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Thanh Bui paid 2 billion to overcome the consequences for his wife, strange attitude when his wife was in prison for 17 years

Đình Như14:17:24 12/04/2024
Recently, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City began sentencing the case of Truong My Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group) and 84 other defendants who committed crimes, causing damage to Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB).

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Van Thinh Phat case: It is difficult for Truong My Lan to escape the d.eath sentence, what will happen to Thanh Bui's wife?

Bảo Nam17:18:01 10/04/2024
After more than a month of trial and deliberation, on April 11, the jury will pronounce sentence on defendant Truong My Lan and 85 other defendants in the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group and Joint Stock Commercial Bank. Saigon (SCB) and related organizations.

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Zhang Huiyun sobbed and begged the court to reduce Ms. Zhang My Lan's d.eath sentence

Trí Nhi10:43:38 05/04/2024
Defendants Zhang Huiyun and Zhou Lijie said their last words in tears, and she asked the court to commute Ms. Zhang Meilan's sentence to escape the d.eath penalty. Both begged the council to consider and lightly sentence the guilty fellow, sobbing apologetically at the horseshoe.

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Hong Kong billionaire proposes to "save" Truong My Lan, wife Thanh Bui gets reduced sentence

Đình Như17:20:52 03/04/2024
Recently, during the trial of Van Thinh Phat and SCB cases, Mr. Phan Trung Hoai, the lawyer of the defendant Truong My Lan, unexpectedly sent to the Trial Council a document dated March 27 of Dr. Justin Chiu, CEO of CK Asset Holdings Limited.

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Truong My Lan asked the court to reduce her husband's sentence, admitting to being a major shareholder of SCB

Mẫn Nhi17:04:22 02/04/2024
Defending himself further, defendant Truong My Lan argued that he did not crookedly deny his guilt or blame anyone. The defendant applied for a waiver of punishment for her husband Zhou Lijie and niece Zhang Huiyun for following the defendant's words and facing high sentences.

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Truong My Lan received help from a foreign billionaire, the court immediately said it would create all conditions

Phúc Sen13:24:10 25/03/2024
The Ho Chi Minh City People's Court has ended nearly 3 weeks of trial of Ms. Truong My Lan and 85 defendants. Last week, representatives of the Procuracy recommended punishment for 86 defendants, of whom Ms. Lan was recommended the d.eath penalty.

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Holding 1,350 billion from Ms. Truong My Lan, how did Truong Hue Van overcome the consequences?

Gia Nhi13:21:52 22/03/2024
On the afternoon of March 21, the trial of defendant Truong My Lan (68 years old, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group) and 85 accomplices continued the arguments of the lawyers and the self-defense of the defendants.

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Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Bui's wife and promised to overcome the consequences

Keng20:02:09 12/03/2024
The trial of the economic crime that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group and SCB Bank on March 12 continued with the questioning of the defendants. Notably, the key character mentioned the most is Truong Hue Van - Thanh Bui's wife.

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Ms. Truong My Lan cried, did not admit guilt, and was called mother by Thanh Bui's wife, r.evealing one thing

JLO16:31:31 11/03/2024
On March 11, the jury continued the trial of the Van Thinh Phat case with questioning of defendants Truong My Lan (former Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and Nguyen Cao Tri - former Chairman of Capella Group.

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Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wife's house: "If so, don't sit here."

Keng14:21:36 08/03/2024
While Truong Hue Van as well as Van Thinh Phat Group are entangled in the labor circle, the lives of Thanh Bui and his children are inevitably affected. When asked about his wife, the musician immediately said 1 sentence correctly.

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Thanh Bui's wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have?

Đình Như11:01:06 06/03/2024
Recently, Ho Chi Minh City TAND opened the trial of a case related to Van Thinh Phat Group. During the background check, defendant Truong Hue Van, nephew of defendant Truong My Lan, gave surprising identity statements.

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The image of Truong My Lan in court and the first testimony, what is Thanh Bui's wife's attitude?

Thảo Mai11:52:45 05/03/2024
March 5, TAND HCMC. HCMC opened a preliminary hearing of the case that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group, SCB Bank and related units. The trial is scheduled to run from March 5 to April 29.

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Ms. Truong My Lan used 10 tricks to siphon off more than 1 million billion, will it be mitigated because of charity?

