The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter

Hoàng PhúcJun 06, 2024 at 12:09

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Regarding the case of 3 people in a family who were found dead in Trung An commune, Vu Thu district (Thai Binh) that occurred on June 4, the Thai Binh Provincial Police announced the results of the initial investigation.

The victims include Mr. N.T.X. (born in 1938, residing in Bon Thon village, Trung An commune) and his daughter and grandchildren.

According to Family & Society, from the results of the initial investigation and based on the collected evidence, the Thai Binh Provincial Investigation Agency said that the cause of the above incident was caused by Ms. N.T.H., stemming from family conflicts.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 1

Ms. V. (neighbor of Mr. N.T.X's family): "I heard a very loud argument, until this morning, I was shocked by the news that the 3 did not pass."

According to this neighbor, at the time of the incident, Mrs. M. (Mr. X.'s wife) was at her son's house, about 200m away, so she was lucky to escape.

"Recently, Ms. H. has often conflicted with her family and quarreled with her parents. Even about 1 month ago, Ms. H. pushed her into a ditch near her house. Ms. M. knew how to swim, so she escaped," Ms. V. said.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 2

A neighbor named M. said that Ms. H.'s mother said that recently Ms. H. owed some m.oney, so the family often quarreled.

Mr. T.V.C., a resident of Bon Thon village, near the victims' houses, said that Mr. and Mrs. X. are gentle people who live by farming.

"H. does not live with his parents, rents a house and works as a freelancer, sometimes comes home. In everyday life, there are frictions and conflicts between H. and his biological father. Each tree, each flower, each house, each scene, we think that is normal in every family. But, when the conflict is not resolved, the consequences are catastrophic, no one thinks that H. can harm Mr. X., and then he himself will leave," Mr. C. said.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 3

According to the investigation agency, Ms. N.T.H. used to be married, but about 6 years ago, she and her husband divorced. In life, H. showed signs of depression, neurological instability...

About 2 months ago, H. quit working as a worker and stayed at home with his birth parents.

In the afternoon before the tragic incident, Ms. H. and her parents continued to have conflicts and conflicts. Ms. H. then took the family's bicycle and threw it into the river in front of the house.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 4

At 6 a.m. on June 4, Mr. X. was found dead in the bedroom. The functional forces then found Ms. H. and her son...

During the investigation and examination of the scene, the functional forces salvaged the bicycle and seized the weapon Ms. H. used to harm her father.

Currently, the case is being directed by the Provincial Police to investigate, clarify the cause, and settle it in accordance with the law.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 5

In addition to the above case, recently, the incident of a 33-year-old woman who died after rhinoplasty at a cosmetic facility in District 1 also attracted public interest.

Accordingly, on June 5, the District 1 Police coordinated with the Inspectorate of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City to work with a team of medical staff who performed surgery on Ms. T. (living in Tay Ninh), investigating the cause of d.eath of the victim during rhinoplasty.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 6

According to the report of Ms. T.'s family, yesterday morning, after researching and texting to exchange prices with an online beauty unit, she and her daughter went to Ho Chi Minh City. The mother and daughter were asked to go to the Aesthetic Clinic of Thailand Hospital International Cosmetic Hospital Co., Ltd. on Pasteur Street, District 1, for rhinoplasty with silicone materials and ear cartilage.

More than 11 o'clock, Ms. T. went to the surgery room, but at more than 14 o'clock, she called her family to complain of tiredness, and the staff of the beauty salon called her daughter to come to the doctor's office. A little later, her health was weak, she was admitted to Hospital 115.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 7

The hospital said that the patient was admitted to the hospital in a deep coma, although he was treated by many measures, but he did not survive until more than 10 p.m. The cause was initially determined to be grade 4 anaphylaxis; suspected p.oisoning, anesthetic anaphylaxis leading to multi-organ failure, respiratory circulation arrest.

The family said that before the surgery, Ms. T.'s health was normal.

The Department of Health said that the clinic where Ms. T. had a rhinoplasty was licensed for medical examination and treatment activities in October 2023. The Department has asked the clinic to stop operating so that the functional forces continue to clarify medical examination and treatment activities here.

The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter - Photo 8

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