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Loi Con doesn't want to return to Angola, admits he's Vietnamese after calling Quang Linh "dad"

Bảo Nam07:24:59 25/04/2024
When talking about Quang Linh, it is impossible not to mention Loi. The b.oy's real name is Mativado, the son of Matiloi - a member of the African team. Although he is African, Matiloi speaks Vietnamese very well and knows many Vietnamese children's songs...

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Controversial g.irl borrowed ten gold bars from a relative, 10 years later demanded to repay in m.oney

Bình Minh07:09:22 25/04/2024
The story of a g.irl who borrowed 10 pieces of gold from a relative, but when the due date came to repay it in m.oney, her relatives criticized her for being ungrateful, causing great controversy in the online community.

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The g.irl's identity was painted on the sugarcane juice cart, a series of horror stories were rumored

Uyển Đình17:25:53 24/04/2024
It's unclear since when, almost every sugarcane juice cart depicts a g.irl with black hair and a slightly sad look, holding a cup of sugarcane juice. There have been a number of theories about this g.irl's origin, but up to now, this g.irl's identity is still a mystery.

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Quang Linh: How good is Loi Con's second father that fans want to marry Thuy Tien?

Keng16:58:30 24/04/2024
Quang Linh, a male YouTuber, is loved by millions of viewers and given the admiring name African Hero. Recently, he has been mentioned more and more on social media forums when he and c.hild idol Loi Con suddenly landed in Vietnam.

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The U50 lawyer left his hometown to fall in love with a 104-year-old woman, an ending that made everyone sad

Bảo Nam15:17:08 24/04/2024
During the past 11 years, the romantic love story between lawyer Mart Soeson, 48 years old, and Mrs. Elfriede Riit, 104 years old, has attracted a lot of public attention, causing a lot of admiration but also causing a lot of controversy.

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The Western husband suddenly turned into a woman and made excessive demands, and his wife made a surprising decision

Phi Yến13:29:10 24/04/2024
It seemed that love would help them both overcome all barriers, but after only 1 year of coming to America to live with her Western husband, the woman had to wipe away her tears and move out with her children due to an incident.

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Long Chun received criticism for his noisy livestream, using Hang Du Muc to respond to antifans

JLO09:46:15 24/04/2024
Long Chun recently held a livestream session on the occasion of his birthday. Accordingly, his live session lasted 12 hours with many famous guests in the closing world.

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As soon as Loi returned to Vietnam, he had to livestream sales, and fans argued fiercely

JLO07:14:56 24/04/2024
After returning to Vietnam with Quang Linh, Loi Con's every move attracted people's attention. The appearance of this African sad b.oy also occupied the top trending position on social networks.

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Quang Linh's sister was twice caught up in rumors about her attitude towards Thuy Tien, what is the truth?

Minh Lợi17:29:55 23/04/2024
Because they are two women close to Quang Linh Vlog, Nhat Le and Thuy Tien are often scrutinized for their attitudes toward each other. At least twice, the male YouTuber's sister was said to have a strange attitude towards the beauty queen.

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A widowed woman in her 70s married a new man, the secret to keeping her husband for more than 2 decades is curious

Nguyễn Kim16:07:17 23/04/2024
Mrs. Tu Lanh (73 years old) and her husband, Mr. Hai Ut (51 years old), are loved and supported by their neighbors because of their gentleness and sincerity. Despite the age difference and living in difficult circumstances, the two have been close and loved each other for more than 20 years.

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Loi Con was promised by Thuy Tien to do this when he returned to Vietnam, but now the queen has no word?

JLO15:53:05 23/04/2024
During her trip to Angola (Africa) to do charity work, Miss Thuy Tien quickly won the love of the people here, especially children. However, there was one b.oy who flatly rejected her feelings, and that was Loi Con.

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Mother tongue that Loi Con completely forgot when he came to Vietnam: The 6th most spoken language in the world

Đình Như13:49:26 23/04/2024
Recently, Quang Linh Vlogs and Loi Con landed in Vietnam, starting their journey to have fun and explore the beautiful scenery of the S-shaped land. This information made many fans extremely excited.

