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Le Thanh Nhat Nguyen "Tinh That Bong Lai" was prosecuted, what is his current appearance?

Keng15:38:00 10/07/2024
On July 9, the Long An Provincial Police, said that at the B34 Detention Center (under the Ministry of Public Security), the Investigative Security Agency of the Long An Provincial Police has just served a decision to prosecute the accused and a temporary detention order for Le Thanh Nhat Nguyen for fraudulent acts.

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Le Tung Van has another biological daughter, shocked by the 5-no rule of "grandfather"

Thiên Di14:28:59 18/05/2024
Before the shocking scandals in Tinh That Bong Lai, the story happening inside this place always makes public opinion especially interested. Information about the case related to Tinh That Bong Lai has had new developments.

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Nguyen Sin exposed the Bong Lai Pure Land, the "son" made a shocking statement about his grandfather's teacher

Thảo Mai14:07:42 15/05/2024
Before being investigated by the authorities and dealt with by the law, Tinh That Bong Lai was strongly condemned by netizens. At that time, many people searched for evidence to prove that Mr. Le Tung Van and his disciples lied and committed many mistakes.

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Tinh That Bong Lai case: Le Tung Van's love affair exposed, response was dug up

Thanh Phúc10:19:36 15/05/2024
Amid the noise about the Tinh That Bong Lai case, netizens recently continued to e.xpose the love story of abbot Mr. Le Tung Van. Wrong behavior is difficult for anyone to accept.

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Diem My's disappearance at Tinh That Bong Lai: The truth about the secret bunker rumor

Thiên Di17:03:34 14/05/2024
Regarding the case at Tinh That Bong Lai, Vo Thi Diem My's whereabouts still arouse public interest. Many people also ask where Diem My is now? . From here, many rumors also appeared to explain this mysterious disappearance.

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Tinh That Bong Lai case: Police requested medical history of 3 people

Gia Nhi13:38:41 14/05/2024
The Long An Provincial Public Security Agency has just requested the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health to review and provide the medical history of three people involved in the Tinh That Bong Lai case. The developments caused a stir among the people.

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Tinh That Bong Lai case: Digging up the bloodline chart, Le Tung Van's true nature was revealed

T.P15:04:27 13/05/2024
Regarding the case being investigated by the authorities, Mr. Le Tung Van, the key person in the Tinh That Bong Lai incident, recently had his bloodline dug up by netizens, about to bring the story to light. nature revealed.

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Hoai Linh and Tran Thanh are involved in the Tinh That Bong Lai case, what is their attitude about "grandfather's teacher"?

Châu Anh09:04:06 13/05/2024
While the Tinh That Bong Lai case is becoming the focus of public attention, a series of names in the Vietnamese showbiz world are being called out such as Hoai Linh, Dam Vinh Hung, Tran Thanh,... making the audience couldn't help but be confused.

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The Penglai Retreat Affair: Diem My's parents r.eveal their journey to find their daughter in tears

Đình Như16:15:08 09/05/2024
In the case involving the Bong Lai Tinh House, a question that is gaining public attention is how is Vo Thi Diem My now? Recently, in 1 interview, the g.irl's parents revealed their 4-year journey to find their c.hild in tears.

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Tinh That Bong Lai case: Police hunt for 5 characters, who are identified?

Trí Nhi10:43:19 08/05/2024
In order to serve the investigation of the Tinh That Bong Lai case, the police recently ordered the search for many related figures, the identities of 5 characters have been revealed, including Mr. Le Tung Van's daughter and 3 lawyers. Besides, there is Vo Thi Diem My, a g.irl missing for 4 years.

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Long An provincial agency traces daughter of "grandfather teacher" of Tinh That Bong Lai

Diệu Anh17:36:49 07/05/2024
Regarding the case of b.lood relations in Tinh That Bong Lai (Long An), the authorities have just made a decision to search for a 31-year-old woman named Le Thanh Ky Duyen, whose father is Le Tung Van and mother Le Thu Van.

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The g.irl's ignorant background disappeared from Penglai Pure House, mother of 2 "little uncles"

Châu Anh17:23:24 07/05/2024
The woman who mysteriously disappeared in Tinh That Bong Lai is currently being sought by the police for her involvement in the shocking case in Tinh That Bong Lai. According to information from the authorities, this woman is the mother of 2 little boys who participated in the Comedian Challenge.

