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Man makes m.ale s.tudent brain dead: Private messages revealed, neighbors r.eveal true personality

Minh Lợi16:08:10 29/03/2024
Recently, a representative of Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital said that the m.ale s.tudent NHD. (Long Bien, Hanoi) is receiving maintenance treatment at the Intensive Care Department. Currently, it is impossible to predict or predict anything.

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One defendant in the Truong My Lan case had terminal cancer and asked for exemption from punishment

Thảo Mai16:31:11 28/03/2024
On March 28, continuing the trial of the case of Truong My Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group), the lawyer of defendant Luu Quoc Thang (former Head of SCB Bank's Control Board) conducted a defense. .

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A young man was tricked out of m.oney by his fiancée and trafficked in banned substances to get married to a new person

Minh Lợi17:07:48 25/03/2024
The trial of Lau Ba Li (30 years old, from Nam Can commune, Ky Son, Nghe An) on March 25 took place quickly because the defendant's crime was quite simple. Lau Ba Li was prosecuted by the People's Procuracy of Nghe An and brought to court for trial on the charge of illegally buying and selling banned substances.

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The police stepped in to deal with a group of people pretending to be young volunteers to go to karaoke

Đông Nguyên16:37:38 20/03/2024
Currently, the police of Hoang Liet ward and Inspectors of the Department of Culture - Sports and the Department of Information and Communications of Hanoi have verified the case and dealt with those who pretended to be young volunteers.

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Youtuber Tho Nguyen received a summons letter from the authorities: This trip was a bit stressful

Hương Duy13:47:06 20/03/2024
The information that Youtuber Tho Nguyen was sent a summons by the authorities is currently causing a stir on social networks. Many people couldn't help but wonder why the female Youtuber was summoned.

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The Procuracy proposed to completely remove Ms. Truong My Lan from social life

Trường Nguyễn15:43:54 19/03/2024
According to the People's Procuracy (People's Procuracy) of Ho Chi Minh City, defendant Truong My Lan has no repentant attitude, gives crooked statements, does not admit the crime, blames the staff, so she should be strictly removed from society. festival.

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S.hock: Elon Musk admitted to using banned substances every week, "justifying" with this reason!

Thảo Mai14:59:02 19/03/2024
In a recent interview with journalist Don Lemon, Elon Musk admitted that he regularly uses ketamine, a banned synthetic substance that can cause hallucinations.

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Case of f.emale s.tudent delivering chickens: Biological mother cried and complained, the High People's Court opened a retrial

Đình Như16:58:31 18/03/2024
Recently, the High People's Court said it would consider the injustice appeal of Ms. Tran Thi Hien, the mother of the victim of the chicken delivery case, after 6 months the Supreme People's Court annulled the appeal verdict.

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The B.ody Shop Vietnam responded after news of the parent corporation's mass bankruptcy

Hoàng Trang16:54:06 13/03/2024
In the face of a wave of mass closures from the US to the UK, with unpaid employee salaries, consumers expressed concern that The B.ody Shop in Vietnam would also be affected. However, the company soon responded to reassure public opinion.

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Binh Phuoc: Big fire in residential area, one resident was suddenly injured

Hương Duy15:22:46 12/03/2024
After receiving information about the fire, the fire police and rescue police of Binh Phuoc province quickly arrived at the scene and promptly extinguished it to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring residential areas.

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Ms. Truong My Lan cried, did not admit guilt, and was called mother by Thanh Bui's wife, r.evealing one thing

JLO16:31:31 11/03/2024
On March 11, the jury continued the trial of the Van Thinh Phat case with questioning of defendants Truong My Lan (former Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and Nguyen Cao Tri - former Chairman of Capella Group.

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The daughter of a 123-year-old woman in Hai Duong wants her mother to set a world record

Hoàng Trang13:12:46 09/03/2024
According to documents, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Co (in Hai Duong) was recorded as being born in 1901, or 123 years old. Therefore, Mr. Co's family wants the government to help establish him as the oldest person in the world.

