast of Asian descent. Lead actress Ali Wong told the LA Times: "When you watch a movie with an all-Asian American actor, it's very rare, all become equal human beings."

Beef: Hollywood movie featuring Hong Dao and Vietnamese sour soup just won a Golden Globe - Photo 7

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