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His grandfather's teacher Tinh That Bong Lai was charged with additional crimes, and Diem My's whereabouts caused curiosity

JLO17:16:15 20/04/2024
On April 19, 2024, the Security Investigation Agency, Long An Provincial Police issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case and prosecute the defendant against Mr. Le Tung Van (born 1932, residing in Lap Thanh hamlet, Hoa commune). Khanh Tay, Duc Hoa district, Long An province) about the act of I.ncest.

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The case of claiming the c.hild given at the Penglai Pure House: The court makes the final decision

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:52:52 08/03/2024
Hoping that her children would live in a better environment when they realized that Penglai Pure House was not a legally recognized religious institution and faced many legal troubles, Ms. Dung was determined to reclaim her son.

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The case of Tinh That Bong Lai: 2 defense lawyers were summoned by the police

Mèo Con13:38:16 15/03/2023
The police of Duc Hoa district, Long An province and other procedural agencies have come to work with the group of people who are staying at "Bong Lai Tranquility". The content of the work has not yet been announced by the authorities. On March 14, the Long An Provincial Police...

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Bong Lai Pure House Case: Defense lawyer is investigated for distributing videos with signs of crime

NeKo16:13:44 09/03/2023
The Investigation Police Agency of Long An Public Security has received a crime report from the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention related to lawyer Dao Kim Lan. On March 9, according to Zing's source, the Long An Provincial Police Investigation Agency...

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Phuong My Chi as CEO is still innocent, Huyen Tran (Tinh That Bong Lai) becomes a sad fate

Tiểu Yến Tử11:06:53 25/02/2023
Not only famous for her beautiful voice, Phuong My Chi has also received a lot of attention from the online community in the past time as a TikTok-er with creative singing and dancing content on this platform. Recently, singer and "comedian" Phuong My Chi has just posted on her...

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People's Artist Le Thuy was shocked because 10 YouTube channels reported singing praises to President Bong Lai, authorities got involved

Rosé08:09:19 20/12/2022
Artist Le Thuy affirmed that she did not sing praises to anyone. After that, Le Thuy told Dinh Tri to post content on Le Thuy's fanpage with the information that Le Thuy was not singing, on the other hand, contact the Department of Culture and Sports for intervention support. On...

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People's Artist Le Thuy 'calls for help' because she was falsely accused of being involved in 'grandfather's teacher' Le Tung Van

Jennie15:55:31 16/12/2022
Singer Duong Dinh Tri also spoke out when the name of her biological mother was faked by a series of websites to attract public opinion. These fan pages are labeled "FC" but continuously post "self-proclaimed" artist Le Thuy. Recently, People's Artist Le Thuy was frustrated...

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'Grandfather's teacher' Le Tung Van was released on bail and was officially arrested to serve his prison sentence

Jennie14:32:32 16/12/2022
"The criminal judgment e.xecution agency of Duc Hoa District Police, Long An Province executes this decision and informs the convict's family where he or she is serving the prison sentence," the decision stated. On the afternoon of November 3, after two days of trial, the...

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Bong Lai Pure House Case: Police find victims

Jennie16:57:27 08/12/2022
To serve the investigation, the Police Department of Long An Province announced: If anyone is a victim of the defendants living in Cao Thi Cuc's household, immediately contact the Investment Security Agency of Long An province to report and provide information for investigation...

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"Grandfather" Le Tung Van stubbornly asked the court to declare his innocence and release the disciples who were still sentenced to d.eath.

Jennie05:17:45 04/11/2022
During the trial, in addition to the details in the case file, the defendants appealed but could not provide new documents and details, so there was no basis for acceptance. Therefore, it is proposed that the trial panel dismiss the appeal and uphold the first-instance judgment...

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The Bong Lai Pure House Case: Diem My's parents confirmed that the CA had handed over the c.hild, there was no kidnapping

Jennie17:26:29 02/11/2022
Defendant Nhat Nguyen also said that the assessment results were inaccurate. The defendant also said that at this time there was a disappearance at the district police, so the defendant returned to provide evidence. Nhat Nguyen confirmed that Duc Hoa district police kidnapped...

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Mr. Le Tung Van is about to appear in court after a delay: Diem My's whereabouts are still unknown

Jennie10:19:28 01/11/2022
After 2 weeks of postponement, on November 2, the People's Court of Long An province is expected to open an appellate session to consider the appeal of Mr. Le Tung Van and his accomplices related to the criminal case A.buse of democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of...

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