Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Bui's wife and promised to overcome the consequences

KengMar 12, 2024 at 20:02

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The trial of the "big economic case" that occurred at Van Thinh Phat Group and SCB Bank on March 12 continued with the questioning of the defendants. Notably, the key character mentioned the most is Truong Hue Van - Thanh Bui's wife.

Talking about her nephew, defendant Truong My Lan admitted: Duong Tan Truoc (former General Director of Tuong Viet Trading and Production Co., Ltd.) did not borrow assets. SCB Bank's assets must have legal status, so Lan asked Mr. Truoc for support in purchasing SCB Bank's assets and implementing projects. Because Truong believed Lan's words, he borrowed with assets guaranteed by the defendant's nephew, Van. Therefore, the defendant is very regretful for dragging his nephew and Mr. Truoc into legal trouble.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 1

The defendants Truong Khanh Hoang, Bui Anh Dung, Vo Tan Hoang Van, Ta Chieu Trung (former leader of SCB Bank) all affirmed that Lan was the decision maker at SCB Bank. Regarding the books, although Lan only holds 4.9%, Lan actually holds the majority of shares in SCB Bank. The defendant signed the documents at Lan's direction because he believed in Lan's business talent and ability to help the bank. Lan often convenes meetings with SCB Bank leaders. At the meeting, Lan directed loan disbursement; The appointment of bank leaders is largely based on Lan's opinion.

When Lan needs a sum of m.oney, she will hold a meeting, direct the preparation of documents, disbursement and carry out related work. In addition to organizing meetings, Lan also directs them. In 2021, Lan bought Lavifood company and assigned Van to attend meetings. The m.oney that banks lend is mobilized from the people who deposit m.oney i.n the banks.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 2

In court, defendant Truong also confessed about Van. Specifically, the amount of VND 1,500 billion is the defendant's service fee. Lan always has a list of outstanding bad debt projects at SCB Bank. Lan showed Truong the Thanh Yen project. Before looking at this project and saying it's not profitable. However, Lan said that if she makes a loss, Lan will make up for it. However, Lan then told the defendant to focus on legal work and let Tuong Viet Company be the general contractor to provide equipment; Take this project back for Van and Vivaland company to do. In this incident, Van did not know about the discussion about the Thanh Yen project between Truong and Lan. Van only accepted the Thanh Yen project under the direction of defendant Lan.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 3

According to the indictment, Van carried out Lan's instructions. At the same time, taking advantage of his position and authority as General Director of VTP Group Investment Joint Stock Company, Van directed his subordinates to establish and use 52 "ghost" companies and 4 active companies. In fact, creating 155 loans at SCB Bank, helping Lan appropriate the amount of 1,088,240,58,955 VND, causing damage of 25,263,099,976 VND.

In addition, also at the trial, Ms. Truong My Lan asked the jury to "consider carefully" the amount of damage, the amount of m.oney allegedly appropriated as well as the crimes being charged. The defendant said that during the investigation process, there were many requests and documents asking for a voluntary commitment to repair the damage, and to maintain those commitments in court.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 4

Ms. Lan said she agreed to transfer the amount of 1,000 billion VND (fixed by Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang Company and Capella Company) to SCB's account to resolve the consequences of the case. "Today, in front of the jury, I promise that my shares, my children, and my friends are all willing to transfer them to the State Bank to facilitate the management of SCB," the defendant further explained.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 5

In addition, Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group also declared that there are 13 projects outside the list of assets distrained in the case and agreed to use these assets to overcome them. However, these projects include foreign investors, so the court is requested to create conditions for the defendant to negotiate. "Last year, a foreign investor gave 30 billion USD to buy the project and I was ready. I authorized my daughter to handle it, but my daughter said 'Mom, people say you are guilty of such a crime. They're afraid, they won't buy anymore,'" Ms. Lan said, adding that her daughter is also selling a building in Hanoi worth one billion USD to overcome the consequences.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 6

The jury then reiterated its view that not only with defendant Lan but with all other defendants, the court always creates maximum conditions to overcome the consequences, but there needs to be a specific list.

Ms. Truong My Lan regretted implicating Thanh Buis wife and promised to overcome the consequences - Photo 7

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