The authorities ordered to "punish" Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc

JLOMay 21, 2024 at 15:24

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The case of the 21-year-old gamer Fat Cat who passed away after his girlfriend canceled his engagement has been a h.ot topic since early May. Until recently, the police posted the results of the investigation, causing public opinion to change direction.

Accordingly, the police report clearly states that Ms. Dam (27 years old, Chongqing) and Liu Jie (21 years old, nicknamed Fat Cat) met each other through games and have officially been dating since November 2021. .

During 2 years of dating, the two announced their serious love relationship to relatives and close friends. Both sides also brought each other home to meet each other and meet parents many times, not twice a year like what is shared online.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 1

In early April 2024, Dam Truc and Fat Cat's relationship began to have problems. The two constantly quarreled and expressed their desire to break up.

On the night of April 10, Fat Cat transferred to Ms. Dam an amount of about 240 million VND with the note "voluntary gift". He also said she could freely manage their shared flower shop.

At dawn on April 11, the gamer sent his last message to Ms. Dam on WeChat. On April 23, the police found the young man.

From November 2021 to April 11, 2024, the amount of m.oney that Fat Meo transferred to Dam Truc totaled 799,000 yuan (about 2.8 billion VND). However, Dam Truc also transferred 463,000 yuan (about 1.5 billion VND) to Fat Cat and his relatives during this process.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 2

After Fat Cat passed away, Dam Truc returned all the difference in m.oney during their relationship to Fat Cat's parents. Fat Cat's family received everything back and agreed to reconcile.

The police said that while they were in love, Ms. Dam and Fat Meo planned to save m.oney and prepare for their future lives. There is no way Ms. Dam cheated m.oney i.n the name of love and said "this behavior does not constitute a crime of cheating money".

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 3

In particular, through police investigation, it was also confirmed that Fat Cat's sister was the one who actively led the online community to attack Dam Truc. Fat Cat's sister took her brother's phone, selected the content and cut it together to create a tragic love story. Ms. Luu also posted Dam Truc's photos and personal information online to turn her into the "villain" in her ill-fated younger brother's story.

Fat Meo's sister said Ms. Dam took advantage of her brother's feelings to extort a large amount of m.oney. After that, Dam Truc coldly broke up, shocking the young man. The story was manipulated to the point that Ms. Dam was heavily attacked by netizens.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 4

After receiving the results of the investigation, Ms. Luu realized that her behavior violated the law and admitted her mistake. The police will continue to investigate further and handle the case according to regulations.

Currently, the social network accounts on weibo and douyin that Ms. Luu previously used for the purpose of posting articles, information... related to the Fat Cat incident have been locked due to receiving a series of complaints related to the matter. regarding violations of the law as well as regulations on social network use.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 5

Not only that, there are many social network accounts that have spread fabricated and provocative information. Authorities will continue to investigate and handle according to the law.

Specifically, in the Fat Cat case, Weibo handled/deleted 235 accounts and 2,569 contents that violated the law.

According to page 163, Fat Cat's sister's Douyin increased in followers rapidly when this controversy attracted netizens' attention, increasing from 263 to 2.9 million followers. On the other hand, she also buys traffic on other platforms to increase her popularity.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 6

Currently, in addition to Fat Cat's sister, information about Dam Truc also makes many people worried because they do not know her current condition.

The authorities ordered to punish Ms. Fat Meo for slandering Dam Truc - Photo 7

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