The drunk female driver who "exploded" was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth

Bảo NamMar 07, 2024 at 11:35

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The Hanoi City Police officially informed about the case of a female driver who violated the alcohol level in excess of the dramatic level and "exploded" as the niece of a senior officer at the Ministry of Public Security causing public outrage.

Specifically, the police of Hanoi have just informed about a traffic collision on Tran Cung street (Cau Giay district, Hanoi) said that at about 23h00 on March 5, Ms. L.H.T (residing in Tay Ho district, Hanoi) driving a car moving on Tran Cung street, direction Pham Van Dong collided with 1 motorbike of Mr. N.V.A (residing in Bac district) Tu Liem, Hanoi) is stopping close to the sidewalk (opposite the area of 38 Tran Cung).

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 1

After the collision, receiving the alert, the 6th Traffic Team, City Police Traffic Department arrived at the scene to deal with it. An alcohol test with Mrs. L.H.T. resulted in 0.573 mg/l breathing air, Mr. N.V.A. had no alcohol content. The police took 2 drivers to the hospital for b.lood tests, drug tests and impounded the 2 vehicles.

After the incident, some social media sites reported that Ms. L.H.T claimed to be the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, Hanoi City Police said that the authorities determined that Ms. L.H.T did not have any relationship with the Minister of Public Security. The incident also appeared on VTV's news board with similar content, denying that L.H.T is the niece of a senior official at the Ministry of Public Security.

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 2

According to Dr. Dang Van Cuong, lawyer of the Hanoi Bar Association, the content shown through the clip shows that the female driver is quite "naïve" and has deviant thoughts and actions that make public opinion laugh and condemn. The verification results of the authorities showed that this person is not a descendant of the leader of the Ministry of Public Security. With traffic violations, unstandard behavior, showing disregard for the law, everyone will have to handle seriously, not let the situation of "grandchildren, grandchildren", consider themselves such a prohibited zone.

Notably, alcohol test results showed that the female driver committed a dramatic violation. With all such developments, the female driver will be sanctioned with a fine that can be dramatic.

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 3

According to Clause 6, Article 17, Decree No. 123/2021/ND-CP of the Government amending Decree 100/2019/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of railway and road traffic, drivers of cars on the road with alcohol content exceeding 80mg/100ml of b.lood or exceeding 0.4mg/1 liter of breathing air, will be fined between VND 30,000,000 and VND 40,000,000. At the same time, the violator shall be deprived of the right to use a driver's license for a period of 22 to 24 months, as prescribed at Point dd, Clause 7, Article 17 of the above decree.

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 4

In addition, the authorities will also clarify the act of talking to motorcyclists. In case there are grounds to show that the female driver has lost control of her emotions and made offensive words, has assaulted the motorcyclist causing insecurity and social order and safety, she may be administratively sanctioned for disrupting public order with a fine of up to VND 3,000,000.

The act of notifying "fake news" to the authorities about being the nephew of leaders of ministries and branches to apply for ignoring violations is also punishable by a fine of up to VND 3,000,000 according to the provisions of Article 7 of Decree 144/2021/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of security and order, social safety.

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 5

Lawyer Cuong said that it is necessary for the authorities to promptly handle the situation to prevent the two sides from fighting, check the alcohol content and handle this woman with strict penalties. This incident will be a lesson in the sense of obeying traffic safety laws, alerting many people when violating alcohol levels and relying on relationships to ask for help. In particular, the act of impersonating relatives of leading cadres to apply for piercing is very reprehensible, can affect the reputation of civil servants, cause bad public opinion in society, so for such cases, it is necessary to handle seriously to deter, general education and prevention for society.

The drunk female driver who exploded was the nephew of the Minister of Public Security, VTV to e.xpose the truth - Photo 6

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