Thảo Mai14:16:23 18/12/2023
To be able to manipulate SCB for such a long time, the prosecution agency identified 10 tricks that Ms. Truong My Lan - Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group used to commit crimes.

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Thanh Bui revealed the situation of two children in the middle of his wife's house, always having to do this before 20h every day

Hoàng Phúc09:40:28 03/12/2023
Not only possessing admirable musical talent, Thanh Bui also has a famous marriage with the richest wife in Vietnam. However, recently, a lot of noise related to his wife's family has made him interested in many people.

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Thanh Bui exposed, spoke about his private life after his wife Truong Hue Van was indicted for embezzlement of assets of 1088 billion VND

Trí Nhi10:28:39 01/12/2023
Singer-songwriter Thanh Bui first came out after a series of uproars involving his wife and his wife's family, Truong Hue Van, when she was indicted on charges of embezzlement of assets amounting to more than 1000 billion. Be clear about your personal life and work, affirming not to be affected.

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Thanh Bui: Rumored to have left his fiancee in Australia to marry Truong Hue Van, now his wife is f.orced to raise the children as a chicken?

Minh Lợi14:42:57 24/11/2023
After Truong Hue Van's wife was prosecuted and detained for investigation of f.raud and property appropriation, the keyword Thanh Bui immediately reached the top with more than 10,000 searches.

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R.evealing the situation of Thanh Bui and her two children after Truong Hue Van was arrested, why did they cry when they returned to the country?

Minh Lợi14:16:19 23/11/2023
Since Truong Hue Van got involved in legal trouble, Thanh Bui has become even more secretive. He did not give interviews or share anything new on social networks. Notably, his appearance also had many significant changes.

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La Tan was exposed to his co-stars, Duong Yen secretly admitted to separating

Ning Jing11:48:01 17/07/2023
After a series of rumors that La Tan had an affair as well as the marriage between the couple Cam Tu Vi Uuong divorced, Duong Yen recently secretly admitted that she and her husband had been separated for more than a year.

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Thanh Bui was devastated when the twins were diagnosed with autism, r.evealing the current status of the two children

Hoàng Phúc07:33:31 01/04/2023
On March 29, singer-songwriter Thanh Bui introduced a space for autistic children established by himself. He said this particular project was planned by him for more than 10 years. The male singer said he has a special connection with autistic people. During his musical career...

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Thanh Bui first appeared after his wife was arrested, r.evealing his current life, how has his appearance changed?

N.P17:40:07 20/02/2023
The current life of the famous male singer-songwriter after the noise from his wife's family has received much attention and curiosity from the public. After a long time in hiding, Thanh Bui recently caught the attention when he first appeared. Thanh Bui is a famous musician of...

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La Tan was arrested at the battle when he acted sensitively with his female co-star, suspected of divorcing Duong Yen?

Ning Jing17:18:38 29/10/2022
A series of photos of Duong Yen's husband - La Tan having sensitive actions on set with a female co-star was arrested at the battle. This caused public attention as well as questioned the marriage of the "Cam Tu Vi Uong" duo. Perhaps the marriage between Duong Yen - La Tan...

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Thanh Bui's wife praised the giant Truong My Lan before being arrested for f.raud and appropriation of property

Nam Phương11:40:48 12/10/2022
The statements of businessman Truong Hue Van after being entangled in labor were suddenly dug up by netizens. In particular, when it comes to the "legacy" that giant Truong My Lan left behind, his wife Thanh Bui expressed her boundless pride. On October 8, the Vietnamese...

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Thanh Bui's wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized

Nam Phương17:53:29 10/10/2022
Truong Hue Van - CEO of Van Thinh Phat Group emphasized an important goal at a time when the city is... Ho Chi Minh is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, Thanh Bui's wife could not help but be disappointed when some individuals distorted and gave false information about Covid-19.

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Ly Qui, Son Kim and the richest and most prestigious families in Vietnam

Hoàng Phúc16:21:51 10/10/2022
In Vietnam, there are extremely rich but very secretive families. These families belong to their own class and the mere mention of their names makes many people overwhelmed. The Ly Qui Family Ly Qui is a famous rich family in Saigon. Their success is marked in the field of food...

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