Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wife's house: "If so, don't sit here."

KengMar 08, 2024 at 14:21

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While Truong Hue Van as well as Van Thinh Phat Group are entangled in the labor circle, the lives of Thanh Bui and his children are inevitably affected. When asked about his wife, the musician immediately said 1 sentence correctly.

In recent days, the trial of defendant Truong My Lan (68 years old, former Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and 85 accomplices related to wrongdoing that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group, Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB) and related units has taken place. In addition to paying attention to the developments and outcome of the trial, public opinion also paid attention to Thanh Bui because of the special relationship between him and this clan.

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 1

After his wife's family became entangled in the legal circle, Truong Hue Van himself was also taken into custody, Thanh Bui was mentioned by name on many social networking forums. However, the artist has been "freezing" his profile since 2021. He no longer gives updates on his personal life to the public, and it wasn't until 2023 that the "Where Love From" singer opened up about his family situation.

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 2

Specifically, during one event, Thanh Bui said he spent a lot of time treating his two sons. The twins have speech delays, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Every day, instead of just burying his head in work, the artist will try to get home before 20:00 to play, read, tell stories ...

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 3

A special thing is that despite being very busy, Thanh Bui still personally takes her children to school. He confidently asserts that his two sons are not missing anything and are still very happy and happy.

By the end of 2023, during the launch event of his student's music product, Thanh Bui mentioned family for the first time. He said: "I make a very clear distinction between my family's story and my work. And it's really not just hard today, it's been harder than a year now. But it's important for me to continue what I've been doing for ten years."

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 4

In addition, Thanh Bui affirms that he is doing very well, after all, thanks to the power of music, he feels much better. When asked if it is related to his wife's family, Thanh Bui emphatically, "I think such questions should not come up in DUYBI's EP premiere. If it's relevant, I'm not sitting here."

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 5

Thanh Bui and his wife got married in 2013, their wedding at that time was likened to a "super wedding".

Thanh Bui has many times reserved "winged" compliments for her partner, saying that she is a psychological wife, understands stories and has many qualities of Vietnamese media women.

"My wife is very brave in love. The two came together not for name or fame. Those things don't matter because when I die I can't carry them. When we first met, when our eyes met, the world around me stopped. It's a bit romantic, but the truth is that I feel like I've met 'this friend' from another life.

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 6

I've never seen someone with a heart as beautiful as Van and probably never a 2nd person... When I first met, I shook Van's hand and didn't want to let go," Thanh Bui said.

Many times, Thanh Bui told the media that he "made a big profit when he got married." Because, he found that: "Van is a traditional, strong, rational woman who is very hard to listen to, affectionate and always stands behind to support me to achieve my dreams. Only 1 word: Awesome!

When I'm busy, I never make phone calls nagging why this or why that, only sympathy for me. When a woman has given us that sympathy, we can never go wrong with that person. My life is lucky to marry Hui Yun."

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 7

"I am grateful to Van for accompanying me quietly, quietly and always being a support for me over the years. Moreover, husband and wife must understand and support each other. Our 2 spouses now share the same life purpose and natural parenting orientation.

Van is a person who does not talk much, but every sentence is 'touched' (laughs). She used to say to me, 'Now that you're a father, whatever you do has to work. From his actions, words or even laughter will affect directly or indirectly your c.hild. Daddy how I'm going to look at that. My wife and I are always conscious of preserving the image in the eyes of our children even the smallest thing.

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 8

We also always have mutual compensation. Van has a business mind, so sometimes it shows me the sophistication and strength of what she shares. On the contrary, I also help my wife in her work by bringing the perspective of the artist. The two have always had great faith in each other, which is an indispensable fulcrum."

Thanh Bui responded when asked if he was involved with his wifes house: If so, dont sit here. - Photo 9

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