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The g.irl spent millions to buy a pet, her "weird" appearance as an adult startled fans

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:34:18 25/02/2024
Even though it has a different appearance compared to other dogs because of its special teeth, this puppy is still loved by many people, even having a social network channel to share his lovely images.

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Ngoc Nguyen revealed her salary for 5 minutes in the movie Mai, respecting Tran Thanh for one thing

Keng13:09:42 25/02/2024
Appearing for less than 5 minutes in the movie Mai, female streamer Ngoc Nguyen left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Recently, she revealed for the first time the salary that Tran Thanh paid her for performing 5 minutes in the movie.

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Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano

Minh Lợi15:20:48 24/02/2024
In recent days, the movie Peaches, Pho and Piano has become a stormy topic on social networks. The film portrays a heroic and tragic Hanoi from nearly 80 years ago, bravely fighting against the invaders with the whole country.

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Posting a clip showing off her s.exy choreography, the h.ot g.irl accidentally revealed her true figure, fans lamented

Phượng Vũ12:39:30 24/02/2024
A h.ot g.irl posted a clip showing off her s.exy dance moves on social networks, attracting attention from many netizens. However, the truth behind makes many people surprised.

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The once famous tattooed hotboy is now the wife of a rich man and lives happily in America

Bảo Nam16:46:22 23/02/2024
Many years ago, a guy named Hoang Anh Le (born 1989) from Kien Giang suddenly became famous on social networks when he had so many tattoos that he couldn't count them. In addition, this young man also attracted the attention of many people because of his handsome and attractive face.

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Rumor has it that Ly Nha Ky was arrested, her assets were frozen, and the owner posted to o.ff a luxury item

Keng07:18:11 23/02/2024
On a large entertainment group, there was an article that implicitly said: Big sister Diamond was put on the chopping block, followed by an asset freeze... . Although the article did not mention anyone clearly, in the comments below, many audiences shouted the name of actress Ly Nha Ky.

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Vivek Dinodiya: Indian billionaire held a wedding ceremony in Ha Long, inviting all the super rich

Đình Như16:33:04 22/02/2024
The groom Vivek Dinodiya, introduced as an Indian billionaire, holds the position of Director of the global import-export company PL Global Impex Pte Ltd, the company that his father, veteran businessman Naresh Kumar Dinodiya, owns. Managing Director position.

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Young g.irl missing since the 6th of Tet: Found at her friend's house, her mother received blackmail messages

Thảo Mai15:54:23 22/02/2024
At noon on February 22, Ha Dong District Police (Hanoi) said that they had coordinated with the Criminal Police Department and Hanoi Police to verify and clarify the truth about the case of a 2k10-year-old g.irl who was reported missing by her family since January 1st. 6 Tet.

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The bride Thu Sao returned to her husband's hometown to celebrate Tet, and the attitude of her husband's parents surprised her

JLO14:14:16 22/02/2024
During the recent Lunar New Year 2024, Cao Bang U70 bride Thu Sao posted videos and photos capturing happy moments with her husband Hoa Cuong, attracting many people's attention.

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The mother of the suspect who m.urdered a 2k3 g.irl in Hanoi asked for forgiveness, her past of stealing motorbikes was dug up

JLO06:58:26 22/02/2024
Information related to a g.irl born in 2003 from Thanh Hoa who was found dead in a rented room in a mini apartment building in Cau Giay district. City. Hanoi has not yet shocked people.

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Tiktoker Tun Pham's book was "boycotted", Women's Publishing House admitted its mistake

Ban Mai15:00:03 21/02/2024
In recent days, h.ot Tiktoker Tun Pham has received a lot of controversy from the online community. Everything originates from the book Because You Are My Little Friend by a tiktok man who is constantly accused of plagiarism, stealing brain matter and containing content that belittles women.

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Dad and two younger siblings screamed at the funeral of a 21-year-old Hanoi g.irl, calling for donations to pay for the funeral

Minh Lợi11:16:54 21/02/2024
Regarding the case of a 21-year-old g.irl who was found dead in a rented room in Hanoi, Ms. Pham Thuy (the victim's cousin) shared that on the morning of February 20, her family was present in L.'s hometown to take care of funerals and funeral arrangements.

