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Quang Linh sent a very profound message when Hang Du Muc's husband called her name on the livestream

H.ot KOLs

07:39:20 17/06/2024
Recently, a clip recorded of Hang Du Muc's husband's livestream complaining when his wife often livestreamed with his younger brother Quang Linh, even demanding a divorce from his wife, attracted many people's attention.

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The village is forbidden to give birth in the village, and when they die, they must be taken to another place for burial

Wonderful world

18:36:34 16/06/2024
The village of Mafi Dove, in southern Ghana, is home to about 5,000 people. The special thing is that almost no one was born in this village and when they died, they were buried somewhere else.

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Hang Du Muc's husband: Once hugged Quang Linh's vlog dearly, now he's jealous of his "sibling"

Famous people

15:35:13 16/06/2024
Information about the noise related to Hang Du Muc's husband's livestream demanding divorce is making netizens constantly stir. Since then, the identity of this Chinese man has become a popular search keyword on social networks.

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James Su and a group of Thai handsome men destroyed the hit B.aby Monster, fans criticized the disaster

Showbiz 24h

14:34:34 16/06/2024
Despite receiving some mixed opinions, SHEESH is still considered a successful music product of the rookie g.irl group BABYMONSTER. The song not only made its mark domestically but also spread in many countries.

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Trang Tran received benefits in the US and was given 1 billion by her employer to buy a car after being fired

Vietnamese showbiz

14:08:38 16/06/2024
Trang Tran was born in 1985. She entered the entertainment industry at the age of 21. Despite having a height of 1m75, in the early days of working in the fashion industry, Trang Tran encountered many difficulties when being criticized as ugly as a transgender man.

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B.aby Monster, preparing for a comeback, made the same mistake as Jennie, was it Ahyeon's fault?

Korean stars

21:11:21 15/06/2024
Recently, YG confirmed that B.aby Monster will return with a 7-member lineup. After Ahyeon rejoined, it was thought that this was a turning point that would help the group make great progress in the 4th generation g.irl group race, but some netizens began to argue.

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The case of 4 female flight attendants carrying banned substances is about to be brought to trial

H.ot news

18:53:17 15/06/2024
Recently, Ho Chi Minh City held the 31st Conference of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, term XI, term 2020-2025. At this conference, Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, informed about the situation of the group discussion on June 13.

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How dangerous is the disease that caused actor Hong Hai to die at the age of 31?

Wonderful world

18:19:00 15/06/2024
Relatives of actor Hong Hai said that he had previously been hospitalized due to symptoms of b.ody aches and jaundice. The doctor diagnosed him with end-stage cirrhosis, coagulation disorder, multi-organ failure, duodenitis, b.lood p.oisoning...

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Hong Hai's wife did not accept the funeral and was immediately compared to Duc Tien's wife

Beautiful stars

17:30:13 15/06/2024
Actor Nguyen Hong Hai - who took on the role of Hai 33 in Vi Ca prequel: Little fish crossing the big sea - passed away on June 13, leaving his friends and Vietnamese stars shocked and sad.

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Bich Tram: Linh Ty's wife is famous for being stingy and doesn't give her m.oney to buy anything

Star's profile

17:15:15 15/06/2024
Actress Bich Tram married colleague Linh Ty - the son of two famous Cai Luong artists. Overcoming a series of storms and scandals to come together, the couple now has a daughter.

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Danielle was mistreated by a senior on the show, a NewJeans member came out to defend her

Korean stars

16:25:07 15/06/2024
Recently, the episode featuring NewJeans in the show 2 Days & 1 Night broadcast on June 9 became a controversial topic because... famous actor Na In Woo.

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Hang Du Muc expressed a strange attitude after being scolded by her Chinese husband on livestream

H.ot KOLs

13:43:08 15/06/2024
After a livestream to help sell Tet gifts at the beginning of the year, Quang Linh Vlogs and Hang Du Muc became close sisters. In their clips or livestream sessions, both of them often mention each other's names and send many gifts to each other...

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