Thanh Bui's wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized

Nam PhươngOct 10, 2022 at 17:53

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Truong Hue Van - CEO of Van Thinh Phat Group emphasized an important goal at a time when the city is... Ho Chi Minh is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, Thanh Bui's wife could not help but be disappointed when some individuals distorted and gave false information about Covid-19.

In recent days, the information that Ms. Truong My Lan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Thinh Phat Group Joint Stock Company, was prosecuted and detained to investigate the crime of property appropriation f.raud has caused a stir in public opinion. In particular, Ms. Truong Hue Van Truong Hue Van, 34 years old, General Director of Windsor Real Estate Management Group Joint Stock Company is also involved. According to information from the authorities, Ms. Truong My Lan committed f.raud in issuing and buying and selling bonds against the law to appropriate thousands of billions of dong from the people, in the period 2018-2019.

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 1

Before falling into prison, Ms. Truong My Lan was a notorious name in the business world. The female tycoon owns many "golden" real estate properties, and is also known as a major shareholder of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB). In addition to being famous for their wealth, the Truong family is also surprising because their information on social networks is quite rare and has almost no contact with the media.

In 2021, when City. Facing the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Truong My Lan's group has made positive contributions, contributing to reducing the burden on the state and helping people. It is known that Van Thinh Phat Group takes the lead with impressive numbers such as: VND 1,450 billion in vaccine support, sponsoring a 7,000-bed hospital or sponsoring 25 million vaccine doses.

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 2

In an interview with Tri Thuc Tre, CEO Van Thinh Phat, Ms. Truong Hue Van (wife of musician Thanh Bui) expressed her emotions when witnessing the losses caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. The businesswoman emphasized that Saigon is the land of her birth, where four generations of the Truong family live. Therefore, Van Thinh Phat Group cannot ignore it. Musician Thanh Bui's wife emotionally said, Van Thinh Phat always chooses to do more than say. Whatever you contribute to the community comes from your conscience, without any calculation.

However, when reading distorted comments about the VND 1,450 billion purchase of vero cell vaccine. CEO Truong Hue Van couldn't help but feel sad.

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 3

"It's not sad because we're used to it, but we do feel disappointed because we don't understand the situation at this point and people can still distort it for personal reasons. We always try to Try to be alert and think positively. To put it mildly, we have learned a long time ago to accept the existence of gossip, learned to see things as they are. We are not motivated by weak motives. giving up, especially when in that situation protecting people's lives is the most important goal of the entire political system. Thinking about the people, nothing can discourage us.

Vaccines are the fundamental solution, the best vaccine is the most timely vaccine.

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 4

Thinking too much may not dare to do it. Sometimes looking back, we think perhaps it was God's mercy that allowed us to accomplish what seemed impossible. The problem is not just the amount of m.oney, but how to organize resources to implement planned plans and overcome difficulties that exist at a time when the city is in a very deep sleep. When we have the will and faith, it is true that human labor is boundless." - Musician Thanh Bui's wife said

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 5

Up to now, musician Thanh Bui has not made any official statement regarding his wife's noise. However, netizens still continue to attack personal accounts and leave critical comments. Previously, through the press, the owner of the hit song "Where Does Love Go" gave many compliments when mentioning his wife Truong Hue Van. He said that his wife is a talented, thoughtful woman who knows how to take care of the family. Marrying Hue Van is the luckiest thing Thanh Bui has ever had.

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 6

"My greatest luck is to marry a wife who always accompanies me in everything. Van is a wonderful mother and wife. Everything people imagine about women in my family is complete." In her, we join hands to build a small home, supporting each other in daily work.

On the other hand, we also always compensate each other. Van has a business mind, so sometimes she shows me the sophistication and strength of what she shares. On the contrary, I also help my wife with her work by bringing an artist's perspective. Both of them always have great faith in each other and are an indispensable fulcrum."

Thanh Buis wife was disappointed when she donated 1,450 billion to buy vaccines but was criticized - Photo 7

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