The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out

Đình NhưMay 29, 2024 at 17:03

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Class funds and parent funds are always one of the most controversial issues for parents. How to spend m.oney and how to use it has caused many parents to argue and denounce each other on social networks.

Most recently, a mother shared a story from her c.hild's class on social networks and caused a storm of controversy. However, the majority of parents' opinions criticized this mother and defended other individuals in the class.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 1

Accordingly, Ms. S. (the mother in the story) has a c.hild in grade 1. The class has 32 children, there are 2 types of funds: class fund and parent fund. Regarding the parent fund, each parent will pay 100,000 VND/year. At the end of the school year, this fund is used to organize an end-of-year party for students, as well as give encouragement and r.ewards.

Ms. S. believes that paying the parent fund is unreasonable, it is an agreement between the school and parents, not f.orced; At the same time, doing fun activities for the children requires the class fund, so she is determined not to pay the 100,000 VND parent fund.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 2

Coming to the party before summer break, because her c.hild did not contribute to the fund, he did not have a meal like other friends. Seeing her c.hild feeling sorry for herself, she went home and asked her mother, "Mom, will I be able to have a party when I go to 2nd grade?" This mother was upset, texted questions in the chat group, and decided to... "scandalize" her. to social networks.

It is known that a parent in the class explained that the class fund used to buy books and books to motivate students, this fund was no longer enough at the end of the year and the m.oney for the class party was taken from the parent fund. However, this mother still disagrees and thinks that other parents "have too much to worry about".

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 3

She thought that after sharing this story on social networks, she would receive sympathy from netizens, but Ms. S. received a bitter ending and was criticized in return.

In response to criticism, Ms. S. spoke up. Accordingly, Ms. S. said she called the homeroom teacher to clarify the situation and learned that "because she did not pay the association fund, she did not buy meals for her c.hild."

"Right from the beginning of the year, the school clearly announced two types of funds, including class funds and association funds. In particular, class funds are used to pay for photocopying weekend assignments for children and to organize mid-autumn and year-end parties. school, if there is a shortage, I will pay more. The remaining m.oney will be used to buy books and give encouragement to the children. The association fund is an optional and voluntary fund, so I do not pay it," she said.

Ms. S. said that in previous years, she still contributed to the association fund for her children, but last year she did not participate because she thought it would not solve anything for her children.

"In previous years, I supported the Mid-Autumn Festival or year-end party for my children, and all the homeroom teachers knew," Ms. S. said.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 4

Regarding the reason for not contributing to the fund to feed her children at the festival, according to Ms. She thinks that the class fund is still enough and her c.hild's rights are still guaranteed at the party.

According to Ms. S., the fact that parents do not pay for their children's party is just an unnecessary misunderstanding between family and school. At the same time, this parent added that the teacher also accepted responsibility and apologized to the family for not explaining the situation clearly, leading to the above misunderstanding.

After the incident and the school's apology, on May 25, Ms. S. hid her post on social networks. However, on May 27, Ms. S. continued to post a correction and clarify the situation because she was upset that another parent in her c.hild's class had given incorrect information about her as well as the above incident.

Currently, Ms. S. also hopes that the incident will calm down and end soon so as not to affect the school or the education sector.

Although we know that in this story, the mother is more at fault, overall, many opinions say that: Both parents and teachers did not handle it skillfully and unintentionally harmed the children.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 5

Ms. AH - a parent with a c.hild in 5th grade, said that her c.hild's class also had a case where a parent insisted on not paying more to the class fund to organize a party for the children, even though the family was not in difficulty. However, instead of "all the class eating, except for student A", the teacher and other parents decided to compensate for the party so that the other c.hild could participate like the other children.

"Discord between adults is an adult matter, but children are not at fault. We should not let a c.hild feel isolated in the group. As for the other parent, they will think for themselves," Ms. AH said.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 6

Ms. AH's sharing received much approval from the online community. A teacher in Hanoi also shared that in many years of teaching, she has witnessed many such cases. There are cases where parents are afraid to pay due to difficult circumstances, and there are cases where parents disagree like in the story above. Whatever the reason, she usually steps in to resolve it.

"I don't want a c.hild to be left behind because of an adult's decision," this teacher said.

The case of a first grade student not being able to eat because he did not pay 100k: The mother speaks out - Photo 7

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