His grandfather's teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem My's whereabouts caused curiosity

JLOApr 20, 2024 at 17:16

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On April 19, 2024, the Security Investigation Agency, Long An Provincial Police issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case and prosecute the defendant against Mr. Le Tung Van (born 1932, residing in Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa commune). Khanh Tay, Duc Hoa district, Long An province) about the act of "Incest".

Previously, through sources reporting the above criminal behavior of Mr. Le Tung Van, the Security Investigation Agency, Long An Provincial Police, accepted the investigation.

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 1

After a period of investigation and enough evidence, it was determined that Mr. Le Tung Van had a relationship with her biological c.hild living in the house of Ms. Cao Thi Cuc, in Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa Khanh Tay commune, Duc Hoa district. Currently, the Provincial Police Security Investigation Agency continues to investigate and clarify.

On November 3, 2023, the People's Court of Long An province sentenced defendant Le Tung Van and his accomplices in the case that occurred at Tinh That Bong Lai.

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 2

Accordingly, the court sentenced defendant Le Tung Van to 5 years in prison, Le Thanh Hoan Nguyen, Le Thanh Nhat Nguyen, Le Thanh Trung Duong each to 4 years in prison, Le Thanh Nhi Nguyen to 3 years and 6 months in prison and Cao Thi Cuc to 3 years. imprisonment for abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on State interests, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 3

Also according to information from Long An Provincial Police, they have recently been looking for 3 people to help resolve crime reports.

These are three lawyers who participated in defending the defendants in a case related to a place calling itself "Tinh That Bong Lai".

Previously, the announcement of the Department of Cyber Security and High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control (Ministry of Public Security) about the discovery and notification to Long An Provincial Police about 3 lawyers Nguyen Van Miem (57 years old; residing in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City); Dao Kim Lan (56 years old; residing in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City) and Dang Dinh Manh (55 years old; residing in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) have acts of spreading on cyberspace through clips of images, words, The article has criminal signs "Abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon state interests, legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals".

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 4

Long An Provincial Police said that the Police Investigation Agency handled the inspection and verification of reports and sent summons many times, but these 3 lawyers did not come to work and had no reason for their absence.

Through verification work, the police of the ward where the subjects reside and their relatives confirmed that the above 3 lawyers are not present in the locality, where they go, what they do is unknown and cannot be contacted.

In another development, recently, the Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association issued a decision to remove the names of Mr. Dang Dinh Manh and Nguyen Van Mien from the list of Ho Chi Minh City lawyers for owing membership fees for many years.

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 5

In addition to the above information, Diem My's whereabouts are also of interest to many people.

Accordingly, although the 5th defendant in the Bong Lai Tinh That Case has been detained, the whereabouts of Vo Thi Diem My is still a big question mark. Previously, social networks were abuzz with information that Diem My was detained in a secret room at Tinh That Bong Lai. However, according to Mr. NTS (residing in Ho Chi Minh City) - a person who has quietly collected evidence of violations at Bong Lai Tinh That for many years, said: "I have been to Bong Lai Tinh That many times, is there any place in there? I haven't been there yet. I can confirm that there is no secret cellar in there. The "secret" information is completely fabricated. It is an old house, built decades ago, where did you get the secret cellar from? The area around that area is often flooded, no cellar can withstand it.

In Bong Lai Tinh That, there are only small, damp, dark rooms. These rooms were divided by Mr. Van from the large house to have private space for many people. Each room is only a few square meters, with simple doors. However, these rooms were demolished by Mr. Van a few months ago to make room to build a new house. People don't go there, they just keep spreading rumors."

According to Mr. S., at Mr. Le Tung Van's old residence in Binh Chanh district (HCMC) there were a number of secret cellars but they were demolished long ago. No one knows what Mr. Van did in those basements and there are no recorded images. Mr. S. heard this information from Mr. Van's close friends.

His grandfathers teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem Mys whereabouts caused curiosity - Photo 6

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