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The drunk female driver who "exploded" was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth

Bảo Nam11:35:17 07/03/2024
The Hanoi City Police officially informed about the case of a female driver who violated the alcohol level in excess of the drama and exploded as the niece of a senior official at the Ministry of Public Security, causing public outrage.

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Students publicly apologized for reflecting "insufficient meals" while studying defence.

Trường Nguyễn17:09:03 06/03/2024
Regarding students' complaints about lunch at the National Defense and Security Education Center, Hue University does not guarantee quality. Some students apologized.

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The image of Truong My Lan in court and the first testimony, what is Thanh Bui's wife's attitude?

Thảo Mai11:52:45 05/03/2024
March 5, TAND HCMC. HCMC opened a preliminary hearing of the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group, SCB Bank and related units. The trial is scheduled to run from March 5 to April 29.

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Organizing karaoke in hospitals, people back on tiktok, director speaks out

Thảo Mai16:54:00 04/03/2024
Recently, on the anniversary of Vietnam Doctor's Day (27/2), Thap Muoi Regional General Hospital (Dong Thap) has set up a theater to organize parties, sing karaoke in the canteen. This image was filmed by people, posted on TikTok and caused a lot of controversy.

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Vung Tau: The crane broke its cable and collapsed, a motorcyclist had to "leave" right at the bridge

Hương Duy16:18:03 28/02/2024
Vung Tau City authorities mobilized people and vehicles to the scene to investigate the cause of the crane cable break, as well as regulate traffic congestion.

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The owner of Tan Hiep Phat was accused of appropriating more than 1,000 billion from lending activities

Hương Duy19:25:51 24/02/2024
According to additional investigation, Mr. Truong Qui Thanh (Chairman of Tan Hiep Phat Group) and his two daughters continued to be accused of taking advantage of loans to appropriate projects and dozens of other plots of land.

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Discovering that the g.irl went missing on the 7th day of Tet in a motel room filled with the smell of oil and wind, saddened one thing

Keng11:03:08 20/02/2024
Information related to the d.eath of a g.irl born in 2003 in a motel room in Hanoi after missing since the 7th day of Tet caused a stir in public opinion. Through initial investigation, the suspect was not a tenant but a young man from Bac Giang.

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The case of the missing g.irl 29 Tet: The neighbor was arrested and the testimony made everyone angry

Thảo Mai13:43:09 15/02/2024
In the afternoon of February 14 (5th Tet), Colonel Tran Thi Kim Ly, Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Agency. HCMC provided information on the results of the investigation into the case of the suspect who k.illed the g.irl on February 8 (29 Tet) in Thu Duc City.

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1 more showbiz pimps arrested: Used to serve time in prison for banned substances, "chicken" full of models, DV

Thảo Mai18:39:35 01/02/2024
The Ministry of Public Security has prosecuted and detained Nguyen Huu Thai (26 years old, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City). HCM) to investigate the act of brokering girls to have fun with guests, benefiting more than 15 billion VND.

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Captain lost 2 legs when catching "sand bandits": Installed prosthetic legs, chokingly shared this

Thảo Mai14:36:24 25/01/2024
Regarding the case of a police captain in Vinh Long who lost his leg while c.hasing sand pirates, on the afternoon of January 24, Vinh Long Provincial Police informed that the authorities had sanctioned two illegal sand miners for administrative violations. license with a total amount of 50 million VND.

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Taekwondo coach was arrested for playing tricks on many male martial artists: Appearing standard on social networks

JLO10:27:50 23/01/2024
On January 22, Quang Ngai Provincial Police announced that they had just urgently arrested Pham Huynh Minh Thinh (29 years old, in Truong Quang Trong Ward, Quang Ngai City) to investigate his behavior of playing bad tricks with many male students.

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A runner - a compassionate beauty was arrested for "protecting" a truck, profiting nearly 5 billion VND

JLO14:16:04 10/01/2024
According to information in Dan Tri newspaper, the Criminal Police Department of Nghe An Police and Thai Hoa Town Police chaired and coordinated with professional departments and related units to successfully solve the case of protecting trucks, profiting many billions of dong.

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