Thanh Bui's wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have?

Đình NhưMar 06, 2024 at 11:01

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Recently, Ho Chi Minh City TAND opened the trial of a case related to Van Thinh Phat Group. During the background check, defendant Truong Hue Van, nephew of defendant Truong My Lan, gave surprising identity statements.

When asked, "What class did the defendant go to," Zhang Huiyun replied, "12/12." Truong Huiyun's testimony surprised many people because, according to many previous information, Ms. Truong My Lan's biological niece graduated from RMIT University. Many netizens left comments: "So this friend just finished grade 12?", "I thought this friend graduated from RMIT University?", "Why is university 12/12?",...

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 1

Distinguish between education and professional qualifications

Education level is the highest level of formal education a person completes, according to that country's education system. In Vietnam, high school consists of 12 years of education, including 5 years of primary school, 4 years of lower secondary school and 3 years of high school. Therefore, the education level of primary school graduates is 5/12, middle school graduates are 9/12 and high school graduates are 12/12. Post-secondary education levels include: Intermediate, College, University, Postgraduate (Master, PhD student,...).

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 2

Qualification is a term used to refer to a person's ability and competence in one or more areas. Professional qualifications are usually assessed based on official degrees in the process of study and research such as: Bachelor, Engineer, Master, Doctor,...

With certificates, professional-related degrees, or short-term courses with certificates from prestigious organizations, they can also be considered professionally qualified. For example, certificate of professional financial analyst (CFA), certificate of international accountant (ACCA), certificate of TESOL, certificate of official foreign languages (IELTS, HSK, TOPIK),...

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 3

In simple terms, professional qualifications: Completion of training programs in specific majors such as accountant, civil engineer, bachelor of law,... Education level: Completion of general education level program such as 9/12 or 12/12.

Thus, the education level of university graduates is 12/12, and in terms of professional qualifications, bachelor or engineer. That means, if Truong Huiyun graduated from RMIT University, her education level would be 12/12 as stated in court and her professional level would be a bachelor's.

In addition to the photos and testimony of Truong Hue Van in court, the public was extremely curious about Thanh Bui's attitude to her case.

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 4

As observed, since marriage, the singer and songwriter have limited their participation in showbiz activities to focus on their private life.

Also from the milestone of marriage, Thanh Bui turned to investing in the education system. He manages and runs many preschools, music, art academies... and an education center for children with autism. Thanh Bui has been pursuing this work for more than 10 years, he said the profits are reinvested with the desire to develop this educational model.

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 5

Over the years, Thanh Bui has made very few updates on social media and will occasionally share information when appearing at events. The musician once told the story of 2 twin sons who are slow to speak, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. After that, Thanh Bui spent a lot of time healing and helping her children get used to everything in life.

Every day, Thanh Bui has a rule that he will return home before 20:00 to play, read, tell stories, he will also personally take the children to school. Thanh Bui said that her children are very young (7 years old), so they will seriously protect their private life. The musician affirmed that the 2 gentlemen are living without anything, every day the children are very happy and happy.

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 6

In early December 2023, Thanh Bui made a casual appearance at a student event to launch a new product. The musician dressed casually, looking c.razy after a long time in hiding because of the incident.

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 7

Also here, Thanh Bui affirmed that there is always a clear line between work and family. The musician emphasized that life is now very stable, not caring about negative outside gossip. Since his wife's incident, the musician has also not made any comments, resolutely remaining silent, staying away from social media.

Thanh Buis wife went to court, causing educational confusion, what attitude does the musician have? - Photo 8

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