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Livestream saint Ngoc Nguyen plays Mai Tran Thanh: R.evealing the real Hari Won

Bảo Nam16:43:40 20/02/2024
One of the most popular characters in Tran Thanh Tran's movie Mai, appearing for less than 5 minutes is enough to occupy the spotlight, which is Ngoc Nguyen (real name Nguyen Anh Ngoc, born 1986, Hanoi).

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Nham Manh Dung broke up with his Tiktoker girlfriend, the g.irl deleted their photos together, implying one thing?

Thảo Mai15:22:04 20/02/2024
In recent days, Vietnamese football fans have been buzzing with rumors that male player Nham Manh Dung and his girlfriend Dong Thi Hoa My have gone their separate ways. The reason comes from the strange moves posted by the Tiktoker g.irl.

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Discovering that the g.irl went missing on the 7th day of Tet in a motel room filled with the smell of oil and wind, saddened one thing

Keng11:03:08 20/02/2024
Information related to the d.eath of a g.irl born in 2003 in a motel room in Hanoi after missing since the 7th day of Tet caused a stir in public opinion. Through initial investigation, the suspect was not a tenant but a young man from Bac Giang.

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Fans are confused because 1 g.irl has been missing since the 7th of Tet, the family panicked

Đình Như16:55:37 19/02/2024
Citing information from Life and Law, on February 19, Hanoi City Police issued a search notice for a g.irl residing in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi who lost contact with her family 3 days ago.

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Ying Thai showed off scattering m.oney and gold all over the house, but fans found evidence of "fake" wealth

Đình Như14:09:56 19/02/2024
Ung Thai is a phenomenon on social networks with clips showing off wealth and luxury, especially showing off m.oney, gold, cars as much as water. However, recently, netizens questioned this person's wealth.

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The case of restaurants in Ha Long "chopping" meals on 12 million Tet days: The government stepped in

Đình Như16:09:31 18/02/2024
The People's Committee of Bai Chay ward (Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province) has issued a report verifying the content of a group of tourists who were cut down by a seafood restaurant with a bill of nearly VND 12 million.

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Lee Kang In: Asian Messi, bad temper, team fighting, Kpop idol dating

Keng15:15:00 18/02/2024
Only 1.73 m tall, left-footed, can both score and assist, those factors combined with Lee Kang In's ability to dribble regularly help Lee Kang In be compared to the famous Lionel Messi.

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Western giants built 150 billion villas to help with housing, living in simple houses themselves

Keng13:17:10 17/02/2024
Over the past time, people in the West have been praising a newly completed mansion, with extremely outstanding architecture in Can Tho. It is known that its owner comes from a farming family, from muddy feet to rise.

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Quite well: Having just been relieved of charges, friction with fellow prisoners, tormenting about 1 person

JLO15:40:07 16/02/2024
In 1 latest interview, Quite Banh (Ngo Ba Kha) said that he now does not want to be labeled as a cyber gypsy because he is no longer alive as before. And yet, the guy tearfully mentioned 1 person who made him regret.

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The case of the missing g.irl 29 Tet: The neighbor was arrested and the testimony made everyone angry

Thảo Mai13:43:09 15/02/2024
In the afternoon of February 14 (5th Tet), Colonel Tran Thi Kim Ly, Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Investigation Agency. HCMC provided information on the results of the investigation into the case of the suspect who k.illed the g.irl on February 8 (29 Tet) in Thu Duc City.

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Parents sued by their biological children for m.oney, seeing the amount of m.oney that everyone was stunned

JLO18:10:35 14/02/2024
In 2023, a court in China ordered a father surnamed Zhou to return 16,800 yuan (nearly 60 million) worth of m.oney to his twin children.

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The g.irl went missing before returning to her hometown to celebrate Tet, went to her motel room when she saw the shocking scene

Đình Như14:45:21 13/02/2024
According to the Lao Lao newspaper reported on February 11, the police of Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City are investigating the cause of a g.irl who went missing just before returning to her hometown to celebrate Tet. Up to now, it has been 4 days since the family has not been able to contact the g.irl.

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