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Warning of violation of fake transfer photo of 673 trillion of Ms. Truong My Lan

T.P10:53:25 23/04/2024
Trend set sail to find treasure that had not yet been recovered, and on social networks appeared a screenshot of Ms. Truong My Lan transferring 673,000 billion VND. Many people worry when there is warning information about violating the law.

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Tho Nguyen erases himself, pats the faces of men who desire him, and does charity for antis

Minh Lợi10:31:35 23/04/2024
Tho Nguyen used to be a famous name in the Vietnamese YouTube community with million-view videos for children. However, after announcing her retirement in 2021, she had a spectacular transformation, surprising many people.

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The g.irl "stored" her bachelor's degree and returned to her hometown to raise pigs, and her monthly income was surprising

Tuyết Ngọc10:22:08 23/04/2024
The g.irl with a beautiful appearance and education suddenly became famous on social networks because she decided to store her bachelor's degree in pig raising. Many people are curious as to why this g.irl did that?

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Questioning Soanh, blaming himself, regretting losing Diep, promising to wait for the other person?

Hoàng Phúc07:39:09 23/04/2024
After more than a month of announcing that they were going their separate ways, tiktokers Soanh and Diep are no longer in hiding. The couple began to appear regularly. Recently, the young man also shared something that caused a stir on social networks.

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"Lonely Gold Mine": Full of gold but no one dares to mine, why?

Minh Lợi17:54:17 22/04/2024
Kupol Gold Mine is known as a lonely gold mine, located in the most remote region in the Northeast (Russia). This is the place with the harshest climate conditions in the world with very low average temperatures.

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Quang Linh's sister Vlog stopped Loi from calling Thuy Tien, fans argued?

Hoàng Phúc17:42:16 22/04/2024
Recently, Quang Linh Vlog and emerging c.hild idol Loi Con officially landed in Vietnam. Both will have a journey to have fun, explore and learn about Vietnamese culture. In the midst of this, a Vbiz queen suddenly had her name called out.

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Tran Duy Hy: "King of plastic products" Duy Tan, about to become Midu's father-in-law?

Thảo Mai16:41:39 22/04/2024
While Duy Tan plastic products are widely known from civil to industrial, the founder's portrait is still a mystery. Recently, rumors that Midu was about to marry the plastic tycoon once again made the public curious about this businessman.

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Loi in Vietnam: Like an A-list star, singing in Vietnamese, Quang Linh was scolded for one thing!

Minh Lợi15:39:50 22/04/2024
After arriving in Vietnam, Loi Con immediately caused a stir in the online community with his performance Cutting Sorrow in Half. However, letting the b.oy perform caused the Quang Linh team to receive a lot of criticism.

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Poet Nguyen unjustly complains about the moaning in the bathtub, angry at the "righteous side" recipient.

Thảo Mai07:22:49 22/04/2024
During 8 years of being a YouTuber, Tho Nguyen was repeatedly criticized and boycotted for posting content that was considered offensive and inappropriate for the audience on social networks.

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Unique: Millionaire gives up all his assets to travel poor, looking for food in trash cans

Hoa Tuyết15:07:18 21/04/2024
The 30-year-old man is a millionaire with everything in his hands. One day, when he heard his girlfriend share that because many people waste food, he decided to give it all up to carry out a suspicious mission.

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The groom brought the red book to the wedding party to surprise him, but when he saw the bride, he asked for an annulment

Bình Minh13:42:34 21/04/2024
The groom excitedly brought the bride price to welcome the bride, but after seeing this on his fiancée, he became angry and demanded to cancel the engagement. This makes many people surprised.

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Rumor has it that Tho Nguyen changed her career to become a teacher, correcting both fans and famous artists

Bảo Nam20:31:04 20/04/2024
Some time after announcing her retirement, Tho Nguyen recently caused a stir when she publicly announced her plastic surgery. Not only that, the female YouTuber also responded frankly when being criticized by antifans.

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Tell him to make his c.hild publicyoung plastic master Duy TanTran Duy Minh Datdrag c.hild - Quang Linh vlognewjeansteam africa•hybesolemn imagebright vachirawitmin hee jinboyshusband midumidu weddingnenedaffodils