Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots

Bảo NamApr 17, 2024 at 19:04

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Information from the authorities said that a male worker from Hai Duong (Vietnam) was arrested for extortion and died in Taiwan because of debt. According to the investigation, the suspects are 4 Vietnamese and 1 Taiwanese.

On the morning of April 17, sharing with the press, the Department of Overseas Labor Management (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs) said that, according to the report of the Labor Management Board (Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei), the application You have contacted the authorities to find out information related to the VVH labor case

According to information from Taoyuan City police, on March 7, this worker did not go to the factory to work.

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 1

On March 9, worker H.'s family in Vietnam said he had been arrested and blackmailed due to debt.

After the investigation, at 7:34 p.m. on April 11, local police arrested a group of 5 people who arrested Mr. VVH. These people attacked Mr. H. and dumped him on the sugarcane hillside in Bao Trung commune, Van Lam district. The case is being handled by local authorities.

The four Vietnamese people involved in the case are named Le, Hoang, Vu Duy and the woman surnamed Nguyen. The Taiwanese national's name is Hsu.

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 2

Prosecutor Yan Li-jing said that Le and the woman surnamed Nguyen were a married couple. They knew H. online and had been planning to kidnap the victim since March 2024.

After learning about H.'s family's financial situation, the couple came up with a plan to bring H. from Taoyuan city to Van Lam to meet.

When the victim arrived, they f.orced him into a car and detained him in a dormitory at a factory in Sihu town in Yunlin. After that, the suspects made a video call to H.'s father in Vietnam to demand a ransom of 200 million VND.

However, after H.'s family transferred the m.oney, the suspects still kept the victim in a motel in Baozhong town, instead of letting him go as promised, intending to extort more m.oney.

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 3

The People's Committee of Sao Do Ward, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong said: "Initially confirmed that the victim is a male worker about 24 years old, named VVH, permanently residing in Sao Do Ward. He has just gone to Taiwan to work since late 2023, just a few months ago."

Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that immediately after receiving information about the incident, the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei contacted the authorities of Taiwan (China). Taiwanese police said four Vietnamese suspects were arrested on April 11 to serve the investigation.

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 4

The Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei said it continues to coordinate closely with local authorities to closely monitor the case, clarify personal information of the subjects involved, and take appropriate measures. Appropriate citizen protection laws, ensuring the legal rights of Vietnamese citizens, in accordance with local laws.

The Labor Management Board reported and requested the Department of Overseas Labor Management to direct companies sending workers to work abroad to notify and express condolences to the workers' families.

In addition, this company will coordinate with a Taiwanese brokerage company to support the employee's relatives with post-mortem procedures, organize funerals and resolve the employee's legal rights (salary, savings, insurance... if any).

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 5

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens abroad, the Department requests units to coordinate closely with the Department during the process of resolving the case in Taiwan.

Vietnamese people were arrested for extortion and killed in Taiwan: 4/5 suspects were compatriots - Photo 6

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